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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

W33K 12 P0W3R R4NK1NGZ

1. Phat Girlz - (LW - 1) The Girls did what they had to do against Sachs this week - win. With the "W" PG hold on to pole position in the Eleatic/1-seed race. The Eleatic race will come down to the wire, but the Girls control their destiny in a mismatch with the Ferries. Win and they're the #1 seed and can take a breather in week 14, lose and they'll likely fall to the wild card and a first round match-up with the 2nd best wild card. It wouldn't be a death knell by any stretch, but doubtless this team would rather leave the first round heavy lifting tot he former commish and wait for a prospective Eleatic rematch in round 2 (week 15).

Next Week - Ferries - PG looks a little dented going into week 13, but no doubt they'll show up for this one. The smart money is on both Eleatic leaders finishing with 10 wins and hence PG taking the division.

T. 2. el mundo pequeño (LW-2) - No one expected EMP to set the record again or, even come close, and to the relief of many, they didn't. But still their performance was "good enough." Going forward EMP's two cyllinder beastmode engine at RB1 and RB2 looks as powerful as ever. EMP's chance at the Eleatic is entirely dependant on PG's losing, but everyone will expect to see the "flying around out there" in week 13.

Next Week - Grossman Sachs - EMP has a chance to put the exclamation point on their season with a final Eleatic division victory, but they'll need some help from the Ferries to climb into the #1 slot and a bye.
T. 2. BldgDW3LL1NGTh1nk1ng (LW-3) - It doesn't get much sweeter than week 12 for the BDT
squad, a win over division rivals JGPB that puts them on the brink of playoff elimination, a division banner in the Milesian and scoring 111 with two offensive spots combining for a single point. With the division ensured, they've got a bye on lockdown, which is probably essential since they'll need to do some of their vaunted Th1nk1ng to come up with a solution to their "missing-piece problem" and an extra week could be just what the pharmacist prescribed. Of all the top 5 BDT is thinnest on all-around titration, expect the rest of the top five to bid high on likely candidates just to keep them from BDT or at least make them pay dearly for them. Bottom line: they'll have to show something more than the Peyton Hillis show if they want a legitimate shot at the title.

Next Week - Nauts - BDT probably gets the best chance of any of the playoff bound teams to scout future playoff opponents with this match-up against the Ephesian leaders and probable #3 seed. BDT doesn't have much to lose here and could probably think of this as an early bye, were it not for the fact that the league's favorite dark horse is on a tear at 5 straight. No doubt the Gerunds would be loathe to see an inspired Nauts team in week 15 on a 7 game win streak. MATCHUP OF THE WEEK

4. Int'l Necronauts (LW - 5) - The time has finally come where we have to stop tagging this squad with labels like underdog and dark horse. They've arrived at the playoffs and with them go the hopes and dreams of all the league's bondsmen that in the dialectical confrontations to come this representative of the masses may themselves become masters. AP's ankle injury has to make the Nauts a little leery of their old luck returning, but at 5 in a row (during which they've averaged the highest score in the league) they'll count on momentum to take them through to the second round of the playoffs

Next Week - BDT - The Nauts control their own destiny here, a win and they'll clinch the Ephesian, a loss and they may go as a wild card. Either way they'll play a first round game, so it's a slight matter of match-ups. MATCHUP OF THE WEEK

5. ThePelicanBrief - (LW - 6) The Pelicans came heartbreakingly close to knocking off division leaders BDT in Week 12. Still, they're in prime position for one of the two remaining wild cards, win and they're in. Lose and they still will probably go presuming their scores continue at moderate high levels. Everything said and done, the Pelicans might be better served by an upset and consolation bye, Atlantic City is already predicting that their playoff run will be Brief.

Next Week - The Thanatoids - This shouldn't be much of a contest, but we've seen the Thanatoids shock teams before. All the same, expect, JGPB to come out with a chip on their shoulder -- they're not getting much respect from the big boys, and if they want it, a record over .500 might be a good place to start.

6. (LW-4) - One could attribute the mediocrity of the Kennel Klub to a variety of factors. Their near-robot status many weeks, their reliance on a brace of Jets, their using roster spots to store college standouts like Tebow and Crabtree. Still, the vaunted team has kept their $0 spent experiment going all season, and if it puts them in the playoffs at the same record as Pelican Brief (the highest spending team), they could use a more ambitious strategy next year.
Next Week - Trichs - At one point this season, this was surely supposed to be the matchup of the week in week 13. Now, it's rather ho-hum, as others on the playoff bubble take derivatives on which owner will make a line-up change, if either.

