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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Week 13 Casino Gulag

Rooney Tunes #JapaneseLRdilemma
This is the final regular-season edition of 2014 Casino Gulag, so we got a three-game bonanza, one of which is for free so everyone can participate.  I mean, what else are you going to use that waiver budget for now?  Geno Smith?  Keep in mind there'll be an early 12:30 game on Thursday, but I'll be flexible with deadlines as long as it's not a cheat. 

TD Vulture
The first game is the return of the favorite TD Vulture.  You know the deal, highest percentage from TD of fantasy points.  This one is free, and winner collects # of participants x 5 bb. 

Pick 4
It's familiar by now.  Pick QB, RB, WR, and team D.  This one is for 3 bb entry.  Combination of most fantasy points in Week 13 wins pot plus matching funds.  You can submit players as long as their games haven't started. 

-2 bb if you lose, +4 bb if you win. 

Mark Sanchez (Thursday 4:30 ET): 15.86
Jonas Gray (Sunday 4:25 ET): 3.39
Geno Smith (Monday 8:30 ET): 0.03*

Geno's numbers will certainly go up, will it be high enough? 

*Since there's not much time plus Wednesday before Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving morning is pretty hectic for people, there's not real deadline or self-restriction.  TD vulture is first-come first-serve.  That's all folks.

Week 13 Stock Market & Previewz

Striking the balance between a suitor and a stalker is a fine line, or is it?  Do I, should I, go after a player I want (e.g. Connor Barth) post-elimination?  "But, there's still next year!"  Well, General, you are stalking fantasy football.

I don't know if you agree, but it takes adjustments.  Not sure feasting with family and friends is the solution.  At least, it'll be soothing.  Except that there'll be like eight games of football throughout the day, and then once Black Friday kicks in around 4 pm Thursday, I'm going to get me a PS4/Madden15 bundle and the rest will be history.  Heartache is hard to heal.

Ok, so this is it.  It's the regular-season finale, Week 13.  I haven't really thought about what happens next week or thereafter once post-season starts.  Stock market and casino will probably close doors, although the yakuza may keep hosting, milking, your waiver budgets for whatever purposes they got.  I'll continue to write a little preview piece each week.  Arbiter or I will also do a regular-season award eventually.  Just want to say, it was a pleasure.  I saw a positive graffiti yesterday in JSQ that read "don't be sad it's over, be glad it happened," so that's the note I want to begin this final regular-season edition of weekly stock market previews.  If you are traveling today, safe travels!  Just in a rare case you are moving your apartment on the day before Thanksgiving, be safe also!  Rain has changed to snow outside here in JC as I cut and paste the next 8 lines for the last time this year.

The payout schedule for each 5 bankerbitez bet is as following.

                                      Blue Chip     Market Performer     Junk
Blue Chip (#1-4*)                  5                      3                          2
Market Performer (#5-8*)     10                     5                          3
Junk (#9-12*)                        15                     10                        5

*Based on weekly Power Rankingz.  In case of a tied rank, commissioner's ruling will be published here.

The Guide
It's a strange Week 13 as the separation created a regular-season finale with not as much at stake.  It's unfortunate in a way since five of six matches feature teams that haven't faced each other this year.  No more teams on bye, and there are three NFC games scheduled on Thursday.  Curiously, CT teams have more of the Thursday players, so we'll be entertained from the get-go at least in otherwise relatively calm Thanksgiving week.  But, historically Week 13 never is short of surprises, so we could very well be talking about something crazy at this point next year.

(1) AEthernauts 10-2 (5 bb) vs (3) TakingTigerMountain 8-4 (5 bb)
In this playoff preview game, two participants are projected to meet next, if everything lines up correctly, in the finals.  Meeting for the first time this year and not sure much is at stakes here, but projections are head-to-head and, with no Thursday plays for either teams to speak of, this will be the game to watch for the weekend.  Nauts win won't change much of playoffs picture, but TTM win could put both of these teams in the same bracket, creating a possibly Week 15 rematch.  Nauts have the first-round bye locked. 

(2) PhatGirlz 9-3 (2 bb) vs (9) ThePelicanBrief 4-8 (15 bb)
Girlz are trying to secure the final first-round bye with a win over the dissapointed Pelican, but the last of Mohegan won't go down easily as the Grishamites are still within reach of the coveted Moral Victory.  Arguably the best double-titration of 2014 (though CCC will beg to differ) will face the newest D-T in Brady-Wright.  Teams will be fighting separate battles in the same game, points (for Pelican and somewhat for Girlz if they lose) and outcome (Gilrz) will still matter here.

(4) Dijonnaise All-Stars 8-4 (3 bb) vs (6) SanFranciscoFerries 7-5 (10 bb)
Another possible playoffs preview with neck-in-neck projections can become a high-scoring affair kicked off by kicker-defense duel dual on Thursday.  Outcome may or may not change much of post-season picture as both teams are long-shot or out of first-round bye race. 

(5) BuildingDW3LL1NGTh1nk1ng 8-4 (3 bb) vs (10) Shock_Pix 4-8 (10 bb)
Could have sworn these two teams have met this year, but yahoola says no so I guess not.  BDT is far out-scored by the Girlz to really have a legit chance for the first-round bye and Shock is far out-scored in the Moral Victory.  So, if it seemed the autopilot indicator was full of *shock* this season so far, you might be in for a disappointment this week.  Well, I mean psych dog don't have to really do shit here this week anyways.  Regardless, this will be a good match.

(7) HomeSpunNeckBloodz 5-7 (3 bb) vs (11) Trichotillomaniacs (10 bb)
Yeah, right.  No team is more lame-duck than the Bloodz right now, as they are out of both playoffs and moral victory while holding onto the dreaded consolation first-round bye but not clinching it.  That means there's like two weeks of meaningless football before more meaningless football.  At the end of that long run, there are some draft budgets for next year.  How *depressing* is that.  At least, the Trichs are still in Moral Victory and they are historically the most motivated team in Consolation history as seen by their dominance there two seasons ago.  Yeah.

(8) The Old Future 4-8 (3 bb) vs (12) Polk High Panthers (10 bb)
The heart of Moral Victory race is right here in the Hot-lanta rematch.  The Week 2 first-round was a sponsored blow-out win by the Timewarp, and the rookies will like a repeat of that feat, or at least a double-digit win, as they are behind Bundys by seven points in Moral Victory. 

Celebrity Jeopardy: Future win and Trix win (20 bb)

Babylon: Girlz, Dijon, and BDT win (15 bb)
Upsetters: Pelican and Shock win (25 bb)

Power Rankings Week 13

Week 12 finally brought the promised finality to the playoff arrangement, just a little shuffling is left to do. With that in mind, as well as a household head-cold and Thanksgiving preparations the rankings bow to the g0dz running with winning percentage ordering in this abbreviated PR.

