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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week 5 Power Rankings

Week 4 heightened the early separation among the tiers, with a first round of 150+ scores and a the maintenance of the undefeated clique atop the rankings.   Two winless trawl the depths and two still without a 100 point game. But as we saw last year, streaks can happen. Teams can change direction radically and rapidly.  It's possible that one or several top 10 players (by points at year end) at any skill position are currently un-rostered, or will hit the wire in the next few weeks. The winners can't rest, the losers can't give up and the middle just keeps on grindin'.

1.  (2)  Phat Girlz - (4-0) - Luck is the league's fantasy QB1 by a comfortable length, now sporting back to back 30+ point games. Aesthetically, the Girlz well-rounded form is pleasing. A top passer with a double-titration option. A blue chip RB in Forte. A borderline WR1 in Cobb.  And a little bit of depth with Tate/Sankey/Greene. 

2. (3) Aethernauts - (4-0) - The Nauts win the Golden Goose award with a Vegas worthy pick of the lesser Manning, sparsely rostered this week, much less started.  It was a powerful gamble that paid off in a smashing Thursday Night bonanza.   Eli's hardly dependable and Cam continues to look less than start-able. But Murray is fantasy's RB1, and Ivory has a firm hold on his job as well. Signs of life from the Cheesehead offense upgrade Jordy's potential, when he's Rodgers' top endzone target the Nauts will be breathing rare air.

3. (2) TakingTigerMountain  (4-0) - The Tigers joined their undefeated brethren in a nice crooked number in week 4, but lack some of the construction for dependability of the other two early elite teams. Specifically, the increasing likelihood that AP will not return to buoy their ground game - Brown's unexpected WR1 has hidden some of their scoring deficiencies, but can't be expected to continue forever. Week 4 is a good illustration of the Mountain's potential as a TD dependent high-mid swing team.  The axis of production returns to the Crescent City Connection - Brees to Graham.  If it's interrupted the Tigers will need this win cushion to prevent another calamitous fall out of the playoff race. 

4.  (5) BuildingDwellingThinking  (3-1)- Romo looked his best in multiple years on Sunday Night and no-surprise BDT rises on that tide. They've got a solid strategy of young RBs backing Morris in the RB2 slot. Khiry, McKinnon, Brown and Gerhart - they'll work hard to hold onto that depth. Realistically how far they can go depends entirely on Romo continuing his trend of improved play. 

5. (4)  SanFranciscoFerries (2-2)- The Ferries got crushed by PG's big offense, but still put up triple digits. The Bay Area Boatmen are still searching for that high end potential.  But a first double digit game from Lacy, along with a sparking Packers offense, are the life-signs they need.   Welker's recovery and re-placement in Denver's offense will go along way toward establishing a high-water mark.

6.  (7) Old Future (1-3)  - The Future put up another +110 effort and again got clipped by another good team. Their losses have come at the expense of three of the top four teams currently, so there's bound to be better days ahead.On Manning's bye, it's no big surprise to drop a game, but Matty-Ice filled in reliably nonetheless. With that job done it should be interesting to see if Ryan (currently #2 QB by points) is worth more as trade fodder or bench insurance for the uncertain future.

7. (10)  Homespun Neckbloodz (2-2) - Doping up a second straight win and return to .500 are the Bloodz.  It was a "just enough" kind of day for the Spinners, who saw Foles show the cold side of Mercury, and V-Jax save a nothing day with a dramatic TD catch. Smith Sr. and Donnell did the heavy lifting  With Nio-Gio and Ellington on bye the Bloodz caught a big break cherry-picking a win here and putting their season back on track.

8. (9)  Polk High Panthers (1-3) - The Panthers were Tiger bait in the cat battle. Megatron got decoy duty and Green was on bye - top two weapons not firing is a recipe for rout.  The good news is that R-burger looks up to playing QB2 and Jamaal came through his return looking ready to be the arrowhead

9. (11)  Dijonaise All Stars (2-2)   - The Mustard Men took a nice clean win from the Shocks in week 4. Rivers is playing near QB1 status so far, if Arian can get healthy enough, they'll spread a few wins around if teams linger in the  mid-range. 

10. (7)  Trichs  (0-4) - like their top draft pick Shady, this season has started as a slow motion disaster. A second straight miniscule performance from the blue chip RB leaves the Trichs in a big hole. If the Eagles can figure out how to block for McCoy,  at least Martin appears healthy as a companion ground attack. With a mobile QB2 and a brace of RB2s there's still hope for the initial game-plan here. The Trichs are the best pick to pull a SFF streak and pluck their way back into the race.

11. (9)  Pelican Brief (0-4)-  No player is more central to a team's success than Lynch on the Brief, so it's hard to find fault in loss where he's on bye.  But a bold (WOPR? WLKR?) based decision to sit Brady in favor of Cousins was correct, but not pretty.   The bigger concern is that the Brief hasn't broken its hundo cherry yet. There's precious few teams to beat in double digits. 

12. (12) Shock_Pix  (1-3) -  Fresh off a world-shattering win, the Shock went on a line-up-setting spree. Freshening up the roster and cutting dead weight.   Hill, Harvin, and Demaryius on bye, this was an unlikely time for a second straight upset. With a decent QB, WR1 and a collection of RBs-with-jobs we may not have seen the last shock of this season.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 4 Recap

Week 4 is in the bags.  Phat Girlz, TakingTigerMountain, and AEthernauts start the season 4-0 and are clearly the teams to beat.  These three are yet to face each other obviously and they still won't in Week 5, so someone needs to step up or these three catz will just runaway into playoffs.  The talk of the town is not who's winning, however.  It's who's not.  Trichotillomaniacs and Pelican Brief start the season 0-4.  Last year, only one 7-6 team made the playoffs (Trix), and to get there the Far East Rulaz and the Grishamites need to finish the rest of regular season 7-2.  Of course, SanFranciscoFerries went 9-0 last year after an 0-4 start, but that's tall orders for this year's winless ones as they both have a game each left against all three of the undefeateds. We are only a little over two month away from 2014 playoffs with 2014 season in full-bloom. 

Return to Sender
For the second time in three weeks, picking Houston's JJ Watt would have won the prize for Casino Gulag, when the freakish athlete had a pic-6 for 80 ydz.  Other notable returns-for-distances include Jordan Todman (174!!! ydz), Latavius Murray (112 ydz), Darren Sproles (86 ydz), Cordarrelle Patterson (86 ydz) and CJ Spiller (82 ydz).  In the end, the PSAS Return to Sender crown goes to the King of Returners, Devin Hester for 78 ydz. 