7.Revenge of the Sith (LW-10) - Despite drawing all of five yards from their star RB, Sith put up a legitimate blowout in week 12. Even if they don't get the help they need via a JGPB or Vicks loss, their powerful performance puts them in the driver's seat for a Consolation Tourney bye. Sith drew the top pick in this year's draft and made good use of it. There's still no word from the commish on what the keeper league status is, but just imagine Sith with the #1 from two years in a row. They came so close this year, next year they'll be a real favorite. Rest of the league, watch out, Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Next Week - Skins - Sith Should take this one running away and look forward to their consolation tourney triumphs. But don't shut they playoff door just yet, should they sneak in, they'll be a factor for sure.

8. GrossmanSachs (LW-7) The Sachs came close again to upsetting a dangerously under-titrated PGirls squad, but fell a bit short. They're still in the hunt, but will need more help than they can reasonably expect (not to mention a victory over EMP). Still, a quality win would put them in assured consolation bye territory, and you'd have to believe that a team with a scouting department like this one could make good use of a high draft pick.

Next Week - EMP - Grossman nipped an underwhelming EMP in week 2, but this is not the same team. Time to tell the boys to go out there, have fun and score as many points as possible.

9. Trichotillomaniacs (LW - 7) The Trichs were over-matched again by the streaking Nauts. More problematic is the fact that they've now lost 6 of 7 and seem to be sliding backward week by week. Injuries always seem to dog those on a cold streak and this team is no different, with Nicks and Gore both going down. Trichs will have to go to the well again to see what they can dredge up at this late date, otherwise they may be on vacation siginifcantly sooner than they're used to.

Next Week - Vicks - The Trichs poor scoring in recent weeks has probably put them out of contention for the last two wildcard spots, but they can do others a favor by knocking off Vicks and securing themselves a consolation tourney bye.

10. The Thanatoids (LW- 9) - It was a week of might-have-beens for the Deadish Ones. Touchdown calls reversed, penalties calling back big receptions and temporary injuries allowing TDs to be vultured away. Still, the team is fundementally unsound and isn't a threat to win on a week to week basis. If they want to go out in the first round of the consolation, this is the way to do it. With several good backups comings into starting jobs this week, it will be interesting to see who the 'Toids target and how much they're willing to pay for a shot at #1 pick next year.

Next Week - JGPB - This is probably a winnable game for the 'Toids, but without an extra piece at RB or WR they're not going to scare much of anybody, just surprise the occasional victim.

11. SanFranciscoFerries - (LW-12) The Ferries took out the Skins in the basement battle, and that has to feel good. The Ferries have spent over half of their 2010 warchest and have only 3 wins to show for it. Addai and Thomas look as questionable as ever, but Ricky Williams showed some promise as an RB2 as the Dolphins recommitted to their run game in week 12. An old San Francisco face sends you season's greetings.

Next Week - PG - This one is for honor as the Ferries will have to play a first round game in the consolation. Still, an upset like 1v.11 could shake the league to its core, changing the course of the playoffs. PG is a big Ferries fan, we'll see if they were right about their hidden talent this week.

12. Skins All The Way (LW- 11) - The Skins have returned to earth after their three game winning streak with four straight losses. Hopefully the increased role of Brandon Jacobs will provide the spark they'll need to get out of the first round consolation games. It's nearly Christmas in Washington, time to trim the trees, pay off the lobbyists, etc.

Next Week - Sith - This looks like a mismatch, but the Sith have been hot-and-cold. The Skins have shocked the world before, can they get a little momentum before the postseason?

BREAKING: WikiLeaks Releases Thousands of Classified PSAS Documents

In what is being hailed as the worst security breach in PSAS history, the infamous Wikileaks has obtained over 250,000 previously classified cables between PSAS owners, disastrously threatening to undermine diplomacy between teams on the eve of the Playoffs. The Commissioner, after having received 13 stitches in his lower lip from being knocked in the face during last week’s brutal matchup with el mundo, has been unable to comment publicly, but his Office has called the security breach “an egregious act of terrorism that will not go unpunished”. League lawyers spent last night burning the midnight oil furiously drafting a PSAS Espionage Act in hopes of prosecuting Julian Assange of Wikileaks. However, Assange has already been on the run for some time since being accused of assault and rape, accusations tangentially related to leaking the salacious terms of the Miles Austin-Pierre Thomas trade between the Ferries and BDT earlier this year. Nevertheless, Wikileaks’ latest leak will undoubtedly prove far more damaging to the League, critics warn. One newspaper called the leaks “a diplomatic disaster” while another said the leak “represented nothing short of League-wide implosion.”