1. (1) Aethernauts - (10-2) - The Bolt steers the universe and the Nauts have been clinging tight for five weeks now.  A high-scoring win in week 12 puts them second by points by just a hair.  Gordon's arrival gives them dual WR1s. If there's a critique to the Nauts top seed, it's the problems at QB and reliance on Murray's remarkable workload.

2.  (2)  Phat Girlz - (9-3) -  Monique pulled off a second straight win to give themselves the inside track to a playoff bye. They're the top scoring squad in PSAS and they've been high-end dangerous every week they've had full compliment.  Losing AP to arbitration PG was denied a pre-playoff coronation ceremony.  But with the Luck/Hilton Indy Connection and Forte getting 20+ touches, the playoff committee better make sure there's a XXL Queen's robe handy. 

3. (4) TakingTigerMountain  (8-4) - TTM put up a slight lowball, but took a surprising upset when the Shockers filled out a line-up hours before the 1 PM games. The Crescent City Three-way Connection is the big mover here, but downgrades in the Tigers run game with West and Ingram trending back into timeshares puts the Tigers more on the mid-range floor with a high TD ceiling.

4. (3)  Dijonaise All Stars (8-4)   -  The Girlz dropped the Mustard Gas in week 12, in a possible playoff preview. Without Foster the DAS rungame is a bit bland with Blue and Miller. They're all A-Rodg and breakout TD hawk Evans otherwise. Roddy White's been quietly picking things up at flex, might give the DAS a little extra kick. 

5 (5) BuildingDwellingThinking  (8-4) - The Deep Thinkers crushed the Bloodz and secured one of the final two playoff spots.  Crowell's emergence could give them a true RB1 to compliment they're air attack. They're the lowest-scoring playoff squad, but they look to be trending in the right direction with two 130+ games in the last three weeks.

6. (6)  SanFranciscoFerries (7-5)-  Hot at the right time, the Ferries exploded for a season high 166 this week. Beckham's highlight reel hijinks are fueling the Boatmen's playoff run right now. There's still reasonable questions about their QB play and aerial depth that will limit their ceiling, but they have the best trio of running backs of the playoff bound. 

7. (8)  Homespun Neckbloodz (5-7) -  The Bloodz couldn't ever get much on the ball this year and it showed in a nearly doubled-up loss to BDT.  Nio-Gio finally returned but the Bengals seemed content to let Hill take a significant bulk of his carries. With Ellington and Bell dropping off and a QB placeholder in Carr, the Spinners will be mid-range Upsetters on a good day in the Consolation tourney - and a Consolation bye is probably a must for CT chances. 

8.  (9) Old Future (4-8)  -  The Futurists took a high-scoring loss to the league's Titan and so delayed playoff ambitions to next year.  With Peyton and Anderson still playing games that matter, OF should have one of the highest ceilings in the Consolation Tourney. 

9. (10)  Pelican Brief (4-8) - The Grishamites late season resurgence has come to late for their playoff hopes, but they caught a break with a razor thin victory over early season trade-partner Polk and stay in play for a Consolation Bye.  Brady, Lynch, Julio, Seattle D? On paper, there was always a lot to recommend this team and it seems like it might come in time to make some consolation scratch for next year.

10. (12) Shock_Pix  (4-8) - Season in a nutshell right there. The talented underachievers pulled off another significant upset by maximizing their roster.  Bye weeks have not been kind to the Primordial Ones over the years, so the end of them could see an uptick in their production.  They're low-ceiling Upsetters in the CT, but with statistical freaks like Demaryius and youth RBs like Hill and Jennings, there may be enough charge for another world shock.

11. (9)  Trichs  (3-9) - Brutalized by the white hot Ferries in week 12, the Trichs had a moderate low-ball themselves. For their CT ambitions the great news is that Bryant and McCoy looked in fine form and wire darling Latavius Murray should get some late season Raiders showcase duty.  The Trichs are within striking distance of Moral Victory and have the highest ceiling among the CT teams

12. (11)  Polk High Panthers (2-10) -  Bundy got clipped in a pride game among CT squads this week. The good news? Polk is still on top of the Moral Victory standings (by 7+ points). It's always been Megatron and AJ for Polk - they've underwhelmed through 12 weeks, but if they start finding the endzone - it's not crazy to think that Polk could sweep Moral Victory and Consolation Prizes. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 12 Recap

Whew, where did 2014 go?  Josh Gordon returned, and we just had ourselves Week 12.

Post season field is set with the current top six contending for 2014 championship after BDT and SFF both won convincingly to punch their tickets.  Seems Nauts, at 10-2, have clinched first-round bye behind Tanny and the Buffalo D.  Big Sky can break the regular-season win record if they beat TigerMtn in the finale and get 11 wins.  They are playing good heading into the post season with Gordon looking like a strong WR1 in the making already, though getting 45 pts combined from their kicker and team defense probably won't happen again.  9-3 Girlz have the other bye all but in possession, as they lead the 8-4 teams in both points and wins.  The first-round matchups may differ, but it'll be TTM/Dijon/BDT/SFF in the first-round, then the winners facing Nauts/Girlz in the semi. 

As for the bottom half of the league, some of us will be contending for Moral Victory while the others will focus (?) solely (?) on the consolation prizes.  Polk High leads the moral victory field, with Old Future, Trichs, and Pelican following within 25 and having a realistic chance of landing some extra draft budget for next year (*disclaimer: last week's calculation for Pelican was a bit off--about 18 pts--, this week I double checked the numbers).  

Mark Sanchez 12.93 (16.06 proj) Under; Trix bet over and lose
Jamaal Charles 17.20 (19.07 proj) Under; reference
Josh Gordon 12.80 (10.89 proj) Over; TTM bet under and lose, Pelican bet over and win.

Pelican goes all in on Josh Gordon and triples their wallet.  Nice.

Stock Market
In a quiet twilight market, TTM and Trix bet on BDT's romp pays them but self-investment didn't produce return. 

Cats: Nauts, Girlz and BDT won, but Trix lost
Jeopardy: Future and Trix both lost
Babylon: Nauts, Girlz and Ferries won but TTM lost
Upsetters: Shock won, but Future, Bloodz and Trix lost

TTM: -3
TTM (-5)
Future (-5)
BDT (+5)
Gordon Under (-2)
dividends (x2=+4)

Trix: -5
Trix (-5)
TTM (-5)
BDT (+5)
Sanchez Over (-2)
dividends (+2)

Pelican: +4
Gordon Over (+4)

BDT: +4
dividends (x2=+4)

Future: +2
dividends (+2)
Stock Market and Casino will be back with a switch for the final week!

Public Funds Index:

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week 12 Casino Gulag

I'll return with one like this
As we talked before, you and I need some time.

So, in the meanwhile, you play your little Over/Under, okay? 

