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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Week 9 Stock Market

We are at 679 liquid going into Week 9, right around 57% of our starting total. Team strategies are starting to come out - the savers and the go-for-brokes. Most of the teams in competition now have less than 50 PRN to work with.  Notably exempt from that are the Girlz who lead the +.500 teams with 73 remaining.  Unlike the others with an outside shot the Dangles are still rolling in cash (110 third most).  They could buy the wire, if there was something worthwhile on it...

1-3  - Blue Chip
4-6  - Red Chip
7-9 - Penny Stock
10-12 - Junk Bonds

                    Blue Chip      Red Chip       Penny Stock        Junk Bond

Blue Chip            5                 4                      3                        2

Red Chip            10               5                       4                        3

Penny Stock        15                10                   5                        4

Junk Bond          20                15                   10                        5

TTM [5]  vs. BDT [5]

PB[15]  vs. HSNB [3]

CD [4]  vs. TR [10]

SFF [4] vs. PL [10]

PG [3] vs. Trich [15]

AE [5]  vs. GS [5]

\/\/33k 9 P0\/\/3r R4/\/k1/\/gZ

Week 8 saw the division leaders hold firm as the bye week division play run finished.  There are six team above .500, two at .500 and four below.  With ten teams still in play there's bound to be a lot of competition down the stretch.  Five weeks remain in the regular season - two inter-division games, followed by three division games. Only three more bye weeks, NFL trade deadline tomorrow. Happy Halloween...

1.) HomeSpunNeckBloodz (last week 1)   6-2
-Another week, another victory for the Bloodz who run their streak to five with a +120 effort over a second straight sneaky strong performance by the Stylez.  The Spinners put up six double digits in their lineup, none larger than Peyton with 24.  While the newly minted Papa Johns franchisee had his detractors both medical and practical at season's start, he seems to have hit his stride mid-season and should keep the Bloodz no lower than red-chip barring injury.  CJ?K put up his third straight double digit.

Next week - ThePelicanBrief
The Bloodz head to the west coast to try and stifle the Milesian upstart Legal Thrillers. More luck for the Bloodz as the Pelicans will face a spate of difficult byes, the Cyclotron will be narrow favorites to run their streak to six. 

2.) TakingTigerMountain (last week 4)  6-2
Back in the saddle after a complete drubbing at the hands of the white hot Bloodz, the Mountain picked up a clutch Eleatic win over the Dangles in fine style to finish out the mid season in-division run.  The QB controversy continues as Stafford bounced back with 31 against the Seahawks while Luck needed extra time just to put up his first TD and 15 against a mediocre Tennessee.  The Mountain drained their budget to pick up Jennings as a stopgap to MJD, essentially betting that Jones-Drew will miss more than the expected 2-3 weeks.  Another top flight week for AP, a superior performance by Thomas has them both as 1st team options at their respective positions.  Meanwhile Heath Miller is quietly leading the Steelers in red zone looks and TDs. 

Next week -BldgDW3LL1NGTh1nk1ng We'll see if the expected shootout materializes in Gatti's Bowl 2012.  These two teams grinded it out in the PSAS championship last year and this year finds them both clinging to narrow leads in their division.  Not much  in the way of byes, we expect to see both teams in triple digits here.        

3.) BldgDW3LL1NGTh1nk1ng   (last week T.5 )   5-3
-BDT's Cowboys titration looked dead, until it looked brilliant, and came within a finger of looking downright miraculous.  Still, brilliant was enough against at low-ceiling Trichs squad, as the German Philosophers survive their double RB bye with the Milesian lead intact.  The story of BDT's season has been the maneuvering, and Bryant was part of that package.  When you get Dez you sign up for the same guy who can run the completely wrong route and cause and interception, make circus catches, and lead a comeback all in the same game.  Instead it was Ballard with his corkscrew overtime score that lead BDT's highlight reel in week 8.