The leaked cables themselves detail, at times in strikingly frank terms, what each owner thinks of other owners. "How is Int’l Necronauts managing his nerves and anxiety?" asked a cable dated Nov. 14, 2010, and signed "ELMUNDO" in all capital letters. "How does stress affect his behavior toward his decision making?" the cable continued. "What steps does the Intl Necronauts or his advisers/handlers take in helping his deal with stress from his first playoff berth? Is he taking any titrations?” (sic)

Delving into the personalities of PSAS counterparts may be integral to modern diplomatic give-and-take. But the bluntly worded cable asking about the 2nd year owner’s "nerves" and "emotions" may further test up-and-down relations between Gainesville and Chicago. The cable suggests that Gainesville saw the Necronauts as perhaps prone to emotional instability given the team’s youth. In another cable, is referred to as "risk averse and rarely creative," which should come as no surprise to any League observer. However, some leaked cables are nothing short of shocking. JGPB is described in a Sept. 18, 2010 cable as being short on substance, lacking in "gravitas," vain, arrogant, critical of the PSAS leadership and "too opportunistic to be trusted as a PSAS owner." He is, one of the dispatches says, an "enigma" who faces a "steep learning curve" on PR issues. One cable seemed to criticize the Phat Girlz for having "natural instincts to utter populist pronouncements." Finally, one cable described BldgDw3ll1ngTh1nk1ng in no uncertain terms: “ST8 B34$t!!”.

One GM who wished to remain anonymous responded on Monday, stating, "I don't believe this story as it has been presented". "Just because it says it there doesn't mean that it is right." The unnamed GM – but let’s be honest, this sounds an awful lot like Revenge - also said that he didn't consider "gossip and chit-chat" about PSAS GMs to be particularly relevant. He said he is more concerned about potential dangers to security to the PSAS government from the publication of the documents.

Not all of the cables were mere “gossip” and “chit chat”, however. In fact, some cables dangerously describe a plot to declare war on el Mundo because of its recent proliferation in obtaining the points scored record of 173. "Cut off the head of the snake," quotes the Grossman Sachs GM as saying during a meeting with BDT in October 2010. Another cable, which was labeled “N0T4J3WZ”, the highest classification for PSAS correspondence, which means ‘not intended for foreigners’, described a top secret plot to turn the long-rumored Grossman Sachs god particle in on Grossman Sachs themselves. More leaked information on this plot will reportedly be released later, but at this time all that is known about the plot is its ominous codename: “KOOKOOBANANAZ”.

The implication from these leaks is clear: Is diplomacy now dead in the PSAS?

The WikiLeaks disclosure has revealed not only numerous government PSAS secrets, but also the driving mentality of major factions within the three schools of pre-Socratic thought, PSAS beat writer Glenn Greenwald writes. Whether or not this is a positive development in Year 3 of the League will surely be debated around watercoolers for the foreseeable future. One PSAS fan, Benjamin Netanyahu, noted, “It will be more difficult for talented PSAS owners to put into cables, emails, and reports things they once would have.” The future of the League, obviously, is teetering dangerously on the edge of destruction. But whether this latest scandal will push the League over the edge is yet to be determined. However, one thing that is absolutely certain is that more leaks are sure to come. Stay tuned…

Friday, November 26, 2010

A Better You for a Bigger World

This past week has seen some unfortunate unsubstantiated accusations of a secretive transhumanist revolution headed by everyone's favorite bank, Grossman-Sachs.

Let's clear the air.

The firm of Grossman-Sachs would like all of our loyal fans/slaves to know that we have only their best intentions at heart. We hate that your Grandmother has cataracts; we hate that your butt occasionally itches, and we hate that every other team in the PSAS isn't doing a Grossdamn thing about it.

So, you want a revolution? Well, we at GrossmanSachs have melted your individual evolution to a few simple steps:

Step 1: Kill your godz. No longer will your soul be enslaved by the conservative religious factions of Thanatoids, BDThinking, and El Mundo Pequeno. These seemingly separate religions/PSAS teams are in fact working together for the glory of their Owl god Moloch, and you are the sacrifice. Only through the expunging of this false idol from the record can we begin to break your conditioning, and make a stronger, faster, ocholoko'd you.