Here, here's Mark Sanchez (16.92), Jamaal Charles (18.91) and Josh Gordon (9.52).  They'll play with you, okay?

It's the same rules as usual, okay?

General will be back soon, okay honey?

Week 12 Stock Market & Previewz

Lets hope Charles isn't injured soon
I'll make everything short.  Rankingz came out early and I'm trying to finish work early and beat the G-W Bridge traffic here.  Necessarily adjustments will be made in due time.

Clinched playoffs: AEthernauts, Phat Girlz, TakingTigerMountain, Dijonnaise All-Stars have clinched a spot in the post-season and are vying for the first-round Week 14 bye.

Need one more win or Spinnerz loss to clinch: BuildingDW3LL1NGTh1nk1ng and SanFranciscoFerries virtually have the magic number down to one and could clinch playoffs spot this week. 

Outside looking in, gates starting to close: HomeSpunNeckBloodz lacking points and the Old Future with seven losses are on the verge of elimination.

Moral Victory: Polk High Panthers, Trichotillomaniacs and ThePelicanBrief are within 12 pts in the shit-outa-chocolate Moral Victory race. 

Grace period over, Autopilot Indicator On: Took them this long, but Shock_Pix are in a familiar territory of out and no pay. 

Last of the bye: Carolina and Pittsburgh will be the last teams to have their mid-season vacation. 

The payout schedule for each 5 bankerbitez bet is as following.

                                      Blue Chip     Market Performer     Junk
Blue Chip (#1-4*)                  5                      3                          2
Market Performer (#5-8*)     10                     5                          3
Junk (#9-12*)                        15                     10                        5

*Based on weekly Power Rankingz.  In case of a tied rank, commissioner's ruling will be published here.

Dez and DeSean are the Bad Minded Peoples of the Far East
The Guide
(1) AEthernauts 9-2 (3 bb) vs (7) The Old Future 4-7 (10 bb)
Cam on bye, Gordon's 2014 debut for the Nauts.  Late-season pick-up shine eye galz for Future.  Will Nauts escape another upset alert?

(2) PhatGirlz 8-3 (5 bb) vs (3) Dijonnaise All-Stars 8-3 (5 bb)
A significant game for the first-round bye outlook, Dijon face the Girlz in the Ong Bowl as Monique's entourage are struggling to find points as AP's saga and wait continue.

(4) TakingTigerMountain 8-3 (2 bb) vs (12) Shock_Pix 3-8 (15 bb)
A tough auto-pilot test for the Shockers against the hottest team of the league Mountain.  Antonio on bye and backfield woes except for Ingram may make it respectable, until MNF's Crescent City Connection.

(5) BuilingDW3LL1NGTh1nk1ng 7-4 (5 bb) vs (8) HomeSpunNeckBloodz 5-6 (5 bb)
Ever-new-look Chico Boyz will debut Shoelace in an elimination match for Derrick Carr and the Spintron. 

(6) SanFranciscoFerries 6-5 (3 bb) vs (9) Trichotillomaniacs 3-8 (10 bb)
The Boatmen try to safe-land the Ferries onto playoff dock in a match Dez and the Hairpullers are battling for pride and moral victory. 

(10) ThePelicanBrief 3-8 (5 bb) vs (11) Polk High Panthers 2-9 (5 bb)
Ever-so-important moral victory match as the Bundys showcase their starz in a too-late fashion. Big Ben on bye is the last chance to make dropping a kicker count.  

For Sale:
Catz: Nauts, Girlz, BDT and Trix win  (40 bb)
Celebrity Jeopardy: Future and Trix win (40 bb)

Babylon: Nauts, TTM, BDT, and Ferries win (20 bb)
Upsetters: Future, Shock, Bloodz, and Trix win (100 bb) <-------glutton's irrelevant money

Power Rankings Week 12

The g0dz had two last chances to tighten the playoff race, but let them go by in week 11. TigerMountain and Phat Girlz both sported beatable scores but playoff outsiders Neckbloodz and Trichs couldn't take advantage. As a result the playoff six are all but decided, with four officially rendered.  Now a still-tight race for playoff byes will command attention at one end while Moral Victory points standings.  Sign of the times - the Babylon freebie paid off this week. That about says it all. Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night...

1. (1) Aethernauts - (9-2) - Zeus seemed to toy with the idea of stripping the Aetherials of their thunderbolt and bye-lead in week 11, before blessing Gray with four touchdowns and over 40 touches in a SNF blowout. With Murray on bye it seemed like the Nauts might drift landward and be vulnerable to a dangerous Polk spoiler.  Sanders entering the concussion protocol, might mean that the Nauts are forced to thrust Gordon into the spotlight untested.  Flash aaaa-aah, he'll save everyone of us...

2.  (2)  Phat Girlz - (8-3) -  The Girlz went in for a terrific lowball in week 11 and only narrowly came away with a victory thanks to some big name injuries for the Trichs. Luck nearly missed 20 pts, but managed to scratch them up in garbage time loss, Forte and Cobb were merely very good this week and not world beating, and Ben Tate was a negative impact from the flex. With the RBBC seemingly swinging away from him Tate was dropped by the Browns and AP suspended by the NFL the Girlz could be in for a moderate downgrade losing two prospective ground options in the same day. Luckily Sankey appears to be at least a serviceable RB2 as long as Mettenburger can keep the Tennessee offense moving somewhat.  

3. (4)  Dijonaise All Stars (8-3)   -  Col. Mustard and the Condiments have been all too spicy lately.  With A-Rodg fast closing in on QB1 by points, and a season-long hold on Foster handcuff Blue finally paying off they won again big time in week 11. The addition of Mike Evans as an smash breakout hero at WR lends some heft to a sometimes thin air attack. The Mustard Men might be a touch behind on a points tie-breaker for bye, but big scores in the last two weeks have them catching up quick. 

4. (3) TakingTigerMountain  (8-3) - The Mountain came into MNF needing Antonio Brown the points #1 WR to equal his 14 point projection to eek out a win - he got 15.  It's been that kind of season for Brown and TTM. Antonio has been a target beast and reliably proficient in the endzone. TTM on the other hand bid big and lost early on AP as an every down back, and have seen Brees' numbers take a big slide toward mediocrity and Jimmer battle injuries. Currently sporting a 4-0, 0-3, 4-0 record breakdown, it's worth wondering what direction the ski lift will be headed in week 14. Playoff bound, the Tigers get the hibernating Shocks next week before a playoff preview with the Nauts, where TTM could potentially play their way into a bye. The Tigers are still #2 by points, but only 3 slim points ahead of the Nauts - statistical dead heat. 