Next week  -TakingTigerMountain-  BDT takes on the Commish in their first PSAS meeting since last year's championship, when freak Cowboys injuries doomed the Financial Chief's chances.  They'll be a full go in week 9 with their two back plan rested and ready to b34st.  Their Cowboys triple will take on undefeated Atlanta in the Georgia dome, which will likely tell the tale of the match.

4.) AEthernauts  (Last week - #3) -  6-2
Another sub-100 win, but they're starting to add up for the Nauts, who maintain contact in the Eleatic with clutch victory over the insurgent Girlz. The Explorers are 8th in points scored this year, and they've seen the least points-against so far.  Three out of their five remaining opponents are over .500.  In order to finish in the top six they're going take out at least one of those guys.  It's scary to run three Eagles pieces out there week after week, as broken as they've looked lately. Calvin's knee injury at least gives a name to his underperformance.  The Jets D looks toasted, and the Nauts will need an upgrade for the playoffs.

Next week -GrossmanSachs- the high-flyin' Explorers hop to the Milesian to take on the g0dbank in a interdivision match of teams with aspirations to ther division leads.  The Nauts will get Andre back at WR, and if NOLA can't cure what ails the Vick-led Eagles, then nothing can.

5.) Phat Girlz (last week  2)  5-3
-After two straight close calls, the Girlz finally dropped the Bolt in Week 8 with a loss to the Nauts.  The Girlz lacked a true b34st in week 8 as they picked up only two double digits, Tynes the kicker and Lynch M0b.  Eli's bizarre day, Colston's encounter with shutdown Bailey, Matthews fumbling away a promising drive in a low scorer, and Minnesota's negative number on defense all contributed to a lowball here.  It wasn't enough make a difference in the outcome, but Graham did pick up a trash time TD that made him a better play than Keller.  When he's in the game, gotta get Jimmer in there.

Next week -Trichotillomaniacs- the Phat Ones get the Hair Pullers with a chance to put their playoff hopes down for good in Week 9.  They'll be minus SJax, so somebody will need to step up in order for Monique's club to continue their march to the playoffs.

 6.)  GrossmanSachs  (last week T. 6) 5-3
-The Sachs held serve against the Sand people and maintained contact in the Milesian race going into interdivision.  It wasn't the most inspiring week for the g0dbank, whose game mirrored that of their A-Rodg against the Jags.  Unable to get all the way up for a weak but stubborn opponent, they just missed triple digits.  Still the Sachs are the second highest scoring team in the league, and they have the most points-against of any  +.500 team.  Down the stretch they've only got one sub .500 team, so they'll need to keep grinding to get there.  Game ball has to go to Willy McG again after he slashed through a hapless Saints D on SNF.  Julius Peppers has been coming on of late and adding a nice double titration to the back end in the last two games.

Next week -AEthernauts - the Sachs will face off against another playoff contender in a high end shoot out in week 9.  Whither the air attack?  The Sachs finicky thoroughbreds at wide out will likely tell the tale here.  If Austin and White go on a highlight spree early this one could get out of hand.

7.) ThePelicanBrief  (last week T. 6)  4-4
-The Brief lowballed and got shocked on MNF. Many of the New York franchises went dark for this one and came back to find the favorites in the loser column.  The Brief is 6th in points for and 8th in points against.  They'll face three straight playoff contenders before wrapping up with two sub .500 squads.  You have to think they need to take at least two of those first three.  As RGIII goes, so go the Pelicans, and his 11 in a losing effort against Pittsburgh doomed the Legal thrillers to a low ceiling in week 8.  Lowballs by Welker and Frank Gore didn't help matters.  Although the SF defense did put up its fourth double digit, with a nice looking schedule down the stretch.

Next week -HomeSpunNeckBloodz- the Grisham-ites will go to the Eleatic to try and dethrone current Bolt-holders, the Spinners. With SF on byes Frank the Tank and their DEF, the Brief will be at pains to cover against a high scoring Cyclotron.  Still, RGIII against Carolina, we wouldn't bet against a thirty-spot.