Future: Jarvis Landry, 9 ydz
TTM: Solomon Patton, 74 ydz
Trix: Devin Hester, 78 ydz
Nauts: Andre Roberts, 33 ydz
BDT: Tedd Ginn Jr, DNP-Bye

Trichotillomaniacs will be awarded the 15+5 bankerbitez prize (thanks Hermodorus for bid submission).

Stock Market
The market saw little activity this week, and the little we saw were played fairly conservatively.  For the past few years, the market trend has been to short-sell Shock, and while their stock showed slight resistance last week, the two-year moving average gulped them up again in Week 4.  Colonel Mustard and the winners that invested in Dijon are the beneficiaries, though Trix loss (again) prevented bigger market gains.  All three 3-0 teams won so 4-0 was a hit but no one bought the attractive derivative that would have paid 40 bbz for three favorites to all win.  The elusive derivative that is Celebrity Jeopardy failed again, and with the Future and Trix bound to face each other it'll make it five weeks of miss. 

Celebrity Jeopardy: Future and Trix both lost
4-0: TTM, Girlz and Nauts all won
And Then There Were None: see above
First Win: Trix and Pelican both lost

TTM: ±0
Trix (-5)
TTM (+3)
Dijon (+5)
Celebrity Jeopardy (-5)
dividends (+2)

Nauts: ±0
Trix (-5)
Dijon (+5)
Bloodz (+5)
Celebrity Jeopardy (-5)

Trix: +21
Trix (-5)
dividends (x3=+6)
Return to Sender (+20)

Dijon: +4
dividends (x2=+4)

Bloodz: +2
dividends (+2)

Public Funds Index

As always, check your numbers and let me know of discrepancies. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Week 4 Casino Gulag

Return to Sender
Devin Hester last week broke the record for return TDs, so this week's Casino Gulag will honor those that return, but will only care about how far they go.  Last of freeplay will be Return to Sender.  Pick a player that will have THE MOST NET RETURN YARDS.  This includes punts, kick-offs, interceptions, and fumble recoveries. 

Winner gets 15 bankerbitez, and with five or more participation, 5 bb bonus will apply. 
Comment below for orders.  I'll post mine after three bids or 24 hrs.

Week 4 Stock Market

We are already in the 2nd quarter of 2014 PSAS season.  Week 4 marks the arrival of dreaded bye weeks, with six teams getting the early break to the season.  NFL teams that are off this week are Denver, Seattle, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Arizona, and Saint Louis, all of which feature fantasy starters for many of PSAS franchises. 

The waiver market has had 200 bbz pumped in through public funds.  That's an average of 5.7% weekly gain and an inflation rate of.  Of course, the wealth is not spread equally, and in the last two weeks we saw stock market winners winning bids in waiver auctions.  One thing still true is that you lose if you don't participate through inflation.  

The payout schedule for each 5 bankerbitez bet is as following.

                                      Blue Chip     Market Performer     Junk
Blue Chip (#1-4*)                  5                      3                          2
Market Performer (#5-8*)     10                     5                          3
Junk (#9-12*)                        15                     10                        5
*Based on weekly Power Rankingz.  In case of a tied rank, commissioner's ruling will be published here. 

First Overall Pick QB Bowl
(1) Phat Girlz (5 bb) vs (4) San Francisco Ferries (5 bb)
Monique and the Girlz are atop the rankingz following a convincing win that let's them represent a Japanese automaker for the week.  The Girlz are scoring consistently over 116 pts mostly due to a monster year Luck is having with various parts coming through to support each week.  Not much is taken away from the entourage in the first week of this bye season, but injuries to Hilton and Decker is a concern.  Maybe Monique will employ Tennessee's RBBC onto her starting lineup, and soon we'll see the entire Titans on her roster.  As for the Ferries, it's the third time in four weeks that the Bay Area Boatmen face a top-ranked opponent.   Last week against a non-top-ranked Pelican, they mistitrated a bit and had to sweat it out.  The QB and WR positions have been hard to get right week-in and week-out, but Wilson and Co. on bye make the decision easier for this one and Stafford will take the rein.  While Bell has been a typical Pittsburgh workhorse, Lacy hasn't cracked double digits yet this year.  At least Reggie Bush came through and it's good to get production out of him while he's still standing.  Better odds could have made this an easy upsetter's choice, but the ranking godz aren't buying.  Even odds here favor the Phatties.

Fatherhood Bowl sponsored by Pampers
(2) TakingTigerMountain (3 bb) vs (8) Polk High Panthers (10 bb)
TigerMountain came out of last week's Brees-Manning Bowl standing, though it was a close one.  While Brees-Graham were rather ordinary for their standard, Antonio Brown's performance against Carolina D may have punched his ticket into the elite weekly-must-start fantasy receiver category.  Meanwhile, their RBs are going down like flies swatted by a tree branch ever since the AP switch incident.  At least the bankerbitez earned through the market landed them Asiata, but relying on Minnesota offense is not a preferable situation.  Combined with Sproles and Vereen, TTM ground game is a lot dependent on support from aerial attacks and doesn't scare their opponents physically.  As for Bundy's Team, things aren't going in reverse for the time being, understandably with arrival of their second child coinciding with the PSAS season.  Once formidable WR corps are looking rather average, when waiver-pick-upper Hopkins lead the crew in points.  The good news here is that Charles look like he's close to returning.  Nonetheless, aside from two children to care to, carrying three QBs and two team defenses is going to be tough through the bye weeks.  Saints march to Dallas where Texas Shootout is the brew, so tough to pick the upset against TTM.  Another ranking godz tease.

Streak Bowl
(3) AEthernauts (3 bb) vs (7) Trichotillomaniacs (10 bb)
Two teams prepared for bye weeks with their depth will face each other, though the early season has gone completely opposite ways for them.  While both franchises have starters taking an early rest (Stacy, West and Sanders for Nauts, Floyd and Julius for the Trix), both teams have deep benches to compensate.  Last week's win over BDT put the Nauts in the upper echelon of the early season, but it was rather unconvincing.  While ground game was solidly led by DeMarco and Stacy in that wild St. Loise-Dallas game, Big Sky chased Gates' huge production against Seattle the previous week and got nothing out of him.  It was hurtful because Marty B on bench scored two TDs.  With bye week keeping key RBs on the bench, Nauts look set to go two TE set or counter-titration WR Matthews at flex this week.  Production in the bench (almost 70 points last week) hasn't really helped the Hairpullers so far either, but bye week means less chance of missed titration for a team as deep as the them.  Last week's loss to Shock exposed the vulnerability of this team when Shady McCoy lays a goose.  McCoy wasn't concussed after all but the issue may be at Philly's offensive line, which in the end is a much bigger obstacle to Shady's performance and the Trix's season.  With Julius on bye, Trix need Shady, and Trix need a win.  Although it's a match between loss-less and win-less, the prediction is fairly even and the odds favor the upsetters. 

