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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 4 P0W3R R4NK1NGZ

1.       Dijonaise All Stars (3-0) - (last week 2)

Spread on thick Green Bay
Randle driving Romo-less
A high score this year

2.       Psychdog (2-1) (last week 7)

Dominant victory
Purple Jesus in top form
Honey Badger takes

3  3.       TakingTigerMountain (3-0) (last week 3)

A lucky break low ball
Brown to join Vick’s doghouse
Winter is coming

4.       Aethernauts (2-1) – (last week 1)
Crash to earth ‘Burger
Forsett, Murray slow to start
Who will helm the Nauts?

5.       ThePelicanBrief (1-2) (last week 4)
Brady Bunch loses
Two young QB in waiting
Pressure to deal soon?

6.       HomespunNeckBloodz (1-2) (last week 11)
A shot in the arm
Falcons and old men win one
Lack backfield bellcow

7.       BuildingDwellingThinking (1-2) (last week 5)
Blue chips down or low
Tyrod taking the reins now?
Flex steers their stars

8.       SanFranciscoFerries (1-2) (last week 8)
Le’Veon back now
Peyton still tingling fingers
Four spikes at wide out

9.       Trichotilomaniacs – (1-2) (last week 10)
Signs of life from Cam
Backs veering toward committee
Orange Crush keeps afloat

10.   Curses. – (1-2) (last week 12)
Johnson shoots the moon
Arian’s return looms large
Whom the gods would curse…

11.   Phat Girlz – (1-2) (last week 6)
Luck QB 1 7
Monique too slim on the ground
Air assault a must

12.   Polk High Panthers (last week 9)
Charles can’t win solo
Dead weight on the roster
Brees back could rally quick

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Week 2 P0W3R R4NK1NGZ

Week 1 is in the bags as elite teams cement their fort.  Girlz, Dijon, Nauts, and TTM separated themselves early from the bunch with their respective convincing wins.  Until further notice, these are the teams to beat, folks.

(1) Phat Girlz 1-0

Girlz beat the Ferries in Week 1 rematch of 2014 championship to hold on to the top spot of this year’s ranking.  Luck left something more to be desired on the table despite putting up decent fantasy points.  The real story here is Carlos Hyde, who’s emergence as a bell cow back in Santa Clara plugs up what was seemingly the Girlz only weakspot at the backfield.

Next Up:  Monique vs Gronk, Girlz meet hungry Pelican

Frank Who?  Newest Phat Girl Carlos could provide some lipids

(2)  Dijonnaise All-Stars 1-0

Colonel’s troops defeated Bundys easily in the opening week.  Keeper A-Rodg is still the best QB in the NFL, and the Mustards are content to ride on his shoulder.  Brandon Marshal proved to be WR1 even without Cutler, duh.  The RBBC-bound backfield faired ok, and the defense was solid to keep the Yellows in tier-one… for now.

Next Up:  Dijon faces a tough test in pesky psych dog

(3)   AEthernauts 1-0

The Space Travellers took care of business against the Dwellers rather comfortably thanks to a rocksteady all-around performances throughout the lineup.  The Nauts look like a genius (a la Yahoo) after starting the Saints receiver Coleman at Flex.  RB Forsett was the lone mole on the face for the Nauts, but he played against Denver defense that, in my opinion, is as good as the days of Orange Crush, so he’ll bounce back.  This Nauts is a dangerous bunch moving forward.

Next Up: Nauts are ready to take on Romo-led Curses. with TE Witten still very much alive

(4) TakingTigerMountain  1-0

Daniel-San Dojo defeated Gronk-led Kobra Kai Pelicans in a fiercely contested match, and frankly deserve to be ranked higher after scoring the league’s highest total in Week 1.  The teams above except for SFF won rather dandily and had to be moved up as well, so TTM wraps up this year’s opening week stud franchises.  Eli was less than mediocre in the blood-shed, but Brown, Hopkins, Ingram, Forte and Marty-B all showed up.  Andre Ellington’s injury is a bit of concern, but they have lived-up-to-preseason-hype Abdullah on bench, so no worries.

Next Up:  TTM heads for another tough titration match, this time against Bloodz with Matty-ICE and Julio

(5) psych dog 1-0

The Dogz are for realz!  They chewed up on the Bloodz behind ageless Carson Palmer as the top-dog.  Jeremy Hill is one of the few true bell-cow back this year and he’ll continue to produce rocksteady points for the Pix, while DT will surely put up WR1 numbers against lesser defenses than Baltimore.  AP’s lack of production in week 1 is the only cloud cast in the dogland.