 8.)  SanFranciscoFerries (last week T. 8)   4-4
-The San Francisco treats picked up a second straight upset victory courtesy of some heroics by Crabtree on MNF.  Their victory in the Battle of the Bay keeps the Ferries' playoff hopes alive.  It was a true freestyle victory with the NYG DEF leading the way with 22 points in Dallas. An unused 32 from Martin on the bench on Thursday Night.  Jamaal Charles drew a shocker 0 on a five carry day, and Crabtree pulled out the W with a two TD night on Monday.  The Ferries have three sub .500 squads left on their schedule and are a definite dark horse to steal the 6th spot.

Next week - Pr1m0rdi4lLyfestylz®- the Ferries have been on the warpath to save their season, but they probably need some help along the way.  They can continue to help themselves by holding the line against the Eleatic's low man on the totem pole.  Cam will be in the battle of the running QBs in Washington.  Both teams have brace of byes here, but despite their recent late game changes, it's hard to see the Stylez pulling the upset here.

9.)  Cincinnati Dangles (last week 8)   3-5
-The Dangles Brees titration misfired in week 8 and kept them below triple digits.  The Cincinnati squad have been falling back to earth for a few weeks now.  Missing their Bengals (including world-beater Green) the Dangles high end was significantly limited in a hard game.   Trent Richardson picked up the only real high-ball with 19.  Cobb's increased role has been a nice hedge against Jennings' absence, although it certainly rankles to loose such a high pick indefinitely through the key bye weeks. 

Next week -Tusken Raiders - the Dangles can take a step back toward the edge of the playoff frame by beating the Milesian basement dwellers.  With Green and BJGE back things should be a bit smoother.  And if Mendy got back in action, even in committee that would be a good sign.  Still this is Brees' club, if the Dangles are going to go to the playoffs Drew is going to throw them there with a rash of 25+s down the stretch. 

10.) Trichotillomaniacs (last week 10) 2-6
-Hurricane Sandy wasn't the perfect bye storm for the Trichs as the German Philosopher's double RB bye didn't result in their pulling out a victory.  The Trichs made the right picks here, their boys just didn't come through. Big Ben and Dwyer both had nice days, but Moore and Morris were both underwhelming in losses.  It's been a rough year for the popular favorites, who despite being dealt an autodraft have juiced every drop of the lemon.  They'll need plenty of chaos down the stretch to make the playoffs now. They'll need clear leaders to take control and the middle to work toward a .500 record.

Next week -Phat Girlz - the Girlz have a couple of tough byes and saw their luck run out last week.  The only thing the Trichs can control is their own wins, and they need to win every one that's winnable now.

11.) Pr1m0rdi4lLyfestylz®  (last week 11)  1-7
-The Stylez did some more fancy dancing and left a couple of the top scoring receivers on the bench and took a loss in this one.  We commend them for setting a lineup, in these trying times regardless. In an alternate universe the Styles are 4-4 now, heavily invested in the stock market, bidding up the waiver wire and trash talking on the blog.   

Next week -SanFranciscoFerries - minus the Brady/Gronk b34st, there's not much fight here.

12.) Tusken Raiders (last week 12) 1-7
-.The Raiders put their best team on the field and still got beat by the g0dbank.  No shame there. Bradshaw and Bush were both pathetic here, otherwise the Raiders might well have pulled off an upset over the double digit Sachs. The Raiders still have the pieces to shape the playoff picture down the stretch.

Next week -  Cincinnati Dangles The Dangles need a win to stay in the race for the 6 spot.  If the Dangles go under 110, they'll likely get sapped here.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Balance Sheet Week 9

With apologies for my lateness, Hurricane Sandy has my rhythm all thrown off. Three went in for the Trichs in the upset and came up empty, while the Tigers went 3-0 on favorites for small gains.