5 (5) BuildingDwellingThinking  (7-4) - BDT active again in the trade department, still got crushed on Cowboy's bye week. De-investing in Dez may prove a smart move if Romo can't go, and certainly Denard Robinson's acquisition looks fortuitous now that Montee Ball's injury has reoccurred. That said, it's some strange juju for Cowboyatti to go dally with Redskins QBs. With Crowell, Bryce Brown and Robinson the Deep Thinkers can play "guess the flex" week to week. The loss here has to put them on yellow alert - they'll loose seeding to the Ferries on points if they fall into a tie and an upset by the Bloodz next week could cast them into purgatory. 

6. (6)  SanFranciscoFerries (6-5)-  The Ferrries docked their boat at the postseason warf, simply awaitng permission to deboard. A resounding 157 point game sunk rival BDT and moved them above .500. Massive days for the Bell and Lacy ground express powered the win, supported by Wilson's first time over 20 pts in five weeks and a pair of double digits from LSU wideouts Beckham and Landry. What's more the big game put them 5th by points, ahead of other contenders (BDT, OF, Trichs and Homespun).  An insurgent for the 6 spot (like the Spinners or Future) would need the Ferries to drop both remaining games and surrender their points advantage.  With two tough opponents remaining the Frisco Kids can't rest, but one win should put them in officially, and two might push them up to the five slot. 

7.  (9) Old Future (4-7)  - The Futurists made a case to stay in the playoff race by smashing the shock, putting up 120+ even with a substandard Peyton game.  The astute pick-up of Jordan Matthews worked for a second straight week, as did a wire agent paydown CJ Anderson. T-Rich has injury-lucked into a bell cow job in Indy.  They're about 70 points south of the Ferries, but with Manning at the helm a crooked number or two wouldn't be surprising. 

8. (7)  Homespun Neckbloodz (5-6) -  The Bloodz lost a heartbreaker to TTM in the waning moments of the 3rd quarter of MNF. The Spinners got what they needed, a low-scoring game where the Tiger's blue chips largely avoided the endzone. Unfortunately, the Bloodz were similarly allergic with the notable exception of Brandon Marshall's double dip.  Still points poor, the Bloodz need two wins and some help to keep playoff dreams alive. They could pass BDT by points at 7-6 by making up a 107 point deficit. Or they could pass the Ferries by win percentage if the Boatmen lose out. Neither is particularly likely, bu the Cyclotron gets a chance to help its own cause playing BDT in week 12. Even if they're out, winning one of two could guarantee a(n underrated) Consolation Tourney bye.

9. (7)  Trichs  (3-8) - Finally the Trichs' playoff ambitions were put out of their misery by a second loss to rival Phat Girlz in week 11.   Tantalizingly within reach, the Girlz drifted well into upset range, but the Pullers couldn't take advantage. Bradshaw's snapped ankle was the last straw so to speak, but Julius Thomas injury was the first.  Another massive J.J. Watt game (3rd double digit) buoyed the Trichs' hopes. But with mediocre QB play and receivers on teams struggling to find the endzone there just wasn't an upset left to pull.  The Trichs are still very much in play for moral victory, but probably need triple digits in both remaining contests to fend off late challenges from Polk and Pelican. 

10. (11)  Pelican Brief (3-8) - The Pelicans limped to the finish of a bruising week 11 contest, outclassed by a powerful Dijonaise squad. They loose Allen and Jennings to injuries and watched Brady suffer his first sub. 20 point game in five weeks. Lynch and Mason continue to power through, but couldn't find any paydirt to leverage the Legal Eagles here. A surprising 30 from Green Bay's D/St on the bench would have been a weird and wacky play, but it does emphasize the degree to which the Seattle D/ST has been a disappointment as a keeper. 

11. (12)  Polk High Panthers (2-9) -  Polk really had a good shot at a 12/1 upset in week 11.  A Bellicheck inspired fantasy party (Faulk Flashback?) for Jonas Gray undercut the win, but does nothing to dim the nice point total for the Panthers. Charles continues to bravely soldier on in the middle of the field, racking up 29 on two scores. They're still in play for the Moral Victory after a Trichs lowball, so there's plenty to play for. 

12. (10) Shock_Pix  (3-8) - After a brief heady stint in contention the Shock returned to its old ways, leaving the lineup spots fallow. Would it have made a difference? Probably not this week, although Hill was spectacular on the bench.  But the fire went out of the Pixies in week 9, so roster maintenance and maximization are out the window. 

Week 11 Recap

Ok that was painful.  Butt-fumble week.  Started with that constipation of an early game STL-DEN and dragged on.  I heard MNF was exciting, sorry to have missed that.  I was in my room doing push-ups and sit-ups.  Ah, I see that Yahoo tells us four teams (Nauts, Girlz, TTM and Dijon) have clinched playoffs spot.  Congrats, ladies and gents!  Two more teams, BDT at 7-4 and Ferries at 6-5 are both at magic number 1 and most likely will round-out the post-season field.  Bloodz at 5-6 and lacking points have to win out and have lots of help (bribery accepted this week @ commish office).  Old Future is also uneliminated, though remains being a very long-shot. 

Just to let you know, this week I'll be fairly absent from football until Sunday.  It's my bye week.  I'll fulfill minimum managerial and commissioner duties but not much.  It's timely since there's a lot of explanation to do for General. 

Pick 4
Trichs (Teddy, Forte, D-Jax, Denver): 32.97
TTM (Brees, Ingram, DT, Buffalo): 44.75
'Cos (Peyton, Goose Egg, DT, Denver): 29.01

TTM captures pot plus matching funds (+12); all tickets were on Montee Ball.

Luck: 20.12 (24.67)  Under
Brady: 14.58 (21.43) Under
Ben: 10.73 (19.28) Under

Trichs (under-under-over) win some money (+4+4-2=+6 bb), hooray.

Stock Market
Shock Top: Shock and Pelican lost
Catz: Nauts and TTM won but BDT and Shock lost
Babylon: Nauts, TTM, Girlz and Dijon all won (20 bb)
Upsetters:  Polk, Bloodz, Trix and Pelican all lost

TTM and Trix, getting intimate here, win free money, double hooray!

TTM: +32
TTM (+3)
Trix (-5)
Babylon (+20)
Pick 4 (+12)
dividends (+2)

Trix: +25
Trix (-5)
Babylon (+20)
Pick 4 (free)
Over/Under (+6)
dividends (x2=+4)

I wonder which Sanchez will return this week

Public Funds Index:

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Welcome to the 3rd PSAS Craft Beer Report.  Up this week is Rebel IPA from Sam Adams.  Bros, I'll be totally honest...this beer is the fucking shit.  Take a look at that fucking bad ass font.  THIS BEER MEANS FUCKING BUSINESS.

Straight up I downloaded that font and installed it on my computer so I could use it in Word 2014 (#humblebrag).  Check it out, bros:

My Word .docx are going to be mad tight from here on out.