Next Up:  Big challenge ahead as Dogz take on second-ranked Dijon in a closely projected match

(6)  SanFranciscoFerries  0-1

The Boatmen dropped a tough opening match against the Girlz.  Ferries are probably as concerned about Peyton’s lack of zip as I am, but it’s too early to be searching for the panic button.  I’ve only said this 28 times; Peyton is still Peyton.  His off-day just coincided with AJ Green’s, who also was quiet in the Bengals romp of Oakland.  Keenan Allen bounce-back is a bright spot moving forward on the other hand.

Next Up:  Ferries try to regroup against Polk High to avoid a skid like several seasons ago

(7)  BuildingDW3LL1NGTh1nk1ng  0-1

Opening Sunday was tough for the Dwellers, as they lost their cover-boy Dez to fracture and lost their match against the Nauts.  There just wasn’t enough air in Santa Cruz, as Newly-acquired Tannehill didn’t really put-up numbers that some thought he could against the Skins, plus Tate and Olsen also were quiet.  DeAngelo Williams look to be a solid RB2 behind Lynch-Mob for the time being, which is a bright spot in a tough situation for BDT.

Next Up:  Trade partners face off with Cam’s Trix vs Olsen’s BDT

(8)  ThePelicanBrief  0-1

The Pelican came out with a statement on Thursday night with a solid game by Defraty and a monster game by Gronk.  The effort wasn’t enough to defeat the highest-scoring TTM, but it was enough to make the Pelicans the only team this week to move up in ranking after Week 1 loss.  Change-of-pace backfield of Mathews and Woodhead, former RBBC partners themselves, did ok, but the receiver corp after the Brady bunch are rather lackluster so far.  Brady’s understudy is Mariota, too bad he has same bye as Brady. 

Next Up:  Another tough battle ahead for Pelican with champion Monique in town

(9)  Trichotillomaniacs  1-0

The Hairpullers are off to a good start in 2015 thanks to a bell-cow effort by Chris Ivory, Denver D and JJ Watt.  Newly-acquired John Brown proved productive out of the Flex, while waiver-pick up pair of Wright and Walker can benefit from Mariota’s quick emergence.  The Far East Rulaz secured the win early on Sunday and could afford going kicker-less on Monday in picking up a fringe roster player named Darren Sproles.  This looks like another Trix with high production from waivers and low production from their high draft picks.  If the Pullers want to get to the playoffs, the likes of CJ Anderson and Brandin Cooks need to produce more.

Next Up:  Historically tough matchup against BDT is a good litmus test for the Far East Rulaz

(10)  HomeSpunNeckBloodz  0-1

Staying true to their style, the Atlantic Avenue Bloodz had a roller-coaster ride of a lineup in Week 1’s defeat to psych dog.  Studs Julio Jones and Kelce were peppered with duds like Smith Sr and Andre Johnson.  These veterans will bounce back and Matty Ice to Julio Jones titration looks cool as the other side of the pillow, so lots of upside in the aerial game.  The ground-attack outlook is not as bright however, unless Blount comes off his suspension blunting.

Next Up:  Schedule doesn’t ease up, as the Bloodz meet TTM

(11)  Polk High Panthers

Al Bundy was a victim of some major Week 1 low-balling, notably by D-Jax, TE Daniels and Kenny Stills.  With pillar players like Brees and Chales and emerging Landry, the Panthers are just a couple of titration (and some weeks of waiting for injuries to heal and suspensions to be over) away from a winning team with the likes of Elfert, Spiller, Martavis, White and Rivers on the bench.

Next Up:  An uphill battle for Bundy to avoid a skid as SFF gets in the way to do the same

(12)  Curses.

The Players Formerly Known As Old Future couldn’t change their fortune with a co-manager and a new franchise name, at least for the opening week.  Maybe the new name brought on some bad juju (hopefully not the co-manager), as cursed they seemed in their sophomore campaign opener against the Trix.  Everybody but Romo decided to low-ball, plus injury bug arrived early with Kuechly going down with concussion.  OBJ and Co. are full of bounce-back potential and exploding upside, so no need to be panicking in the Witchland.

Next Up:  The time-warp crew look to reverse fortune against the space-travelling Nauts

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

2015 Post-draft Analysis and Season Preview

With the draft over and the NFL season about to open on Thursday, the great PSAS season is finally upon us.  We present to you the first R4NK1NGZ here!

Granted, the rankings are that of the order of last year's finish.  You've got to earn your spot!

*Disclaimer: analysis was written before the latest round of trades and doesn't reflect upon the outcome of it.