BDT capped the Trichs costing PB, GS, and Trichs -5

The Tigers topped the Dangles paying out +4 to TTM

The Bloodz nicked the the Stylez paying out +2 to TTM

The Sachs smushed the Raiders paying out +3 to TTM


Trichs +6
TTM +2

Cash out

TTM +9
Trichs -5
PB -5
GS -5


TTM +11
Trichs +1
GS -3
PB -5

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stock Market Week 8

Going into Week 8 we're at 764 PRN liquid, about 64% of our starting budgets.  That's right about in line with the steady state deflation.  Light trading last week, but held up by dual picks of PB's upset, which cast the Pelicans back into the lower middle of the money market.  The Trichs go deep on the wire this week hoping to extend their playoff dreams and drop down to 5 PRN (the price of a single stock purchase, probably not coincidentally).  Some are spending for now, some are saving for the stretch run, and some don't even need it. With remarkable parity, this is likely to be a long and hard fought playoff race.  A few picks right picks could get that FA that makes the difference. 

1-3  - Blue Chip
4-6  - Red Chip
7-9 - Penny Stock
10-12 - Junk Bonds

                    Blue Chip      Red Chip       Penny Stock        Junk Bond

Blue Chip            5                 4                      3                        2

Red Chip            10               5                       4                        3

Penny Stock        15                10                   5                        4

Junk Bond          20                15                   10                        5

TTM [4] vs CD [10]

PB[4] vs SFF [10]

PG [5] vs. AE [5]

BDT [3] vs. Trich [15]

PL[20] vs. HSNB [2]

TR [15] vs. GS [3]

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

\/\/33k 8 P0\/\/3r R4/\/k1/\/gz

Week 7 saw both division races contract again, as three of the top four teams went down and the playoff picture muddied considerably.  We're now officially past halfway in the regular season. The Eleatic has four 5-2 teams and the Milesian has three 4-3. With four bye weeks remaining and six regular season games nearly everything is still variable.  A team not even in the top six could take a division and any of the top teams could drop out of the race altogether.  Week 8 is another in division week with both division leads in play versus hungry wildcard outsiders. After this we're interdivision for weeks 9 and 10. So, lots of key set up games for division record before we return to division play in week 11 for the home stretch. We saw the year's second highest score (157) and low score (51), but 7 out of 12 scored over 100 for an average score of 97.7.

1.) HomeSpunNeckBloodz (last week T. 5)   5-2
-The Cyclotron hit all cylinders in a week 7 statement game victory over the Commish and Eleatic Leader TakingTigerMountain.  157.0 fell four short of the Sachs 161 high score for the year. As in all good victories there was an element of luck (NE picking up a sack/fumble on the final play of the Jets game), overtitration both expected (VJax against the Saints) and unexpected (CJ2k, no jinx).  But more than anything the spot start waiver wire of Freeman was a thing of beauty.  It's not often you sub in somebody off the bench who puts up 28 points, but this was that occasion.  Freeman put up 420 yards and two scores.  The Spinners wound up a perfect storm and washed away the Mountain.  Now they're back in the hot-seat.

Next week -Pr1m0rdi4lLyfestylz®  - the Bloodz face the Eleatic's basement fresh off a last minute roster shift. The Homespun crew has all their starters on the field, so they should be prohibitive favorites in this one.  The Bloodz were #1 in Week 2 after beating the Stylez in the opener, then dropped two before rattling off four straight.  This isn't the same Stylez team, and the Bloodz can't afford any surprises here.

2.) Phat Girlz (last week T. 5)  5-2

-Scratching their way to a fifth straight victory on MNF courtesy of two IDP, the Phat Ones kept on rolling.  Even minus star TE Graham the Girlz put up triple digits. Houston's DEF was the star play putting up 20, only a week removed from nearly blowing the game for Monique, a little faith paid off in spades. Colston found the endzone for the third straight weekend. Game ball has to go to Kerley's spot start in the flex.

Next week -AEthernauts - The Girlz will try to cement their place in the Eleatic's high fliers with a victory over the Sky Captains. The Nauts know a little something about streaks pulling off nine straight through the bye weeks last year.  Can they stop PG at 5?