Now to the beer:

FIRST IMPRESSIONS:  The packaging blows my fucking mind.  I haven't been so blown away since I went on that 311 music cruise a couple years ago and met my first wife (RIP).  FUCCCKKKKKKK THAT FONT IS SO FUCKING COOOLLLLLL.  

TASTE:  AHHHHH.  MY MOUTH IS BURNING.  THIS BEER IS SO FUCKING BITTER.  WHY DOES IT TASTE SO BITTER.  AHHHH.  I gotta chase this with some Shock Top and fast.....OKAY everything is better now.  Shock Top sure is great but their fonts fucking suck.  Too bad a craft brewery like Shock Top can't afford a better font...I should start a Kickstarter.   

FINAL GRADE: A+ for Font.  F for taste.  A+++ for attitude.  I think I'll just walk around parties with an empty bottle so I look cool.   

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Week 11 Casino Gulag

We got yet another two-game week, I mean why not?  Some of us got to have some motivating force. 

Fan Pick 4
We'll bring back the popular Pick 4 game of two weeks back for this week's Game #1.  We'll switch up positions a bit, and add a team defense/special teams instead of a tight end.  PICK A PLAYER FOR EACH POSITION: QB, RB, WR AND DEF.  Team with most fantasy points collectively in Week 11 wins.  Same rules, 3 bankerbytez to enter, winner takes pot plus matching fund.  Bonus: if your team beats Da Team: Peyton, Montee, Demaryius, and Denver; then your ticket will be paid for by the house.  Deadline is TNF. 

Game #2 of this week is another round of QB Over/Under.  Pick if Andrew Luck (24.53~), Tom Brady (21.50~) or Ben Roethlisberger (19.34~) will go over or under their projected fantasy points.  Same as last week.  Pick correctly and win 4 bankerbytez, wrong and lose 2 bb.  Deadline to post is their game times (SNF and MNF respectively). 

Comment below for orders. 

Week 11 Stock Market & Previewz

What men like are: Cars, Women and Football
*UPDATED after BDT-Trichs trade*
Old reliables.  That's what Week 10 was full of.  Actually, it's the 2014 season.  Sure, new stars have emerged (Andrew Luck, Antonio Brown, Le'veon Bell).  But it's the old relialbes (Peyton, Romo, Foster, Lynch, Gore, Fitz, Jordy, Steve Smith, etc.) that are coming through and lifting teams, in real football and in fantasy, that it seems time has been in warp between 2008 and 2012 since the Old Future joined the league.  A "veteran" in Japanese (ベテラン=phonetically similarly pronounced as the English word) solely means "elder of profession" (since we technically don't have a military), so on this Veteran's Day we solute the old reliables.  Of course with keeper in play, the draft tended to focus on younglings, but we are reminded that when it counts, experience matters. 

The PSAS playoffs field is pretty set at top-5, with one remaining spot being contested by two that control their own destiny while others make noise in the surrounding areas.  The gate's not totally shut for anyone.  Moral Victory picture is also getting interesting, with Trichs, Polk and Pelican all within 8 pts, making scoring matter as much as getting that W in a brutal way. 

All top-tier teams are facing someone with lesser credentials this week.  Such is the time to prove your worth, as certainly no one up there should drop one to us commoners.  Of course, all their opponents are clinging on their hopes, no matter how small hope can be, and will be coming at them with full force.  If the underdogs succeed in toppling someone is beside the point.  I'm telling you, the odds will be there, and it may be the last chance for a big payday befor that final one waiver pick-up you need to go over the hump.  

The payout schedule for each 5 bankerbitez bet is as following.

                                      Blue Chip     Market Performer     Junk
Blue Chip (#1-4*)                  5                      3                          2
Market Performer (#5-8*)     10                     5                          3
Junk (#9-12*)                        15                     10                        5

*Based on weekly Power Rankingz.  In case of a tied rank, commissioner's ruling will be published here.

The Guide
-Ben vs Cam
(1) AEthernauts 8-2 (2 bb) vs (12) Polk High Panthers 2-8 (15 bb)
Which starting franchise QBs will bounce back?

Nauts are atop alone with three wins in a row, but they get resurgent full-squaded Bundys on DeMarco bye this week.  The other keeper-pillar Newton needs to pick up his game, but judging from MNF he's really not that comfortable this year.  I'd lose the towel, which even at the beginning of the game makes him look sulking, but Cam doesn't care about what I think.  Josh Gordon is still a week away from his debut, which means double TE set may return here.  Nauts are 1-1 in BigSky formation.  

Polk High finally gets their full squad to battle top-ranking Nauts with Charles, AJ Green and Megatron all finally in the lineup healthy.  Roethlisberger on MNF will be targeting Martavis in the endzone, so they better rack up points on Sunday.  Nauts are without RB1 Murray, so if all stars align like it's 2013, Bundys can steal a moral-boosting W here.

Upset looks good on paper, plus DeMarco-less Nauts not as potent.

-Luck vs Kaep?
(2) Phat Girlz 7-3 (3 bb) vs (8) Trichotillomaniacs 3-7 (10 bb)
Rivalry week rematch catch both teams off Week 10 losses.  Projection is even.  Odds aren't though they really should be.  Bring it, bitch.

Monique is starting to sweat a bit at armpits as her squad can't stop the skid.  Week 10 was a rough week of bye as their engine Luck-Hilton lifeline was out along with Garçon, and, while fill-in Alex and Torrey Smitties played admirably, Monique will hurry Luck and Co back into the lineup.  Forte was a rare disappointment in Chicago slump and backfield-mate Tate is losing touches in Cleveland so backfield has lost some firepower of late, which if it continues could be what finally slows down Luck and Co.  SNF Indy match against Brady and Pats D is not an easy one for Luck, but at least they play at home.  Cobb is the key here playing against Philly.  It's been a while since Girlz tasted victory, and one over rival Trichs will be even sweeter.

Trichs dreamed of Carson City in the desert and got Shock-topped big time in Week 10.  I don't even want to talk about it.  Can we move on?  I'll mention Kelvin Benjamin's incredible two-garbage-time-TD performance.  Up until then, he was garbage.  So, Week 11, it's back to Kaep, and Trichs just completed their first trade of the season with the Dwellers.  For WR2, RB2+ and an IDP standout they get Sanchez to connect to Maclin and Shady, WR1 in Dez and a RB2- Ivory.  General was seeming moving away from Kaep when Carson got injured, so Sanchez may get the start here in an expected shootout against GB.  If given a chance, Kaep is in a tasty match against NYG he may actually do something (probably not).  Maclin is cooling as Sanchez is favoring Matthews.  Jackson Brightspot Robinson (actually his first name is Denard and middle name Shoelace) is on bye so Mr. Glasslegs is back as McCoy's stall-mate.  Not ideal situations here against rival Girlz, but such is year 2014 in the Far East.  Half of the bodies' is in the river now but the Trichs squad still got that six cents in their pockets, no they are actually sewn on to their clothes through holes that are on Japanese coins.  Expect a battle.