(1)  Phat Girlz

Monique’s ‘trouge is once again anchored by Luck-to-T.Y.Hilton keeper double titration.  The best young quarterback of the NFL is primed to become the best quarterback, period.  The question is if TY is going to be Luck’s guy.  Monique picked up a first-round WR1 talent in Megatron in case Hilton’s concussion becomes a nagging issue.  The Girlz’ backfield of Morris and Hyde leaks of bad-offense odor, but Rashad Jennings could actually be a solid RB2.  Rounded up by a Philly kicker, Carolina/Arizona dual NFC defense threat and a formidable IDP unit makes Phat Girlz contender Ichiban for 2015.

Luck and Megatron gives Monique two first-round talent.

I remember Zach Ertz mentioned last year as a boom candidate, just don’t remember him ever producing much in that Philly offense. 

Devante Adams’ stock is ever-rising since Jordy and Cobb’s injuries.

(2) San Francisco Ferries

The Boatmen of the Bay knew coming in that they had the best backfield in PSAS 2015 with Lacy and LeVeon, so they targeted a WR1 early in AJ Green.  But the rowing didn’t stop there.  They scored Lamar Miller, a solid low-end RB1/high end RB2 and Peyton Manning.  As an avid Broncos follower, I can tell you that, yes, his arm strength is visibly weakening.  But, for whatever price Ferries paid for, Peyton is a great value here.  After all, arm strength is not what made Peyton Manning.  It’s the Papa.  And, the Ferries got Cutler to back Peyton up.  But seriously, this is a very potent bunch, and the Ferries are situated exactly to challenge the Girlz again this year.

Keeper backfield tandem of Lacy and LeVeon welcomes Lamar Miller, especially during Bell’s suspension.  Jax rookie RB TY Yeldon could also break out with the team on the rise, which gives them so much ground power the boat will start to climb hills of Cisco town.

I hate to sound like I’m jumping on the wagon, and I’m not, but Peyton has yet to throw a TD in three quarters of work.  And again, the backup is Jay Cutler. 

Both of them are border-line sleepers, but if Keenan Allen regains his rookie-year performance in SD or Sammy Watkins shines with Tyrod Taylor at the realm in Buffalo, watch out!

(3) Dijonnaise All-Stars

Autopick suited Colonel Mustard pretty dandily last season, and he took a mixed self-autopicking route in the draft this season as well.  The bots found and gave the Yellow Bottles some value at the backfield while Colonel himself enforced things to ensure a solid WR trio of Cobb, Marshall and Maclin that flanks keeper A-Rodg.  Biggest bomb of the draft night (other than “The $124”) was Dijon’s selection of Russell Wilson (trolling backfired??), but enough talents are on this roster to make another golden run this year.

QB.  Mustards have two legitimate QB1s, which probably has its best value in the trading block.  Rodgers and Wilson are definitely top 10 QBs, so there will be suitors in exchange for, say, some backfield help.

Gio Bernard, Joseph Randle, and Jonas Gray doesn’t sound like a championship backfield trio, but you never know with the Yellows.

One of the distinguished contributors of PSAS Eric Decker is buried in the WR depth headed by double-titrating Cobb (without Jordy, even better!), but could be a solid WR2 if other divas ahead of him don’t perform.

Dude, what r u up 2 tonite?

(4) AEthernauts

The Space Travellers quietly (except for those gang warfare sirens coming out of his microphone) constructed a solid starting lineup that is as good as any.  Forsett and keeper Murray give the Nauts a real two RB1 combo to propel them through time and space, while Evans, Sanders and Matthews has potential to be the best WR trio.  Ben-burger is a solid QB to navigate this bunch, or is he?

Everyone in the starting lineup boasts above 87% start rate, so there’s no real hole here and that’s the strength of this unit more than the potent RB duo.  Jason Witten is still alive, right?

Behind the starters are bench players like Reggie Bush, LaFell, and Kaepernick.  Fingers crossed.

There must be something about sports physics and that kind of thing these days, because guys like Jason Witten just never go away, astonishing especially since they run in the middle of the field with all the hard-hitting LBs and Safeties flying their helmets.  So, WItten is a sleeper until he’s put to rest.

(5)  TakingTigerMountain

The Rantz fired early and poured onto Forte, landing the homeboy RB1 to be the pillar opposite Antonio Brown.  That gives the Mountain legitimate two first-round talents to ride on any given week.  Maybe it’s because it’s Eli and not Brees, but the starting lineup in itself seems a bit less potent compared to the top tiered teams.  It sure looks different at the Mountain when there’s no Brees-Graham cannon firing at us.  Things could all change with players in the roster that have good upside values. 

TTM season could be really solid if Abdullah and Agholor live up to the hype.  TTM roster arguably have the most future-keeper oriented lineup, possibly in preparation for imminent departure of Antonio Brown.

TTM parted ways with Drew Brees, and in comes Eli.  Which Eli will show up is the question.

Abdullah, Agholor and Eli all could turn in a stellar season and be considered value pick.

