PSAS Open Forum #occupyPR

Friday, October 30, 2015

Cooter's Elevation Re-ignites Cooter Fragment Mystery

April is the cruelest months, breeding lilacs and philosophical questions posed on T-shirts that cause you to reevaluate your entire life up until this point.

Location: Florida, where else? Walmart, obviously. In line to buy a shopping cart full of beer and carbohydrates.

Scene: In front of you in the check out line, a boy, perhaps 12, his sister say 9 and grandmother are shopping primarily for corn syrup and dye. There's a hangup in line. Price checks, a brief negotiation of the price of cancer. Through your pounding hangover you gradually notice the boy's shirt. It depicts a turtle, drinking beer. The title of the piece "Happiness is a Tight Cooter" the emphasis is on tight.

Preliminary Inquiry questions: you wear that out with your grandma?

Things you'll think about later than night while tripping and treading water above the entrance to a limestone cave system that regularly claims the lives of spelunkers: holes, introversion, hyper dimensional folds in space time, the stories of HP Lovecraft, turtles in popular culture, the similarity of fits of hysterical laughter and drowning.

Fantasy implications from subjective Cooter recurrence within calendar year
Stafford - QB2
Abdullah - benched
Megatron - WR1
Riddick - Chronicles of...

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Week 7 P0W3R R4NK1NGZ

1.       BuildingDwellingThinking (4-3) (last week 5)

Fortunate are those
whose cities now rise, again.
All at once, for once. 

2.       TakingTigerMountain (5-2) (last week T. 3)

Bye week two digit
Conservative Eli meh
Wide outs tell the tale

3.       Trichotilomaniacs – (4-3) (last week 7)

Orange crush bye week win
Three weeks pulling the right hairs

4.       Dijonaise All Stars (4-3) - (last week T.2)

Cheesehead bye week mold
Third straight Mustard defeat
Rodger's Air Power?

5.       Aethernauts (4-3) – (last week T.2)

Not quite enough air
Diggs potential wire flex star
Job Ben's when he's back?

6.       ThePelicanBrief (3-4) (last week 5)

Woodenheaded ones
Rough luck draws Phat Girlz high card
High total in league

7.       SanFranciscoFerries (3-4) (last week 7)

Thumping win counts same
Potential power back trio
Watkins whittles air 

8.       Psychdog (3-4) (last week 6)

Big bark not enough
Both keepers on byes this week
Best RB duo

9.   Phat Girlz – (3-4) (last week 11)

Indy hook up twice
Big air covers ground failure
Megatron reborn?

T. 10.   Curses. – (4-3) (last week 9)

Third straight upset win
Foster injury downgrade
Whom the gods would curse…

T. 10.   Polk High Panthers (4-3) (last week 10)

Al, more boom than bust
More ground game could take them far
Sad Charles what if

12.       HomespunNeckBloodz (1-6) (last week 11)

McFadden rescue?
Things spin apart at home
Come back would be dope.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Week 7 P0W3R R4NK1NGZ

1.       TakingTigerMountain (5-1) (last week T. 3)

Clinging to a ledge
Antonio in the wind
Bye week avalanche

T. 2.       Dijonaise All Stars (4-2) - (last week 1)

Mustard spread too thin
Cheesehead bye week up next
Randle must run large

T. 2.       Aethernauts (4-2) – (last week 6)

Recalc win last week
Demarco flying again
One more week 'till Ben?

4.       ThePelicanBrief (3-3) (last week 3)

Sub one point squeaker
West drains waiver funds bone dry
Ride or die Patsies

5.       BuildingDwellingThinking (3-3) (last week 8)

Upscale digs, building
on last week's win with another
Tyrod mobile still?

6.       Psychdog (3-3) (last week 3)

Recalc loss last week
AP with a mortal side
Is playoff jinx past?

7.       Trichotilomaniacs – (3-3) (last week 8)

Ivory rock hard
Orange Crush double digits all
Young wide outs enough?