Girlz hanging in the top-tier means another good odds for Trichs.  Demand may be waning however.

-Brees vs Carr?
(3) TakingTigerMountain 7-3 (3 bb) vs (7) HomeSpunNeckBloodz 5-5 (10 bb)
Crescent City Connection gets the must-win Cyclotron passing through.

TTM has been fairly dominant during their latest three-game winning streak, and while Week 10 win over Ferries came closer than they liked it was yet-again Brees-Graham that shined.  Ben-sanity ended in the hands of the Jets plus two lost fumbles brought Antonio down to earth, but we expect a MNF bounce-back this week.  The Pats offensive pieces returning from bye, Terrence West emerging in Cleveland and Ingram continuing to run for over 100 ydz plus no bye-absence in Week 11 means TTM will stand tall ready against the Spinning Force. 

Bloodz waited until Sunday to pick up a Foles-replacement and in the end went with the lesser Carr over the lesser Manning.  It sort of didn't really matter as they won their Week 10 match riding Arizona defense and Marshall's rebound performance.  Not sure Carr is the long-term solution, or even the short-term starter for the Spinnerz that, for the time being, needs to win and hope the Ferries stumble somewhere along.  Their own path isn't all that smooth-sailing with BDT up next, but Cyclotron is only focused on climbing over TigerMtn this week.

Upset alert at distance but full-squaded Tigers are hard to pick against.

-Brady vs Rodgers
(4) Dijonnaise All-Stars 7-3 (2 bb) vs (10) ThePelicanBrief 3-7 (15 bb)
Colonel and Pelican meet head-to-head as both are coming off wins.

No Foster was no problemo for Colonel as Steven Jackson was ala Foster 2011-esque and it was good.  New-comer Michael Evans continued to be the sole bright spot in Tampa and that's also good.  Rodgers was the 6-TD monster of the week and that's good.  Lamar Miller's injury is a concern but Foster got time to heal and is expected to play so it's good.  The Toyota-sponsored blowout could have been a larger one with Philly D on bench scoring 31 pts and it's all good.  All is good in Dijon as they face pesky Pelican before Phat Girlz showdown.  Of course we Asians know that's a very dangerous place to be.  Luckily, yellow means caution. 

B345tMode single-handedly stood in the way of Hairpullers trying to pluck Pelican feathers with a 4 TD monster of a game to give the Grishamites their first winning streak of the season.  Brady back from bye and playing against Indy in a SNF offensive showdown is an upgrade to Flatto, and Fitz is regaining his 2011 self also though the effect of no Carson in desert is to be monitored.  If the old timers can hang in there this Pelican team is a danger.

I-man smells some-ting hya. 

-RGIII vs Wilson
(5) BuildingDW3LL1NGTh1nk1ng 7-3 (5 bb) vs (6) SanFranciscoFerries 5-5 (5 bb)
Boyz on bye means RGIII (or Sanchez) as Chico comes to Bay where Ferries are itching to bring someone up-there down.

Mark Sanchez got the important start over Return of Romo against Girlz but it really didn't matter as Dez and Nelson f345ted on TDs.  Golden Tate looked like he's still a reliable option despite Megatron's return in Detroit, and that's a good news for BDT as Dez rests this week.  QB position is sort of a headache to figure out with three viable options of Romo, Sanchez and RGIII but it's not a bad thing and more near-deadline trade is always a possibility for the Philosophers.  They already got one done with the Far East Rulaz, trading away favorite Dez along with Sanchez and Ivory for week 12 on RB upgrade of Shoelace Robinson and Week 11 immediate flex help Kelvin Benjamin plus IDP centerpiece Lavonte David.  The WR group is still championship ready with Jordy, Golden and Kelvin, and if Alfred and Montee can produce to their pre-season expectations here at crutch time, BDT has a legit shot at first-round bye with their scheduling easing up toward the end of regular season.  First thing first, sink the boat at bay.

Ferries are still alternating wins and losses but may need to find a winning streak to secure that last playoffs spot that's been dangling within their reach forever now.  Their match against TTM was played actually respectable but the difference was the bye-fill ins of Gronk and WR that low-balled them to the predictable even-week loss.  Boatmen will welcome Gronk back from bye and Beckham's emergence as a solid WR2, but Terrence Williams laying a goose-egg last week before going on bye this week means keeper Patterson needs to really step up.  The Ferries probably wish they could start four RBs against BDT to avoid getting their first streak in the wrong end, so a trade may be in the works, except the likeliest franchise to make a trade is their opponent this week.

Odd-number favor SFF but odds are even.  Sort of stinks for them but they don't really need dividends money anyways. 

-Peyton vs Cutler
(9) The Old Future 3-7 (5 bb) vs (11) Shock_Pix® 3-7 (5 bb)
Two season-on-blinks go head-to-head in a match fought for hope and pride. 

Future's rookie campaign is surely not what the Timewarp had in mind.  Behind Peyton they just don't have much since injuries depleted them.  While Gore continues to be the sole piece of 49er offense that isn't a disappointment and epitomizes old-reliability, that says something about the rest of the Future squad.  It's good to see them still active in the waivers and getting improvements.  They have a winnable match here, and it's one they have to win to keep on hanging on to that one strand of straw.

In a way, this one is more a crucial week for psychdogs.  TEs bye means they need to dip to waiver wires (means autopilot indicator).  Bortles on bye means Cutler needs to have a bounceback.  They have weapons to actually fill Harvin's off and Demaryus always give them an explosion-possibility. 

Difficult match, certainly don't want to bet against either of these teams right now.   

For Sale:
Shock Top: Shock and Pelican Win (40 oz)
Catz: Nauts, TTM, BDT and Shock Win (40 bb)

Babylon: Nauts, Girlz, TTM and Dijon Win (20 bb)
Upsetterz: Polk, Bloodz, Trichs and Pelican Win (100 bb) <----BAILOUT

Comment for orders.

Power Rankings Week 11

Just as too many cooks will spoil the broth, too many bye contenders will spoil the wildcard race. Rather than the traditional  middle "hump", we have a middle valley, with lots of high and low. The ironic result is that nobody has actually clinched a playoff spot or been technically eliminated. But don't let that fool you. The top five are very likely going and the bottom five are significantly longer odds than either the two 5-5 teams.  So we've essentially broken down into three races.  A five way race for two bye spots. A free for all blood sport over the sixth playoff spot. And a moral victory points race.