Josh Gordon Stash Bowl prezented by Your Local Ford Dealer
(5) BuildingDW3LL1NGTh1nk1ng (5 bb) vs (6) The Old Future (5 bb)
These teams knocking on the doors of blue-chip performers will fight to knock each-other out.  In their loss, BDT's Dallas x2Titr8x showed life but there was not much else.  Several of hand-cuff RBs flashed promises, but endzone was hard to come by for the German Philosophers.  They landed DeAngelo rather inexpensively, and following injuries to both Stewart and Tolbert, this injured-one may be that back that was needed in Chico as Williams is suddenly the only running option for Ron Rivera with Cam's ribs and ankles gingerly cared for.  The Future Boys almost pulled off an upset in week 3 over TTM but in the end it was one OT-TD-by-Peyton short of the feat.  Peyton have been solid but not spectacular, and he's on bye.  The Rookies are prepared as they have Ryan stashed to take the rein.  With almost all of their IDPs on bye in Week 4 and lacking one roster spot to fill them all, there may be a difficult decision coming up later this week to drop a productive offensive player from their roster.  Witten getting the start at TE will be a good counter-titration move against BDT for Future. 

Turnaround Bowl
(9) ThePelicanBrief (5 bb) vs (10) HomeSpunNeckBloodz (5 bb)
Two storied franchises haven't had the season to their likings so far, for sure.  Pelican have yet to crack 100 this season in three losses.  This despite Julio and Marshawn both having monster weeks of 30pts and 24pts respectively last week.  It looks finally time to bench Brady, so in comes Cousins whose signing last week may turn out to be the season saver for Pelican.  They still need one more RB after Woodhead went down and Lynch and Cunningham on bye.  Since the numbers don't add up here, the Grishamites clearly need to make a move.  Do we hear whispers of a trade with RB-rich rival BDT?  Bloodz split series with Dijon and maintained their side of Atlantic-Flatbush corridor.  Foles and Gio lead the hounds to victory, but now Gio and Ellington have to sit for bye.  Joique and Hyde will come to fill in, but both have limited upsides as part of RBBCs.  Brandon Marshall has been much of a headache for the Bloodz.  It'll be Foles that will have to carry this team on his shoulders to put them to .500 mark. 

Kickers Bowl
(11) Dijonnaise All-Stars (5 bb) vs (12) Shock_Pick (5 bb)
A rare face-off of the bottom two teams will interestingly not feature the two win-less teams of the league.  The ranking godz clearly don't care for the kicker(s) situations of these two teams.  Colonel Mustard couldn't conquer Downtown Brooklyn with total of four goose eggs laid in week 3.  Both Foster and White were game-time inactives, which, more than questionable roster allocations, is more disconcerting to the Colonel's cause.  At least, the first bye week isn't much of an impact on their roster.  Shock got screwed a bit in the rankingz when they didn't climb out of the bottom despite defeating the 2013 champs.  Apparently the godz saw it more as a freak accident than anything.  In Week 4, with injuries and bye to key players, Shock doesn't really have enough eligible players to fill up their starting lineup.  This will be the true test to Shock's autopilot that's been adept at last-minute savings.  Will the godz be convinced? 

Derivatives for Sale Are:
Celebrity Jeopardy: Future Win over BDT and Trix Win over Nauts (25 bb)
4-0: Girlz Win over SFF, TTM Win over PHP and Nauts Win over Trix (40 bb)

Following freebies comes with 5 bb or more spent in the market.
And Then There Were None:  SFF Win over Girlz, PHP Win over TTM, and Trix Win over Nauts (80 bb)
First Win: Trix Win over Nauts and Pelican Win over Bloodz (25 bb)

Comment below or email for purchase orders.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 3 Recap

After three weeks of fantasy football, we've already seen plenty in terms of injuries, scandals and upsets.  Biggest of upsets came when Shock_Pick pulled off a surprise over defending champs Trichotillomaniacs for the first win in like forever.  When Shady went down in the first quarter, many of us thought the top three picks of the draft went down, and though McCoy did make a comeback, his effort was so miniscule and that it couldn't save his fantasy team.  Trix start the season 0-3.  Phat Girlz, TakingTigerMountain and Aethernauts are atop the standings at 3-0 and clearly the teams to beat at in the early 2014 PSAS season.  Week 4 brings bye weeks, so depth start to come into play more from now until Week 12, the week before the regular season finale.  Waiver wire will be busy with teams scrambling to replace key players on bye.

Teasing Stallion
As a collective effort, PSAS members fared much better in the casino game than last week, predicting as many players that won't score a TD as they did in TD vulture.  Only one player picked for Teasing Stallion ejaculated in the endzone (Victor Cruz danced salsa for the first time in a year).  In the end, the rich gets richer with TTM capturing the prize with the Sanders pick, riding Peyton's inability to connect with wide receivers in the endzone. 
Old Future: Jordy Nelson, 59 ydz
Phat Girlz: Matt Forte, 33+43=76 ydz
TTM: Emanuel Sanders, 149 ydz
Trix: Brandin Cooks, 74 ydz
Pelican: Andre Johnson, 24 ydz
Nauts: Victor Cruz, 107 ydz, 1 TD--disqualified
With 6 franchises participating, the prize kicks up to 20 bankerbitez, which goes to TigerMountain.

Stock Market
The few that participated in the stock market this week almost hit big again.  It was the unlikeliest of the underdogs that stopped those that invested, with all overdogs winning except for Trix that fell to Shock.  Still, those that invested in the favorites saw modest gains to their waiver budget. 
Upsetters Cutting Razor: All lost except Shock
Celebrity Jeopardy: Future won, but Trix lost
First Win: Bloodz won, but Pelican lost
Babylon Oppression: TTM, Girlz, Nauts and SFF won, but Trix lost

Old Future: +6
Nauts (+3)
SFF (+3)
Trix (-5)
Bloodz (+5)

: -8
Trix (-5)
PHP (-5)
dividends (+2)

TTM: +20
TTM (+3)
BDT (-5)
Bloodz (+5)
Celebrity Jeopardy (-5)
dividends (+2)
Teasing Stallion (+20)

Trix: -4
Trix (-5)
Celebrity Jeopardy (-5)
dividends (x3=+6)

Bloodz: +4
dividends (x2=+4)

BDT: +2

Polk High: +2

SF Ferries: +2

Public Funds Index

As always, check your numbers and notify me if you notice anything. 

Week 3 Power Rankings

When I was little, my father was famous...