(6)  BldgDW3LL1NGTh1nk1ng

The Dwellers had a nice draft, landing Lych-Mob, Shady McCoy and Dez to have three legitimate first round talents.  BDT pulled off a reverse-Mack Brown, shifting their QB-TE affiliatitration from Texas to Carolina to round off a solid starting lineup.  Boasting one of the best starter sets, things are still rattling in Santa Cruz as the bench-full of RBBCs and handcuffs need to make room for a kicker and an IDP

Balance.  They have solid top-tiered starters at every skill position, so they can withstand injuries here and there. 


Defensive offenses.  The talents on BDT roster mostly plays for defensive-oriented teams, so a reliance on Dez could have a toll on the franchise yet again.

John Brown has a solid WR2 potential in the forgotten Carson desert.

I'll take away ur Af-Am privileges, son!

(7)  psych dog

Back in action after several season hiatus filled with random check-ins and freaky wins, El Perro is armed with some heavy arsenal.  Keeper Demaryius Thomas is arguably the best WR in the NFL, and RB tandem of Jeremy Hill and AP could potentially be the best combo of all combos out there.  JimmyG is a TE1 regardless of where he plays.  QB and WR after DT looks less intimidating, but the reputation of this bunch more than compensates for it.

Backfield is loaded with AP, Hill, and Latavius Murray.  Looks very formidable, at least for now.

WR2 is currently Anquan Bolden.  Ok, he and Steve Smith have been around for like ages, but, I mean, enough is enough.

Carson Palmer is sort of a forgotten man in Arizona, but SF and Seattle defense are not as good means he could have big numbers on more weeks.

(8) Polk Hight Panthers

The autodraft-bots found some value gems for the Panthers, as Brees, Landry and Stewart are solid pillars to support Jamaal Charles.  Plus it gave them their traditional two kickers and trolled around the draft to hype up some prices.  Rivers is a very good QB2 to have and Martavis Bryant is a solid stash. 

Brees and Rivers are yet intertwined in PSAS land as well, and it’s a good thing for Bundy.

They don’t necessarily have depth at other skill positions, so if anything happens to Charles or any other starters it could get ugly quickly.

Jarvis Landry is breakout waiting to happen. 

(9)  ThePelicanBrief

The Grisham Land was a happy place when Brady’s suspension was magically lifted, allowing him and Gronk to roam around hand in hand.  The draft landed them some other solid players but no real star powers, so once again the Pelican rides on the Pats. 

Shall we say, continuity.  The Patriots know how to score, so Pelican is alway on the offensive.

They may want to redo the undone draft pick of Alfred Morris for $124, because they don’t really have a RB1 or RB2 really.

Winston and Mariota on same bench?  Whoa, watch out@^^@

(10)  HomeSpunNeckBloodz

Things were pretty hectic in the draft room on Atlantic Avenue, but the Bloodz still constructed a solid lineup.  Loaded at WR to support Matty Ryan, but RB depth leaves something to be desired. 

Julio Jones, Andre Johnson, and Steve Smith?  That’s could be the best WR trio.

RBs Martin, Bell, Blount, and McFadden all have bust potential. 

He’s not really sleeper worthy, but Andre Johnson’s resurrection is coming.  I mean, I rather throw to Johnson than Hilton if I were Luck.

(11) Trichotillomaniacs

Leaving some money on the table, the Hairpuller roster does look a bit bargained.  Trix did accomplish one goal and that was to get CJ Anderson at any price.  No doubt the next Denver zone-blocked-no-name RB turned to 1000 yds rusher will carry this team on his back, but the supporting cast of Tannehill, Cooks and Robinson, while unproven, all have breakout potential. 

Both Tannehill and Bridgewater seem ripe for breakout, but will they?

The starting WR duo Cooks and Robinson are both entering their sophomore season. 

Stevie Johnson may end up becoming Philip Rivers’ favorite target especially while Gates is away.  Or he could just fade into twilight. 

(12)  The Old Future

Hyped up for revenge and armed with a co-manager, the Time Travellers enters their sophomore season ready to rumble.  Mixing in some youth in Beckham Jr and Gordon with known commodities like Romo and Gore is a good recipe for a solid roster.   The first few weeks may be tough while injury bug is still around many of projected startes.

WR duo of Alshon and Beckham Jr is potentially dangerous.

RB starters.  While Gore is as solid as it gets, you have to ask every year, when is he just going to break down?  Same with Foster.  And Wisconsin backs have not recently been transitioning to the NFL well (see Montee Ball), so will Melvin Gordon make it? 

Charles Johnson is reportedly Bridgewater’s favorite target, and will be the biggest beneficially if Teddy has a huge year.