3.) AEthernauts  (Last week - #4) -  5-2
No points for style, but the Nauts held out over a barely-there Stylez squad in an ultra low-scoring affair.  We can see the temptation in not setting your lineup when playing a competitor who's doing the same, but however much the power rankings critique him, most starters will score higher than Vick on a bye week. Fitzy did, to the tune of 19 on the Nauts bench.  If a division race comes down to points (the next decider after winning percentage and division record) the Nauts could suffer from this lowball. Baltimore's disintegrating D looks legit problematic, drawing a -2, the Nauts are overdue for an upgrade looking toward a playoff run.  Calvin is likewise worrisome in a thoroughly befunked Lions passing game, perhaps moreso since he's un-sittable...

Next week -Phat Girlz - the Nauts should have their major pieces back in place for a key Eleatic showdown with the red hot Girlz.  The Zeppliners ran their streak to nine last year on their way to a division title and bye.  They'll have their Eagles and Turner overdrive back. 

4.) TakingTigerMountain (last week 1)  5-2
Coming off an emotional win over fellow fast-starters the Nauts, the Tigers got thumped by an insurgent Bloodz squad. No shame in this game, the Homespinners put up the top score of the week, and all around outplayed the Tigers, who still managed triple digits despite losing MJD on the 2nd play of the game. His health the rest of the year is a huge question mark for the Commish going into week 8, since Spiller does not seem to be emerging from his timeshare. On the plus side AP found the endzone and continues his push to return to b34st status. But the Tigers probably let it ride 1 too long on Dawson at K, Cleveland's kicker, seriously.  What were they thinking?

Next week -Cincinnati Dangles- It's a rematch of the first game of the year where the Tigers won a low-scoring affair sans both AP and MJD.  This week they'll be without MJD (we assume) and Spiller who's bye week has arrived. The Tigers will be on the wire for an open RB spot, a scary place to be facing the league's high scorer.

T. 5.) BldgDW3LL1NGTh1nk1ng   (last week 2)   4-3
-BDT dropped a key game against the Ferries, sullying their perfect Milesian record and re-opening the division title race.  Foster was about the only thing working for BDT in Week 7.  Rice got stuffed by the Houston defense.  Romo squeaked through with a fantasy-poor win. Bryant, got dinged up and didn't account for himself.  There was  little production on the bench in the form of both back-up RBs.  But when only one player is finding the endzone you're going to need a lot more yard-production to find triple digits. 

Next week  - Trichotillomaniacs - BDT will try to get back on the horse against a hot and cold Trichs squad. It's not exactly the best time for a must-win, with Foster and Rice on byes.  The Heideggerians will run out their B squad and hope for the best.

T. 6.)  GrossmanSachs  (last week 5) 4-3
-The Sachs tough bye week kept them out of competition against the Pelicans. Missing both starting wide-outs and Willy McG the Sachs struggled to find productive replacements.  Despite getting a clutch TD hedge from Santanna Moss and another superb week from the Chicago DEF.  There wasn't much that the Sachs could do here.  Rodgers won the trade match-up, but now they've got a tie with PB in the Milesian to contend with.  The Sachs are still the second highest scoring team, they'll get a shot at BDT in week 12.

Next week -Tusken Raiders - the g0dbank will try a hostile takeover of the Sand People in week 8. The Sachs would do well to tread lightly, because the Raiders have the pieces to compete here, although currently on their bench.

T. 6.) ThePelicanBrief  (last week T. 7)  4-3
-The Brief objected to being shunted out of the playoff race with a key victory over the g0dbank in the Milesian.   RGIII didn't come close to Rodgers with his arm, but he added 8 points with his legs and kept PB in the discussion.  Their other acquisition Gore, put up another Tank-like day, despite missing time.  Run DMC continues to struggle, and the Pelicans have to be waiting for the inevitable injury explanation.  They'll try and run their streak to three for the first time in 2012 in week 8.