A bloody week in the fantasy world as we get our first top, middle and bottom separation. 5 above .500, 7 below. 3 undefeated and two winless.  Bye weeks are open war on the wire and everybody needs something. Some teams have dead spots just waiting for improvement and some are carrying hobbled veterans on future hopes.   Who wins the bye weeks wins the season, we always say. 

1.  (2)  Phat Girlz - (3-0) Bulking up for the bye weeks the Girlz stuck a third straight win to the wall in week 3 against ailing Polk High.  Luck at QB1 is a big part of it, right now he's #1 with a bullet at 80 pts on the season (33 this week).  Not every week is a highlight reel like J-ville's secondary, but he's more than capable at the helm. Hilton and Rudolph injuries could be minor downgrades but the Girlz are plus at multiple skill positions. 

2. (1) TakingTigerMountain  (3-0) - The Mountaineers climbed all the way back into a near week 3 upset courtesy of huge games from Antonio Brown and the Chicago D. Without AP they're decidedly lacking in ground game. CJ?k and a pair of third down passing backs aren't going to cut it.  Holding onto Ingram and AP through the bye weeks will be tough.  

3. (3) Aethernauts - (3-0) The Nauts stayed undefeated but suspended in place on Cam's hobbling around the field. There's a lot to go on here, but they need Cam to be at least QB2 level to reach the upper aether. His upside is too high to bench unless definitively injured

4. (4)  SanFranciscoFerries (2-1)- The Ferries coasted on low triple digits and lucked out not to get scooped up by the Pelicans.  Stafford and Lacy both foundered in a drill-holes-in-your-skull boring game in Detroit.  Wilson outplayed Stafford on the bench for the second straight week, stoking the 2nd year of QB controversy. 

5.  (5) BuildingDwellingThinking  (2-1)- BDT won the battle of the Cowboys game with a Romo-Bryant hook-up helped America's Team to victory, but they lost in week 3 war as no other player found the endzone.   As long as Dallas is run-heavy BDT's double titration is going to be sporadic.  They'll try and cobble together injury-starters like Robinson and Brown and think their way out of this one. 

6.  (7) Old Future (1-2)  - the Futurists put up a good show, eclipsing triple digits as Peyton added another data point on his crazy statistical outlier comeback QB status.  Knile did a pretty good Charles impression and should be a worthy handcuff if he misses any more time.  It's going to be a trick picking between F-Jax and Spiller week-to-week - they might save themselves the trouble and trade one for some WR depth. Going sans-DB this week was a ballsy move, designed to keep the maximum RBs (currently 7 in house) - it'll be interesting to see their roster come the bye weeks.

7. (6)  Trichs  (0-3) - The Shogun had a trademarked Monday Night hair-pulling session when they had reason to fear that Cutler might carve up their playoff hopes.  Maclin and the Keepernick kept them in this one after a woeful ground game where Shady got his bell rung, then came back but might as well have stayed away (averaging just over a 1 YPC) and Rainey played fumble football in the Bucs sideshow.  The Muscle Hamster could be back to prop up the regime in week 4. 

8. (9)  Polk High Panthers (1-2) - Polk got dropped by the bigger, badder Girlz this week, but without Charles that was near to a foregone conclusion. If Tannehill gets RL benched, then that should solve the Bundies QB battle for itself.  AJ gets an early by week to rest his toe, hopefully Jamaal hasn't punched anybody on video and the Pathers should be ready to revive their former glory in the by weeks.  

9. (8)  Pelican Brief (0-3)-  The Legal Thrillers were again the victims again in week 3, clipped by the Ferries to fall into the dreaded 0-3 hole approaching byes.  JGPG has yet to break 100 and despite lower scores across the board this season, they're headed to the bottom of the docket.  Lynch and Julio were b345tly yet again, but now Woodhead is gone for the season the Dirty Birds will have to go to the wire for fresh legs. Unless Brady can get his downfield game going, the Grishamites will be mid-range opportunists.

10. (11)  Homespun Neckbloodz (1-2) - The Cylcotron took some self-respect out of a split with Col , Mustard following a painful week 2 upset. Foles had his best game on a hot cycle, Nio-Gio turned in his third straight double digit, nagging injury news for V-Jax might at least cure the Bloodz of inflated expectations.   Bye weeks come just in time, there's room on the roster for the Bloodz to steal some quality depth.

11. (10)  Dijonaise All Stars (1-2)   - Nothing gets the rankings goat more than playing high profile inactive players - Roddy and Arian fit the bill.   The Mustard Men may not have had the guns on their bench to get a sweep from the Bloods, but as it stands they punted on second down. 

12. (12) Shock_Pix  (1-2) - Shock the world! The Shockers picked up their first win since week 5 2012. The Feely-kicker protest is still in place, but the Primordial ones quietly bumped Hill into a starting role where he found the endzone, the difference in this game. If the legacy Commish is truly off auto-pilot all bets are off, but the ratings will take it with a grain of salt for now. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Week 3 Casino Gulag

Kenji's Casino remains free to play for the time being, though nothing really is scarier than free. 

We've got to do it this week since we were all so good at picking who wouldn't score TDs last week.  So we follow up TD Vulture with one and only Teasing Stallion.  We just have to keep doing what we do.
The rule is familiar to most of us; pick a player (RB/WR/TE) with MOST RUNNING AND RECEIVING (no returning) YARDS WITHOUT SCORING A TD. 
Winner gets 15 bankerbitez, and with five or more participation, 5 bb bonus will apply. 
Comment below for orders.  I'll post mine after three bids or 24 hrs.

Week 3 Stock Market

Week 3 is here, and aren't we glad after Week 2 was just so sucky.  Fantasy football sometimes quivers our hearts and stomachs like reading In Cold Blood and sympathizing with Perry Smith.  That was certainly the thought when I was hoping, ever so slightly but yes I admit, Andrew Luck and TY Hilton would get injured during MNF.  Of course, regardless of my wishing or lack there of, injuricalypse is here and we saw some big names go down in Week 2.  Football is a violent sport (Helloww--Herm) catering to that exact aspect of human psyche, and that is, after all, at the core of many issues surrounding the NFL today.  Time is often a cure, injuries included, and just when we thought time has given us the first step toward escaping issues surrounding the beatings of little folks and womenfolks by men, AP's switch is back on the table (as it should be).  Ok.  Well, we'll let TigerMountain deal with that.
As for the good ol' PSAS, we are starting to see separation of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.  June and July OTAs are starting to pay for some franchises.  So, more matches this week for bigger odds, with only one game played within the tiers. 

The payout schedule for 5 bankerbitez is as following.