1 (T.1) Aethernauts - (8-2) - The Aerial explorers cruised to a Monday Night victory the top spot (by winning percentage) with their third straight win.  A single huge pass play to Matavius Bryant might have saved the Nauts in week 11, but with Murray and Sanders still clicking they're every bit high end dangerous. Gordon looks more and more like the little something extra this offense could use in a playoff run.   Remaining Schedule - Polk, Old Future and TigerMountain. The Nauts face two sub .500 teams and enter week 11 third by points. A week 13 Titan Clash with the Tigers might well decide a bye.  Playoff bye forecast - Sunny with a chance of week 13 thunderstorm.

2.  (T. 1)  Phat Girlz - (7-3) - The Girlz dropped their third straight and paid for a big wire gamble.  It's not often that the highest paid player in an auction draft gets a chance on the wire as well, but that's precisely the unlikely kind of season AP is having. Dropping three straight, Monique's squad has surrendered the certainty of a bye position but not pole position. The Girlz faced massive bye clusters in the last few weeks, with the core four back on the field at the same time - expectations will be high in week 11.  Remaining Schedule - Trichs, Dijon, Pelican.  The Girlz face two sub .500 teams  and lead the league in points.  Playoff bye forecast - Sunny

3. (3) TakingTigerMountain  (7-3) - The Tigers held serve narrowly defeating a playoff worthy Ferries team for the second time this season. Missing Edleman and Vereen the Tigers play was a bit off, including a first drastic lowball of the year for Antonio Brown. With Hillman sustaining an injury and the Saints backfield bound to get a bit more crowded for Ingram, the Tigers could be in for a downgrade via their run attack. Remaining schedule - Spinners, Shockers, Nauts.  Facing one .500 team, one sub .500 and a playoff bound titan, the Tigers get a little of everything. Playoff bye forecast - week 13 thunderstorm.

4. (4)  Dijonaise All Stars (7-3)   - Team Yellow kept it going good racking up 140+ courtesy of a  massive first half from A-Rodg, and collecting all the TDs in the ATL/TB game.  This was Arian's bye week, so a signal win without a team captain is a clarion call to the rest of the contenders.  A dinged-up Lamar Miller could prove a downgrade in the stretch, but Philly's D/ST put up another crazy crooked number. If they keep putting turnovers in the endzone, they could be a serious difference maker.   Remaining Schedule - Pelican, Girlz, Ferries.  The Mustardians get low, high and middle in their quest for a bye spot.  Winning out is probably required but they do have an avenue by beating the Girlz and letting the Nauts and Tigers game decide another spot.  Playoff bye forecast - Foggy. 

5 (5) BuildingDwellingThinking  (7-3) - The German Philosophers racked up a big win with the Sanchize at the helm (undercard to the win was an expected make-up with Romo, who sat the bench with 23). A Hillman injury could come just in time for the returning Ball, and for BDT's beleaguered run game, with plodders Ivory and Morris endzone dependent and the Buffalo backfield gamble appearing to have given way to the unlikely injury-proof legs of F-Jax.  It's still a Cowboys story, so the best indicator of BDT's future will be how Romo comes out of the bye week. Remaining Schedule - Ferries, Bloodz, Shock.  Two middle-brow and a low boy for the Deep Thinkers. BDT will enter week 11 sixth by points, without any games against their bye competitors, they'll have to win out and hope for the best. Playoff bye forecast - Below the Radar.  Wild Card / Consolation cusp - above the cusp, but not safe.  BDT's middling points,  could technically cost them, but it would probably require the Bloodz to beat their score by an average of 30 points per game remaining. 

6. (6)  SanFranciscoFerries (5-5)-  The Ferries lost a squeaker to the Mountain and stay bobbing in the wildcard shallows. A big no show for Terrance Williams undercut what was otherwise a solid offensive performance in week 10. The Wilson/Stafford QB controversy continues, although SFF picked correct last week, but only by virtue of 100+ rushing yards for Wilson.  Beckham's emergence as the Giants top WR is a potential nice upgrade for the Boatmen, the G-men will be playing behind a lot for the rest of the year. Remaining schedule - BDT, Trichs, Dijon. Two top tier and one upsetter the Ferries probably need two of three, they're slightly above average in scoring but could be vulnerable at 6-7.  Wildcard miracle karma - do good works.  The Ferries probably have the toughest remaining schedule, but a couple of wins will take them home. 

7. (8)  Homespun Neckbloodz (5-5) - The Spinners got up off  the ground and hooked up an IV to their season in week 10. Following the demolition of their starting QB, the Bloodz found something from Oakland's Carr. Lowballs from the Old School receiver corps, got covered by a nice day from Marshall and Arizona's D/ST.  With an injury to Marshall's ankle in the blowout SNF game, the Bloodz need Nio-Gio to return immediately to adequately fill a flex.   Remaining Schedule - TTM, BDT, Trichs.  Did I say the Ferries schedule was the toughest? this is more of the same. Points poor, the Bloodz need to be one better than the Ferries.  Wildcard miracle karma - take the high road. The Cyclotron needs wins to power a playoff run, separation from the Ferries is the only path.  

7. (9)  Trichs  (3-7) - Another pullin' MNF for the Shogun, as some D/ST scoring vultured away touches needed for a Maclin/McCoy fueled comeback. Palmer's contract extension ACL jinx cut the Trichs off at the knees in this one.  It's been that kind of season for the Commish, where a marginal lowball gets cherry picked by big scoring by their opponent.  They're #2 in points against, and by the eye-test they've gotten everybody's best licks.   Remaining schedule - Phat Girlz, Ferries, Bloodz. Through a scheduling miracle the Ferries are set up to do the most damage to teams they're chasing. Wildcard miracle karma - fight to the last man. The Hair-Pullers start the last third of the season with a grudge match against PG.  Their games will likely have a big impact on both the bye distribution and the six spot.  In order to take it for themselves, they'll need to win out and hope that BDT sweeps the other WC contenders. 

9.  (7) Old Future (3-7)  - The Future lost a winnable game against the Bloodz and significantly hobbled their chances at the Six Spot  best. Manning continues to dominate, and close in on QB1 in the points rankings, but without the Buffalo duo OF is too dependent on WR points.  A bye for T-Rich was too much to overcome here. Remaining schedule - Shock, Nauts, Panthers. Two fellow cellar dwellers and a Star Lord. If the Future could run the table they're in the conversation. Playoff miracle karma - mustard seed. OF has a chance to rack up two wins against weaker squads, if they could pull of a huge upset of the Nauts it would reshape both races. 

10. (11)  Pelican Brief (3-7) The Grishamites kept their own hopes alive, pulling the Trichs back into the mire.  A previously undiscovered level of B345t mode for Lynch was the margin of victory. With Brady back next week, and Lynch coming off his best game in a year, PB is not going quietly.   Remaining Schedule - Dijon, Polk, PG. Like the other 3-7 teams, the Pelicans probably need a sweep. Playoff miracle karma - deus ex machina. The Brief rosters some of the most elite recognizable names in the NFL, early in the season it didn't gel, if it does now, they could become a force in the final third. 