Step 2: Get Microchipped. It's harmless, efficient, trendy, and harmless again. Through a simple operation we can implant a chip into your brain, and cease all negative brain operations (like overpaying for Brandon Jackson or starting Jay Cutler) and replace them with positive brain operations (like trading your best running back to Grossman-Sachs for Robbie Gould).

Here GrossmanSachs security guards happily confirm someone wants to be "more than human."

Step 3: Put your personality profile from your microchip into Madden NFL 2011 as a General Manager and kill yourself. This will allow you to exist only in the virtual world, giving you plenty of time to titrate all the best matchups, to dry run any waiver actions, and to see how your players will look doing a touchdown dance at San Francisco Ferries Stadium.

While these steps may sound drastic, we want to impress upon you that they are only scary because you've been conditioned to believe you can't live without your false idols, or with a microchip making decisions for you, or inside a video game. This couldn't be further from the truth. Don't forget, we have the God Particle, and we all know the truth in the great state of Ohio's motto: "With a God Particle, all things are possible."

GrossmanSachs also wants to bring to the attention of the PSAS league the looming growth of El Mundo Pequeno's power. The disgraced former commisioner is currently mobilizing millions of potential Tebowarriors through the PSAS Twitter Page. In the words of the immortal, saintly, banker Nathan Rothchild, "Show me who controls a league's twitter page, and I care not who the commissioner is."

El Mundo Pequeno has been testing their twitter mobs for years now, most famously during the "revolution" in Iran.

The work of El Mundo Pequeno is both vast and deep. While they control most media outlets including the highly influential The Hypermodernity Club, their real power lies in influencing behind the scenes roundtable groups.
El Mundo Pequeno is most commonly known as an ancient cult, hell bent on the destruction of all democratic fantasy football leagues. Current members include George Sherf III, Jon Stewart Lebowitz and the ghost child of Alexander the Great.

We also suspect El Mundo Pequeno of gaining unauthorized access to the GrossmanSachs God Particle. We believe El Mundo Pequeno has been travelling through time pretending to be Phillip Seymour Hoffman, most notably to gain access to Queen Julian Moore and her commonwealth holdings.

Here you can see the owner of El Mundo Pequeno has aged significantly through time travel in order to win oscars and influence the BDThinking hollywood elite.

We at GrossmanSachs don't want to overspeculate, but we're fairly certain El Mundo Pequeno is trying to divert rightful indignation to their subterfuge to the helpless Vampire Squid Bank of QB Ineptitude. The stake of all of humanity and robotkind hangs delicately in the balance. If you want to be all you can be, become a robot, and let us set your lineups. It's your only hope.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! Thanks for making this such a great season!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Special Report: Playoff Race

In honor of week 12, the PSAS blog gives you an in depth look into the playoff race for 2010. Here are the expanded standings:

Ephesian School:

One of these four will win the 3rd seed, but all four are in play for the last two wildcards.

Int'l Necronauts6-5-0.5451-2-01080.401056.00

Revenge of the Sith4-6-1.4091-2-01108.401062.20 has the inside track with a statistical tie for the division lead, a division record tie-breaker. Interestingly, the Kennel Klub lost their first head-to-head with the Trichs and finish their season against their division rivals. It's entirely possible that that game could reshuffle the 3, 5, 6, 7 slots at the final hour.

Int'l Necronauts has a hard road to the division banner, in part because their scheduling department oddly will leave them with 1 fewer games played in division this year than the other squads. That being said, they win out and Vicks falters, they'll take the division. A final game against Milesian leaders BDT probably argues against this scenario, but the first match-up was a nail-biter, so hold on to your hats.

Trichs despite a recent slump still has a very good chance to go in at #3. If they can beat the Necronauts this week, they'll have a chance to knock off Vicks in the regular season finale for the Ephesian crown.

The Sith are mathematical longshots for the Ephesian crown, but still technically possible.  If they win out at 6-6-1, they'll need all three other teams to finish at 6-7, or two of them tie and they could win on points.

General Wildcard

Int'l Necronauts6-5-0.5451-2-01080.401056.00W-4

So, one of the three Ephesian teams in play will take the division and thus be out of the wild card picture. The good news for JGPB and GrossmanSachs is that there's some necessary attrition here, since the Trichs play both Vicks and the Nauts.