                         Blue Chip     Market Performer     Junk
Blue Chip                  5                      3                          2
Market Performer     10                     5                          3
Junk                         15                     10                        5

This week's matchups are:
-Knile Davis Bowl
(1) TakingTigerMountain (3 bb) vs (7) The Old Future (10 bb)
Both teams are coming off convincing Rivalry Week wins, but injuries and violence were rampant and drew some shades in otherwise good week for both.  AP's presumed return in Week 3 is certainly good news for TigerMountain Tuesday turned AP's and his owners' (never liked that sound) fate upside down, and he's out indefinitely.  TigerMountain let Knile Davis test free agency and then saw Charles sprain ankle, only to have Knile snatched up (more like helicopter SWAT team kidnapping operation) by this week's opponent, so concern brews for Daniel-San's Dojo here.  Sproles looks like a legitimate weekly RB2/Flex option at least.  Moreno's snapped elbow and T-Rich's lack of carries in goal-line situation meant Team Formerly Known As James would be highly active in waiver-wire, and boy they were, outbidding everyone for Knile Davis with 66 of the good ol' bankerbitez.  Such move, while PSAS history isn't on Future's side, gives legitimate upset potential for the McFly Kids.  

-Ann Gregory Bowl
(2) Phat Girlz (2 bb) vs (9) Polk High Panthers (20 bb)
The 3rd Annual Ann Gregory Bowl will test to see if Monique and Co. are for realz in 2014.  Cobb and Walker lifted the Girlz in Week 2, but Tate will likely be out again this week and Monique's reliance on Tennessee Titans that scored only one TD against Dallas is on shaky grounds with Green/Sankey facing the Bengals.  No team was hit harder by injuries than Bundy's in Week 2, with both AJ and Charles going down early in the game and gave Polk High no chance against their cross-town rival.  With not much depth in the bench of the star-studded Panthers roster, Bundy has no choice but to dig into the FA market and pick up some crumbs to give themselves a chance over a tough opponent.  Still, the odds are pretty attractive here, if you ask me. 

-Chris Bowl
(3) AEthernauts (3 bb) vs (5) BldgDW3LL1NGTh1nk1ng (10 bb)
Two franchises off to a great start at 2-0 will face each other in this Battle of Chrises.  Both known for diligent titration, this game will be fun to watch.  Nauts roster is full of bounce-back legitimacy from Week 2 with the likes of Stacy, Ivory and Gates all surprising the league with solid performances.  Adding them to Nelson, Sanders and Bennett, and the Big Sky don't have to lean on the pillars of the franchise that is Newton and Murray.  Dallas offense will be featured, as always, by the Boyz in Chico, but it's been the rest of the lineup that's kept the ball rolling for BDT.  The winner of this match will join the elites of PSAS 2014.

-Wes Welker Bowl
(4) San Francisco Ferries (3 bb) vs (8) The Pelican Brief (10 bb)
This Californication match will feature two franchises looking for bounce-back after each dropped their respective bitter rivalry game.  SFF's record-setting regular-season winning streak is finally over as playing number one two weeks in a row proved too much for the Ferries.  Stafford and Cordarrelle came down to earth in Week 2, and with Seattle playing the Week 3 Super Bowl rematch against Denver, Ferries may go back to Wilson at the realm.  Pelican is more desperate for a win with an 0-2 record, but Tom Brady is evidently no longer a top 5 fantasy QB.  With Welker playing for SFF and Brady in decline, an era seems over for Grishamites and they may need to look for a new identity to salvage this young season and hope for an upset. 

-Winless Bowl
(6) Trichotillomanics (3 bb) vs (12) Shock_Pick (10 bb)
Two teams in slump at 0-2 face each other in an early must-wins to keep legitimacy for both.  The Hairpullers actually have the fourth highest scoring offense and is one of several teams that have triple digits average.  But it's the W-L column that counts and the General will be happy to get the monkey off his back.  With Martin likely involved in RBBC after Rainey's strong show in Week 2 and playing on Thursday game, Stevan Ridley dilemma seems back in full swing in the Far East.  As for the Shock_Pick, it's fair to say that many of us are actually rooting for them to do well, even if that is so that we won't lose the franchise's seemingly short attention span.  An 0-2 start, while a predictable one, is not ideal here, with the roster starting to thin out after Mathews was injured yet again.  Let's hope this is indeed A New Beginning for the psychedog franchise.

-Barclays Center Bowl 2.0
(10) Dijonnaise All-Stars (5 bb) vs (11) HomeSpunNeckBloodz (5 bb)
The second half of Downtown Brooklyn turfwarz will be played on the other side of Juniors across Flatbush.  In the first match, Vinatieri outkicked Foles on MNF to capture the win.  Vernon's injury occurs on one of those roster positions for Colonel Mustard that are strangely deep, the others being QB and Kicker positions, and Foster's preseason zen absence is paying off with the yogi retaining the RB1 form much to surprise of fantasy communities around the country.  Theoretically Bloodz have a better roster, but their manager is in titration slump as of late, and his Smack Talk ranting doesn't give investors much hope.  Still, it's hard to imagine Bloodz dropping two in a row to the Tobacco Road-esque rival.  Better odds would have made it more attractive to bet on the Cycloton, but Colonel carrying two kickers have kept ranking godz uninterested.

Derivatives for Sale are:
Upsetters Cutting Razor: Future win over TTM, PHP win over Girlz, BDT win over Nauts, Pelican win over SFF, and Shock win over Trix (150 bb)
Celebrity Jeopardy: Future win over TTM and Trix win over Shock (20bb)
("I'm going to do this till it hits"--that's how gamblers are born and how they get in trouble)

Kenji's treats are the following this week, free only if you spend 5 bb or more in the market.
First Wins: Pelican win over SFF and Bloodz win over Dijon (20 bb)
Babylon Oppression: TTM win over Future, Girlz win over PHP, Nauts win over BDT, SFF win over Pelican and Trix win over Shock (40 bb)

As always, you lose through inflation if you don't play.  So, comment below or email for purchases. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Week 3 Power Rankings

Week 2 dropped a major depth charge into league line-ups and trimmed the undefeated circle to four teams. We learned Purple Jesus is a little more Old Testament, as befits his Texas roots. Injuries to D-Jax and RGIII should cut into the Washington [Redacted]s jersey sales.  Knowshon, Charles, Ingram and AJ missing time too.  Depth will play quick dividends for those that have it, for everybody else - dive, dive, dive...

1. (1) TakingTigerMountain  (2-0) - Despite a win, the Mountain is definitively capped by the Peterson suspension drama. An overpay at draft time, they got only one week of work from the back before his off field switching.  The Crescent City Connection Brees-Graham will determine their fate during his absence, during which time they may well roll back down to the middle of the pack.

