PSAS Open Forum #occupyPR

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fantasy Football Replacement Tournament: Round 1 - Darts vs. Gaelic Football

Darts - This gentlemen to the left is Simon Whitlock, last year's international darts champion, and as you may infer from his haircut, an Australian. The man to the right is Ted Hankey, who styles himself "The Count."

- Game can be played while drinking. -Non-American cheerleaders keep mouths shut because of bad teeth.
-Wrestling style characters and introductions.

Con - Fantasy game requires meth to be interesting.

Gaelic Football - a combination of rugby, soccer, volleyball, basketball Gaelic football is played on a soccer field with goals and uprights above them. Players can "solo" the ball through the uprights for one point, or attempt to beat the goalie for three points. You can carry the ball as long as you dribble every three steps, and tackle with your shoulders and elbows, and do almost anything while possessing the ball. Passing is typically accomplished by punching the ball with a closed fist. Confused yet? Did I mention there are jump balls?

-non professional blood sport.
-variety of statistics

Con - Irish.