Scenario 1 - both Vicks and Nauts win next week, Pelicans, Grossman, and Trichs all lose . Vicks cliches the division because the worst their division record could be is 3-2, wheeras the Nauts would finish 2-2. Nauts also clinch a wildcard, and both the Sachs and Trichs have to hope that the 'Toids can upset JGPB in the final game to get in.

Scenario 2 - Pelicans, Grossman and Trichs all win and Vicks and Nauts lose. Trichs and Vicks play for the division in week 13. JGPB clinches a wildcard, Nauts & Sachs stay elligible but will have to wait for week 13.

Scenario 3 - Trichs win, everybody else loses.  Nothing is settled and we wait for week 13 to see about the last three spots.

A few other random notes:

-you can review the tie break rules - but I'll provide my understanding.  In deciding a division winner the first tie-break is division record.  After that it is Total Points For.  Wild cards are the same, except that divisional records do not factor. Head to head results do not factor in either.

-the Sith are technically in the wildcard race too, but any scenario that would result in that would probably result in their inclusion in the top 6 would probably make them division champion as well. 

-although they are technically still in the running, The Thanatoids are essentially eliminated because of their Points For tie breaker is so low, they would probably have to amass upwards of 300 points to even be close.

Obviously all of this is unofficial and mindless musing, if anybody more math minded wants to correct my statistical acumen, please do so.  And best of luck to all the teams as we enter the home stretch!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

W33K 11 P0W3R R4NK1NGZ

1. Phat Girlz - (LW - 1) The Girls kept the pressure on by blasting a win and inching closer to the Eleatic banner, which it seems inevitable now will provide the #1 seed for the playoffs. Still, there's got to be some nervous glances in the Phat camp with the fireworks that EMP and BDT are providing. All of a sudden, the top of the league looks thoroughly high-powered. With Schaub's knee creating a big ? at QB, and the Sanchize Jets looking like they might be able to coast toward the playoffs without trying too hard in the PSAS playoff weeks, PG could be vulnerable.

Next Week - Grossman Sachs - There's been a lack of love for the Phat Girls this year. A dominant start created some jealousy, and their non-political stance has made them seem media-invisible compared to the competing camps of BDT and EMP. Still, a win here should keep them in the driver's seat and force EMP to play the unpredictable first round game.

2. el mundo pequeño (LW-3) - Greek stories of conspicuous excellence, as you may have noticed, usually end badly. The exception of course is that of Heracles, who himself becomes a god. We'll give EMP the benefit of the doubt and presume that this week's performance was but one of Heracles' labors and not the tragic rage of Achilles. So, let's take a moment to break down this record-setting performance. 6 out of 7 offensive position players scored in double digits, the kicker put up 15, the defense put up 23, and the IDPs combined for 16.4! No matter what happens with the rest of the reigning champ's season, this is quite a victor's laurel.

Next Week - The Thanatoids - When you're riding as high as the Little Worlders these dead-ites must resemble ants. 120 would doubtless put this one out of upset range, but less could be dangerous in a must win division match-up against the rising 'Toids.

3. BldgDW3LL1NGTh1nk1ng (LW-2) It's not too many weeks that you're going to score over 130, win, secure a playoff spot and drop in the power rankings. Pequeno's big day outshone a great performance by BDT. But they needn't be too sad, they've got the Milesian all but sewn up and with it the second seed. What's more 136 was a personal high for them this year and makes them look more legitimate as a deep threat in this year's playoffs. If Kitna's performance becomes a regular thing, BDT may have found a new logo...

Next Week - JGPB - This one is guaranteed to be a Milesian grudge match and a potential play-off preview. And that alone is enough to give it MATCH-UP of the WEEK status.

4. (LW-7) - The Dot Com Kennel picked up a clutch win in last week's match-up of the week, with some clutch MNF QB-ing from Philip Rivers which also inflated their numbers considerably. The Dot Commers now control their own destiny with two more against division rivals. However, they may need to win out just to assure the division with the Necronauts keeping pace. If they can get on a little roll, they might not cry over missing the first round bye. Still their roster is thinner than you'd like for an odds-on contender, as put options rise against them, you have to wonder if the bankers were merely driving up their stock to sell high.

Next Week -Revenge of the Sith - The Sith are coming off an emotional loss in which their running backs missed their titrations by half a mile. Expect them to rebound and force the Kennel Klub to score 120+ for a win.