11. (10) Shock_Pix  (3-7) - The Shock's chance was two weeks ago at 3-5 to return to playoff relevance. The locker room mood now is somber and the attitude seems downtrodden. Even though it technically was the right decision (as the Bengals waltzed into a blowout loss), Hill sitting the bench looks like coasting. Cutler's dismantling took away their last legitimate chance to Shock the World in week 10.  Remaining Schedule - OF, TTM, BDT.  A cellar dweller and two high flyers, the Shockers could still be midrange spoilers. Playoff miracle karma - grace of god. From early season  low-scoring the Pixies are last by points and would need to win out and have every other WC contender falter. 

12. (T. 11)  Polk High Panthers (2-8) - The Bundys took another one sitting down - posted on the Toyata infamy ad as a 53 point defeat to the Mustardians. Megatron's return was the good news of the day, with over 100 yards and a TD, he'll put a few teeth back in the Panther's bite down the stretch. IF he and Green and Charles manage to fire during the same week, we'll get a glimpse at the team's intended structure.  Remaining schedule - Nauts, Brief, Future. As the recap mentioned no team is eliminated, but with eight losses it's entirely out of Polk's hands.  Playoff miracle karma - infinite universes. The Bundys are 10th by points and a game down on the outsider WC hopefuls. Even with a tie at 5-8 they'll need 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Week 10 Recap

Apologies for delayed post.  I was riding my CitiBike down Bleecker St this morning when this truck came out of no where and almost killed me because I don't wear a helmet.  I took a picture of the truck in preparation for a litigation.  Here it is!

In stark contrast to the madness that was Week 9, Week 10 passed relatively calmly.  Phat Girlz went down to BDT for the third straight loss and probably will lose the Uptown Top Ranking, but the rest of the results were dictated mostly by standings (well except for Pelican beat down of Pullers).  Barring something crazy, five teams above .500 (Nauts, Girlz, TTM, Dijon, and BDT) will make the playoffs, with Nauts one leg up in the race for first-round bye.  The .500 club of Ferries and Bloodz will battle for the last playoffs spot, but the road is rough for both franchises.  SFF face BDT, Trix and Dijon for the final three regular season games, while Bloodz have TTM, BDT and Trix on the plate.  Because of the tough road ahead for both 5-5 teams, the quartet of 3-7 teams still have chances if they can win out the rest of the season.  And as crazy as it sounds 2-8 Bundys aren't mathematically eliminated just yet either (imagine a 5-8 team in the playoffs).  In the market, in part due to lack of upsets, in part due to the market's timidity following last week's near explosion and in part due to dwindling talent pool in waiver-market as the mega bye storm passes through town, not much happened and more was actually taken out.  A needed correction for the final leap, it seems.  The season is by no means close to being over, which means injuries will happen (ala Carson City) and waiver money demand sure will pick up (ala Brandon Jacobs).  Do we hear, Manziel, ehm, Tebow?

Punters are punters for a reason.  Actually.., I don't really have much to say here.  It was a punt kind of a week for me anyways.  So, here are the results. 

Future: Koenen 23 ydz
TTM: Wing 46 ydz
Trix: Lanning 32 ydz
Old Future will collect pool and matching funds (-3+9+9), a smooth +15.  Nice.

In their head-to-head matchup, it was Vick that was 2010, not Ben.  Sanchez on MNF was as effective as he can be (except for that one failed read-option keeper in which Mark went down like a girl), tossing two TDs and throwing for over 330 ydz.

Ben 12.97 / 19.71-proj (UNDER): Future, TTM and Trix bought OVER (and lost)
VIck 17.68 / 16.94-proj (OVER): Future, TTM and Trix bought UNDER (and lost)
Sanchez 19.68 / 16.36-proj (OVER): Trix bought OVER (and won)

Stock Market
In a week with not much activity in the stock market, lack of upsets hit investors hard with many of derivatives featuring underdogs.  The result is a major down-turn for those that were bullish.  Some franchises wisely stayed put, so the damage was rather contained, except where the bleeding didn't stop.

Jeopardy: Future and Trix both lost
Catz: TTM won but Trix lost
Hot-lanta: Future and Polk both lost
Chant-Down: BDT won, but SFF and Polk lost
Babylon O: Nauts, TTM and Dijon won but Girlz lost

Future: +1
Trix (-5)
TTM (+3)
Future (-5)
Hot (-5)
Ben (-2)
Vick (-2)
Punt (-3+18)
dividends (+2)

TTM: -5
Ben (-2)
Vick (-2)
Punt (-3)
dividends (+2)

Trix: -24
Trix (-5)
Polk (-5)
Catz (-5)
CJ (-5)
Hot (-5)
Ben (-2)
Vick (-2)
Sanchez (+4)
Punt (-3)
dividends (x2=+4)

BDT: -5
Hot (-5)

Polk: +2
dividends (+2)

Unlike Carson, stock market will be back next week
Public Funds Index:

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Week 10 Casino Gulag

Special week calls for something special.  So we have two games in line for you. 

The first is a traditional Casino Gulag styley.  We've put the spotlight on the offensive stars for the past several weeks, but mine is an unheralded people's regime.  So we'll swing that searchlight onto the special teams side once again, and this time it's the punters turn.  We call it Shank-A-Punt.  PICK A PLAYER WHO KICKS THE PUNT THAT TRAVELS THE LEAST DISTANCE.  This is just the punt yardage contest, so the distance the kick travels before it's caught, goes out of bounds, or is downed.  Essentially you are looking for a shanked punt, which usually goes out of bounds.  Touchbacks will be considered kicked to 20 yard line and not to the endzone, so that's something to consider as well.
Crapshoot, I know, with little strategy involved.  It's just impossible to keep the money away from the Goliathes lately, so it's a what-a-heck game.  As usual, 3 bankerbytez per bet, one bet per, winner collects pot and matching funds, first come, first serve with TNF deadline. 

For the second game, we'll simply play a series of Over-Under on player projections for 2 bb each (so everyone can participate).  The lineups are Ben Roethlisberger (19.74 pts), Michael Vick (17.00 pts) and Mark Sanchez (16.12 pts).  Projections will probably change until game time, so whatever the final projection is will be the line.  You can pick just one, two or all three.  For each pick, state OVER or UNDER.  You pick wrong and it'll cost 2 bb; you get it right and you'll win 4 bb (so doubled odds). 
For the second game, the deadline for purchase is their respective game time (MNF for Sanchez, Sunday 1pm eastern for Big Ben and Vick).  There's no rush to pick yet, but make sure to get your orders in before game time.  

Comment below for both game's purchase orders.  For Shank-A-Punt, I'll subject myself to 3-pix-24-hour rule.