2.  (2)  Phat Girlz - (2-0) The Girlz got it done without Tate in week 2, courtesy of massive days from Cobb and Walker. With Luck rounding into top 5 QB form, and Hilton for a touch of double titration the Girlz have all the pieces to go far. 

3. (7) Aethernauts - (2-0) Rocketing up the rankings with a 2nd straight upper echelon performance, the Explorers downed the Pixies int week 2.  With Murray rushing another massive week and West making the most of a spot start, the ground game complemented some crooked numbers from the aerial attack.

4. (3)  SanFranciscoFerries (1-1)- the Ferries flailed in week 2 as their marquee players failed to turn in quality performances. Welker could be back to help right the ship in week .  Without a significant injury there's reason to think there'll be better days for the Bay Area Boys. 

5.  (8) BuildingDwellingThinking  (2-0)- Romo and Co. had a manic week and got some decent work in. Alfred Morris gets the game ball with a two score day. He might get a bump if Cousins is more effective at QB that RGIII.  Wire-handcuff Asiata gives them a little bit of depth, but they need to hope that Goddell's PR crew decides to throw AP to the wolves sooner rather than later.

6. (4)  Trichs  (0-2) - The Hair-Pullers were left ringing their hands again with a near-miss in week 2.  Rainey filled in admirably as the Muscle Hamsters handcuff, but Kape underwhelmed and D-Jax's early exit ensured a lowball.  Shady is playing great, but losing snaps to Sproles as the Eagles fall behind.  The Trichs are deep, they'll do some soul-searching and retool.

7.  (9) Old Future (1-1)  - the rookies thumped their cross town rivals in a show of ATL strength. Losing Moreno, they gain a more permanent role for Pierce. Manning and Spiller look to be at the top of their game. And that's right where the Old Boys will be if they can get a third piece of blue chip production.

8. (6)  Pelican Brief (0-2)The Pelicans had to eat crow after dropping their second straight to grudge-match opponent BDT. Brady put up another clunker and Lynch couldn't go full b345t mode. Good news is Woodhead should see more work in SD, and Julio evidently came through an injury scare in one piece.

9. (5)  Polk High Panthers (1-1) - the Bundies lost AJ and Charles to injuries and nearly got doubled up by the Futurist rookies. Run DMC at least showed signs of life. And Pierre Thomas will see a bigger role with Ingram on the shelf.  The Panthers aren't deep, but when their big boys are healthy they'll be ready to make some memories.

10. (T. 12)  Dijonaise All Stars (1-1)   - Colonel Mustard pulled out a MNF upset to keep himself from getting 'necked in the pantry. Foster and Rodgers looked every bit part of their 2011 selves.  And Vernon Davis' injury will hurt their upside if he misses significant time.  There's still some auto-draft baggage to unpack here - like the 2 kickers, Bailey is tops in the league on the bench. And the two QBs - Rivers isn't going to threaten Rodgers for playing time and is worth putting on the block, just in case he can return something useful. 

11. (10)  Homespun Neckbloodz (0-2) - The Cylcotron needed Foles to whip up a hurricane on Monday night and was more tropical depression. Again the Nick started abysmally and recovered somewhat. They're getting good production out of Nio-Gio and Ellington but mixing and rotating in their stable of WRs has been a challenge. Brandon Marshall's 22 on the bench would have changed this outcome.

12. (T. 12) Shock_Pix  (0-2) - The empty kicker (protest?) slot continues, as Jay Feely waits for a call while practicing on a high school field outside of Phoenix. The Shocking Ones have some good players, but they're quickly accumulating the dead roster spots that dragged them to an O-fer last year.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 2 Recap

While trash-talking was more chit-chat during Rivalry Week 2014 reflecting the niceness of people involved in PSAS, actual matches were nothing but.  First half of Battle of Brooklyn proved as brutal as it was for the Brits back in 18th century, and we are lucky to be able to observe this for another week.  Injury is also piling up as quick as Staten Island landfills, with much of it happening in first-half to star players that landed several franchises crucial (near-) gooseeggs that impacted the matches significantly.  We expect to see major activity in the waiver market in Week 3. 

After two weeks, TigerMountain and PhatGirlz are the teams to beat at 2-0 while defending champs Trix are 0-2.  Nauts and BDT, both at 2-0 as well, are the pretenders looking to be contenders.

TD vulture

No one picked JJ Watt, who had the best possible TD vulture outcome of 1 yd, 1 TD.  John "Vulture King" Kuhn's lone carry, also for 1 yd, came mid-field and didn't result in TD unfortunately.  In the end, only one franchise picked a player that scored a TD and was eligible to win. 

Old Future: Isaac Crowell--no TD
TTM: Kyle Rudolph--no TD
Nauts: Joseph Fauria--no TD
Pelican: CJ-side-kick--noTD
Bloodz: John da-vulture Kuhn--no TD
Trix: Mike Tolbert--no TD
BDT: Darrel Young--1 TD, 27 yards, 6/8.7 x 100%=69%

Because of 7 franchises participating in casino games, 5 bb bonus was applied.  BDT franchise will be awarded 20 bb for predicting who will score a TD. 

Look for TD vulture to make a comeback this year.

Stock Market
The second week of market saw gains for all franchises that participated with the freebie derivative mini Bless Di Wildcats hitting for 20 bb.  Asian market showed mixed results, and Team Formerly Known As James was a clear winner this week.  With more money (+168) put into the market by the public funds in week 2, the "old cliche: you lose if you don't play" is true-er than ever.

While derivatives for sale didn't hit, one of the freebies hit to lubricate the waiver market.  I told you it was a matter of time.

Celebrity Jeopardy: Future won, but Trix lost
2-0: Girlz, BDT and Nauts won, but PolkHigh lost
Asian Collapse: Trix lost, but Future won
mini BDW: both TTM and BDT won


Old Future: +36
Old Future (+10)
Thanks for Playing (+20)
dividends (x3= +6) 

TTM: +24
TTM (+5)
Bloodz (-5)
Thanks for Playing (+20)
dividends (x2= +4)

Nauts: +35
TTM (+5)
Old Future (+10)
Thanks for Playing (+20)

Pelican (-5)
SFF (-5)
Thanks for Playing (+20)
dividends (+2)

BDT: +35
2-0 (-5)
Thanks for Playing (+20)
TD vulture (+20)

Trix: +22
Old Future (+10)
Trix (-5)
Celebrity Jeopardy (-5)
Thanks for Playing (+20)
dividends (+2)

SFF: +2
dividends (+2)

Bloodz: +2
dividends (+2) 

Public Funds Index: +8+168=+176

Check your numbers (I've had multiple Canadian Clubs).  Hit me if you notice something.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Casino Gulag Week 2

Casino Gulag Week 2, Rivalry Week edition

If you didn't know, John Kuhn is still with the Packers, and alive in vultureland.  With Whitey scoring 97% of his points from touchdown, THE TD Vulture is back to commemorate Rivalry Week 2014. 
The first week not only saw the classic but also an emergence of a new vulture.  Cleveland's Crowell scored 2 TDs on 32 yards rushing, 79% TD pt rate.  Something about midwest that produces vultures. 
Return of the Classic

So, the rules are familiar.  Name the player with MOST PERCENTAGE OF POINTS SCORED BY TOUCHDOWN.  The games are still free, and winner gets 15 bb.  5 pts bonus if five or more participate. 
First come, first served, so comment below or email.  I'll post mine after three pix or 24 hrs. 