8.       SanFranciscoFerries (2-4) (last week 7)

Peyton screws the pooch
Dalton could have tipped balance
Backs should keep them close

9.   Curses. – (3-3) (last week 10)

Micro upsetters
Julius returns to zone
Whom the gods would curse…

10.   Polk High Panthers (3-3) (last week 12)

Zombie Bundy win
Martavius returns strong

Lot of boom or bust

11.   Phat Girlz – (2-4) (last week 10)

Luck to Hilton!
Running backs going nowhere
Vintage Megatron

12.       HomespunNeckBloodz (1-5) (last week 11)

Fifth highest in points
Backs to the wall here on out
Come back would be dope.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week 6 P0W3R R4NK1NGZ

1.       Dijonaise All Stars (4-1) - (last week 1)

A human Rodgers
Will Green Bay try hard enough
To keep Mustard first?

2.       ThePelicanBrief (3-2) (last week 4)

Patsies skill pieces p0wn
Freeman crossing RB1
Woodhead long term 2?

T. 3.       TakingTigerMountain (4-1) (last week 3)

High scoring upset
Antonio in the wind
Plenty on the bench

T. 3.       Psychdog (4-1) (last week 2)

Sub one point squeaker
A win on AP's bye week
Is playoff jinx past?

5.       BuildingDwellingThinking (2-3) (last week 7)

Big upset breathes life
Rawls spot start might save season
No air without Dez

6.       Aethernauts (2-3) – (last week 6)

Lowball loss hurts chances
Signs of life from Murray's legs
Who will helm the Nauts?

7.       SanFranciscoFerries (2-3) (last week 5)

Peyton screws the pooch
Dalton could have tipped balance
Backs should keep them close

8.       Trichotilomaniacs – (2-3) (last week 8)

A nice bye week win
Gurley looks like RB1
Orange Crush consistent

9.   Phat Girlz – (2-3) (last week 12)

Monique snags must win
Blake Bortles hero du jour
Luck back for win streak?

10.   Curses. – (2-3) (last week 11)

Mid-range upsetters
Foster in double digits
Whom the gods would curse…

11.       HomespunNeckBloodz (1-4) (last week 9)

Ryan sputters again
The Muscle Hamster cometh
Steve Smith backbreaker?

12.   Polk High Panthers (2-3) (last week 10)

Charles ACL
Bury season Wounded Knee
Must rebuild from wire

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 5 P0W3R R4NK1NGZ

Socrates died in the fucking gutter

1.       Dijonaise All Stars (4-0) - (last week 1)

Over a hundred
Lowest score of the season
Ride or die cheese heads

2.       Psychdog (3-1) (last week 2)

Three RB offense
Dogs back in the hunt
First time since 09

3.       TakingTigerMountain (4-0) (last week 3)

Bear heavy offense
Unstable long term engine
Target King wide outs

4.       ThePelicanBrief (2-2) (last week 5)

Big bye win, Patsies
Freeman a steal or more hype?
No kicker needed.

5.       SanFranciscoFerries (2-2) (last week 8)

Peyton takes a seat
Lots of rushing talent here
Need points from QB

6.       Aethernauts (2-2) – (last week 4)

Forsett moves the chains
Murray: turnaround? trainwreck?
Who will helm the Nauts?

7.       BuildingDwellingThinking (1-3) (last week 7)

Freeman trade looks rough
First time out, how will it age?
Come back Dez, come back!

8.       Trichotilomaniacs – (1-3) (last week 9)

Backfield pieces are there
Just a matter of pulling
Hairs and Denver D

9.       HomespunNeckBloodz (1-3) (last week 6)

Julio lowballs
The Muscle Hamster cometh
Tampa kicker cut

10.   Polk High Panthers (last week 12)

Dual big QB play
Not many leagues start Roddy White
Spiller wheel route gold

11.   Curses. – (1-3) (last week 10)

Foster returns small
The kicker leads team in points
Whom the gods would curse…

12.   Phat Girlz – (1-3) (last week 12)

Luck-less Girlz starving
Zero spikes in the skill slots

Off year for Monique