5. Int'l Necronauts (LW -6) - The Nauts have a share in the league's longest current winning streak. You've got to like these plucky outsiders because their not just doing it with luck, they've got some real power averaging 112.65 over the last 4 weeks. With numbers like those they'll be favorites in a first round playoff game and no rank underdogs in the second. But, first things the Nauts probably need at least one more win to step into the hallowed arena of the playoff games. Steven Seagal offers you two of his Lightning Bolt energy drinks for your playoff run (not for women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant).

Next Week - Trichs - The Nauts could even up their division record with a win here, a loss and the chaos in the Ephesian will return to it's normal batshit crazy level.

6. ThePelicanBrief - (LW - 4) The Pelicans continued their downward migration this week with a loss to league leaders PG, and with it their chances of a division banner have likely gone south for the winter as well. Still, free fall is not an option in their position and they'll need at least one of the last two to secure a wild card. National Geographic's Great Migrations: A Global Event would like you to sign off on some HD deliverables, just in case.

Next Week - Girls - BDT - MATCH-UP OF THE WEEK - The Pelicans took out BDT in a low scoring match-up in week 1. They'll likely need more to sweep the season series.

7. Trichotillomaniacs (LW - 6) The Trichs got crushed by the Milesian leaders BDT last week, and dipped below .500 for the first time this season. With two more games in division, they could still pull it out but surely they would have to win out. The Trichs are one of several teams on the brink that have to be wondering what's better: a playoff wildcard and a slim chance at glory? or a consolation bye and a good chance at a high draft pick. News of Nick's injury will likely make them heavy bidders in the Woodhead lottery.
Next Week - Nauts - The Trichs could pull the Nauts back to .500 and make the Ephesian as mediocre as ever with a win. There are enough variables in play in this division that any of their top 3 could walk into the division banner yet.

8. GrossmanSachs (LW-8) The Sachs put up a good show, but got nipped by the Dogs in a touch-and-go battle. They're in essentially the same situation as the Trichs, except that the division banner is not an option. That being said, the Sachs probably need a couple wins and some help from the Ephesian School to make the playoffs. The Insane Clown Posse reflexively asks you: Fuckin' playoffs how do they work? It's a miracle, yo.

Next Week - Phat Girls - Its rough sailing for Grossman with the top two in this weeks PRs in their last two games. Worse, in all likelihood both teams will have something to play for, so St. Vick of the Redemption may have to perform a few more miracles to send this team to playoff heaven.

9. The Thanatoids (LW- T. 11)
- The deadish ones snuck by with a lucky win that they didn't really earn. Drew Brees finally decided to show up and play after his bye week, and though they're missing several important pieces, they're finally able to field at least four offensive players in double digits with some consistency. You'd have to think this team with plenty of cash will get into the Danny Woodhead lottery in the hopes of keeping their season alive in the consolation tourney. The 'Toids would doubtless like a little Redemption but a streak starts at 3 games.
Next Week - EMP - Uh oh.

10.Revenge of the Sith (LW-9) - The Revenge squad's crazy playoff run finally foundered in Week 10 against the Thanatoids. To recap - the Sith lost their first four (including a score recalculation against the Nauts by .2 points), beat the Trichs by 60, tied with the Ferries, beat EMP by .2, ended Phat Girls winning streak, lost to Pelican Brief, beat the Sachs and lost to the 'toids by 4. Literally a couple points difference over the season could have made this team the division winner.

Next Week - Vicks - The Kennel has been talking tough, but this should be a pretty even match-up. Revenge needs to keep winning to assure a consolation bye.

11. Skins All The Way (LW- T. 11) - The Skins became the latest victim of the Necronauts rising
tide this week. An injured Kenny Britt didn't do much to help matters in the WR spot. Still there's enough talent on this team's bench to make it a serious competitor for the consolation bye tourney.

Next Week - Ferries - This preterite undercard will likely eliminate one of these two from consolation bye contention. And, barring a tie, it will also eliminate one of their losing streaks.

12. SanFranciscoFerries - (LW-10) The Ferries ended up on the wrong side of history this weekend, when EMP set the all time scoring record against them. There's no shame in their game however, the Ferries put up a respectable 90 and still have one of the best injured reserve lists in the league. If Portis and Thomas get healthy they could easily run the table in the consolation

Next Week - Skins - Every victory counts since consolation byes may well come down to head to head match-ups.