Stock Market Week 2

Stock Market reopens for Week 2.  We saw the potential of multifacta derivative almost winning in week 1.  It's not a question of if they will hit but when, and when they do, the only way you get paid is if you play.  So play big while the odds favor gamblers big time.

With Rivalry Week at hand, the matchups this week are all tough, but there are some upset potentials plus derivatives and freebies look attractive.

The payout schedule for 5 bankerbitez is as following.

                         Blue Chip     Market Performer     Junk
Blue Chip                  5                      3                          2
Market Performer     10                     5                          3
Junk                         15                     10                        5
This week's matchups are: Bowl
(1) TakingTigerMountain (5 bb) vs (3) SanFranciscoFerries (5 bb)
Two highest scoring teams battle each other in arguably the best game of this young season.  Ferries face top-ranked teams in two consecutive weeks to open the season while trying to extend their record-setting 10-game regular-season winning streak.  TigerMountain showed in week 1 they mean business in 2014.  Winner of this match will take the reign of the early part of the season.

-Broadway-Myrtle Bowl prezented by Popeyes
(2) PhatGirlz (5 bb) vs (4) Trichotillomaniacs (5 bb)
The third and forth best scorers of week 1 face each other in this week of death.  Defending champs Trichs look to avoid falling 0-2, but Monique's entourage is ready to stand till last hair's pulled.  Both teams have running backs with "minor" knee problems, Tate and Martin respectively, and their health could determine the outcome of this catfight.

-Peach Bowl
(5) Polk High Panthers (3 bb) vs (9) Homoerasmus James (10 bb)
Babies bring luck and rookies learn their lessons.  Such is life.  The Battle of Atlanta will also feature Bundy's side's AJ Green and James' Knowshown Moreno, two former Bulldogs fittingly.  Charles' lack of production is concerning for Bundy coming off a solid upset-win, and if the rook can get the titration right, there's room to capture for his own upset.

-Sunset Twilight Bowl
(6) ThePelicanBrief (5 bb) vs (8) BuildingDW3LL1NGTh1nk1ng (5 bb)
Another well-matched game in the second week feature two franchises that look to suck each others' bones and climb into the upper echelon of PSAS 2014.   Both teams feature keeper-franchise QBs that struggled in week 1.  Could it be the beginning of end for either Brady or Romo?  Both teams hope not.

-Kuzmanovich Bowl
(7) AEthernauts (3 bb) vs (11-t) Shock_Pick (10 bb)
This week it's Nauts in the way of Shock trying to snap the record-setting losing streak.  Nauts held the fort admirably in Cam's absence and taught the rookie a lesson in week 1.  With TE and K titration, Shock roster is full of upside.  I smell something here.

-Flatbush-Atlantic Bowl prezented by Barclays
(10) HomeSpunNeckBloodz (5 bb) vs (11-t) Dijonnaise All-Stars (5 bb)
First of Home-and-Home series between teams that dropped their respective first games of 2014 will be played on the Atlantic side.  The hosting Spinnerz look for a spark out of the offense that was lackluster in the opening week.  Colonel Mustard will likely go with two-TE set again with Vernon and Olsen leading the team in points scored in week 1.

Derivatives for Sale are:

Celebrity Jeopardy: Trix WIN over Girlz AND James WIN over PolkHigh (20 bb)
Two-And-O: Girlz WIN over Trix AND PolkHigh WIN over James AND BDT WIN over Pelican AND Nauts WIN over Shock (50 bb)

Once again, Hermano Kenji is buying.  So if you spend 5 bb or more in either stocks or derivatives, you get the freebies.
Asian Collapse: Girlz WIN over Trix AND PolkHigh WIN over James (20 bb)
Bless di Wildcats mini: TTM WIN over SFF and BDT WIN over Pelican (20 bb)

Comment below or email me for purchase orders.

Stock Market and Casino Recap Week 1

Stock Market:
In its opening week, stock market saw a little activity.  Handful of franchises that invested minimally almost hit big with Bless di Wildcats.  At the end, Trix came 8 pt shy of having Davidsonians sweep non-Davidson opponents.  Asian markets generally ticked downwards, with much hyped IPO of Homoerasumus James with its associated derivatives falling below opening prices across the board. 

Asian concerns dragging market down

None of the derivatives hit, although freebie Bless di Wildcat almost hit big.
Welcome to PSAS X: Shock and James both lost
Hotlanta X: Polk High won, but James lost
Celebrity Jeopardy X: Trix and James both lost
Coolanta X: James lost, but Polk won
Bless di Wildcats X: Girlz, Nauts, and BDT won, but Trix lost

Casino Gulag:

Mark Ingram (TTM): 60+1+0=61 total yardz
Keenan Allen (Girlz): 0+37+0=37 total yardz
Cordarrelle Patterson (Trix): 26+102+48=176 yardz (Over)
Monte Ball (BDT): 67+16+0=83 total yardz

Winner of Yardie Cup 2014


TakingTigerMountain: (0)
Polk High (+10)
Bloodz (-5)
Trix (-5)
PhatGirlz: (-5)
Bloodz (-5)
Trix: (-3)
Celebrity Jeopardy (-5)

BDT: (+10)
Celebrity Jeopardy (-5)
Yardz Is Right (+15)
Polk High: (+2)
Bloodz: (+4)
Public Funds Index: (-8+16=+8)

Double check your numbers and, send claims to me.  We'll look into it.

Week 2 Power Rankings

It looked like Week 1 was passing with out any franchise altering injuries, and then TMZ confirmed the power of seeing a woman dropped with a left hook.

1. (4) TakingTigerMountain  - The Mountain is on top again with a high score in week 1. They're deep with high-powered high-volume offense pieces, what's more many of those pieces reside on teams with struggling defensive units.  They're gonna get work if they stay healthy.

2.  (3)  Phat Girlz - Monique's club took a stinger in week 1's win with Ben Tate's knee problem.  They'll go to the wire or pray he makes a quick recovery. Likely both.  Forte looked every bit the all purpose back he was promised to be and Luck continued his status as a 2nd half star.

3. (2)  SanFranciscoFerries - the Boatmen fall a notch on uncertainty surrounding Lacy and Welker, despite winning in week 1. Cordarelle destroyed the world in a Vikes blowout and Gronk managed to catch TD despite missing most of his targets. 

4. (1)  Trichs  -  The Far East Brigade got three TDs from Julius but still went down to defeat in the opener.  The easiest reason for that was the Muscle Hamster leaving injured after only picking up a point and change. If he misses time their ground game will lack upside.

5. (9)  Polk High Panthers - the Panthers made a big trade and welcomed a new family member in one week, so naturally the Bundys capped it off with a exciting comeback win. Megatron proved he's worth every penny of his keeper price. (50 pts between the keeper WRs).  Charles didn't tear it up in his first time as a Panther, but the team is better constructed now. Still with three QBs and two DEF signed up there's plenty of room to go to the wire here.

6. (5)  Pelican Brief -  The Lynch M0b picked up the Legal Thrillers highlights in their opener, as Brady had a forgettable day. Their new WR failed to find the endzone, but the trade with Polk significantly increased Pelican's scoring potential, but their ground game is all one b34st backfield right now.

7. (10) Aethernauts - The Nauts soared out of the gate and downed the rookie in week 1.  They got a little bit from everyone, including nice days from Murray and Bennett.  Flacco held down the spot start admirably, but with Newton returning there's clear air ahead for the Explorers.

8.  (7) BuildingDwellingThinking - the German Philosophers held serve in an ugly grudge match vs the Spinners in week 1.  Ugly, largely because of the stinker put up by Dallas.   Three picks for Romo and a dehydrated Dez made for a dangerous low-ball here. Luckily Ball and Ertz found paydirt and bailed 'em out.

9.  (6) Homoerasmus James - a rough start for the rookie as Alson left the game early with a tweaked hammy and Pierce got benched. Peyton's nice start couldn't make up the difference today, but there's plenty on bone here. Spiller and Moreno both had nice days bench-bound.

10. (8)  Homespun Neckbloodz - the Spinners QB decision looked like a disaster halfway into the opener, but Foles led a comeback. Ellington's injury is potentially a big downgrade here.  Fly or Die with three starting WRs the Bloodz may have great upside, but consistency will not be a strong suit. 

T. 12. (12) Shock_Pix  - Peyton favored the wrong Thomas this week, Jay Feely was cut by the Cardinals, and TMZ threw a haymaker at Ray Rice, but there were signs of life from the Shock.  Cutler and Harvin looked up to the task, and Brandin Cook had a breakout day on the bench. A massive day for Cameron Wake wins the last minute pick-up award.

T. 12. (11)  Dijonaise All Stars   - The Mustard Men suffered jet lag in their return to civilization in Week 1. Rodgers was eaten alive by the Seattle defense, and MJD looked like he fit right in in Oakland. A Romo fueled day for the SF DEF props up the score here.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Rivalry Week in WEEK 2

Rivalry Week Set in Week 2!

The following rivalry games will be played in Week 2.  That's right, it's next week.  Why wait when we can have it now.

The proposed match-ups are as following, with series records in parentheses. 

BuldingDW3LL1NGTh1nk1ng vs The Pelican Brief (Cali Bowl) (6-2)
-German philosophers lead this historical series 6-2, but the bitter rivalry is usually played out to the end as suggested by the week 13 match last season that was decided by a mere 1 point.  Grishamites look to snap 3-game regular season losing streak to BDT and defeat Chico Boyz for the first time since the third-place game in 2010 season.

Phat Girlz vs Trichotillomaniacs  (Bushwick Bowl) (3-2)
-Girlz lead this long-running feud 3-2 that was originally fought across the hallway of First East Belk in 1998.  Monique handed the General his last defeat in the final regular season match before the East Siderz won out the playoffs en route to 2013 championship. 

SanFranciscoFerries vs TakingTigerMountain ( Bowl) (3-3)
-Two storied franchises proud themselves on solid titration year in and year out will battle it out in this straight-up dog fight.  The two have engaged in five regular season matches and one playoff match, being squared at 3-3.  Ferries' last year's win over TigerMountain ignited the impressive record-setting nine-game regular season winning streak for them after an 0-4 start. 

Polk High Panthers vs Homoerasmus James (Peach Bowl) (0-0)
-The black soil of Atlanta still smolders from Civil War memories, and that will be battle grounds for this newest rivalry of PSAS.  Why, land is the only thing in the world ...

AEthernauts vs Shock_Pick (Class of '04 Bowl) (3-2)
-There's probably more to these two franchises, but my memory is hazy from those days.  I think it was Schmader and Brian that then-our-roommate Jay Hollis found rummaging through our fridge in Hart 104 in the wee hours of a weekday morning.  Maybe it was someone else (pretty sure one was Schmader, the other could have been Garrett or Kiichi, who knows).  Mirroring recent troubles for the psych dog franchise, Nauts are riding on a three-game winning streak over the Shock. 

HomeSpunNeckBloodz vs Dijonnaise All-Stars (Barclay Center Bowl) (1-0)
-The battle of Brooklyn fancy condos is currently scheduled to take place consecutively in Week 2 and Week 3, the only possible wrinkle to this idea.  Or we could see an epic rivalry emerge from back-to-back match-ups. 

Since I know some of you better than the others and some of you I don't know much about at all, if there are other suggestions or ideas, let me know and I'll take into consideration and make adjustments.  If you stay quiet, this will be how it is.

Casino Gulag Week 1

Return of Casino Gulag Games

Under New Management

The Palace of Debauchery is open for business, and for this week the offering is Yardz Is Right.  Name a player who you think will have MOST TOTAL YARDS WITHOUT GOING OVER 100. 
For casino's renovation Grand Opening offer, this week's game is for free.  All it takes is your will to get the prize of 15 bb.  With 6+ participants, the prize will go up to 25 bb.
As token of his appreciation for the opportunity to do business in PSAS, casino don Kenji has bought all PSAS owners gifts.  He's worked with the feds to pay for a deal to make all Week 1 stock and derivative purchases eligible for previously announced freebies.  This means that now any 5 bankerbitez put into the market through stock or derivatives will come with free Bless di Wildcats and Cool-anta.   "Vibrant economy is vital to success of my business," Kenji told the media.

Comment here or the stock market, or email me for orders.  Casino games are 1-bet-per-player and on first-come basis.  For the sake of fairness, I will place my order after three orders or twenty-four hours past initial posting, which ever comes sooner.