Next week -SanFranciscoFerries - the Battle of the Bay, PB needs to keep marching toward the top and the Ferries need to pull everybody back to their level. Both squads will miss a couple of pieces here. Could be anyone's game.

8.)  Cincinnati Dangles (last week 5)   3-4
-The Dangles put up triple digits again, but got chipped by the Girlz IDP on MNF.  It's their sixth straight week over 100, although only two of those were +111.  The Dangles are consistent, buoyed by Brees' high-end QB play and Green's athleticism, but they're not b34sting.  T-Rich's ribs and the Steelers' pass D meant the Dangles two rookies picked up only two points combined.   Cobb picked up a big 21 in relief of Jennings, who may be back next week, giving the Dangley ones fits over who to play.

Next week -TakingTigerMountain- the Dangles take a shot at the Mountain, who find themselves precariously perched atop the now crowded Eleatic playoff picture.  The Dangles will get their Atlantans back, but miss Cincy twins Green and Green-Ellis.  They need to keep contact with .500 to stay fresh in a potential 10 way playoff race.

T 8.)  SanFranciscoFerries (last week 9)   3-4
-The San Francisco treats picked up a big upset victory over division-leading BDT.  Newton continued his progress toward the middle of the pack.  While Cruz and Martin led the way with 19 and 17 respectively.  Greene put up 14 on the bench a week after putting up over 30 in the same spot, although after his most recent neck injury, maybe he's best left there. The Ferries lost Davis for the year, which may be a blessing in disguise since he was a still in the shadow of last year's production.

Next week -ThePelicanBrief - the Battle of the Bay.  Ferries need a win to pull even with the Brief in the playoff race.  The Ferries get revitalized Jamaal Charles back, and are missing wideouts Johnson and and Smith.  Deciding who's the flex man among their wealth of timeshare and dinged-up RBs will likely hold the balance here.

10.) Trichotillomaniacs (last week T. 10) 2-5
-the Trichs got their freebie from the Sand People, but there's plenty more work ahead of them.  The Trichs picked up a little bit of everything, in a week where they needed nothing much to notch their second win.  Jordy had a second straight nice week, and Dwyer looked ready to rumble if Mendy misses any more time.   Big Ben's mediocrity quotient has been gradually increasing as the Steelers defense and run game have progressed.  Bringing the Skins and RGIII to town might force the Burger to air it out a bit more liberally.

Next week -BldgDW3LL1NGTh1nk1ng  - from worst to first the Hair Pullers go after the top of the Milesian now in a showdown with BDT.  It's a perfect set-up with Foster and Rice on byes, the tables aren't going to get any more even on this match-up.

11.) Pr1m0rdi4lLyfestylz®  (last week T. 10)  1-6
-The Primordial Ones maneuvered their way into a loss in week 8.  With extensive byes they chose to work the new waiver rules and wait until the Monday night game to set their lineups.  The irony was that their favored opponents were surprisingly beatable.  In so doing they left points from their newly minted J-ville workhorse Jennings on the bench as well as some nice IDP production (21 points all told, as well as an unreplaced kicker's potential). This could have been a practical tactic and not a Hail Mary.   The hoped-for handcuff lottery seems to have come too late, which is a shame because the Stylez were a couple roster moves away from being 3-4 going into week 8. 

Next week -HomeSpunNeckBloodz  - what's left of the Stylez will take on the Bloodz to play spoiler in Week 8.  Even with Murray still injured, the Stylez could put together a challenge here if they wanted.  Decker would be a nice hedge against Manning.  Don't count on this focused Spinners squads to do any favors by leaving a spot open, though.

12.) Tusken Raiders (last week T.10) 1-6
-.  A brutal bye week. A low score for  the year.  The Raiders are playing for honor, if they're playing at all.  With Matty Ice, Bowe, Bush and Bradshaw they have the potential to play spoiler down the stretch. Yahoo projections thinks they'll only win one game out of their last six, but I bet they top a few if they set their best line-up.

Next week -GrossmanSachs - The nice thing about a brutal bye week is that it gets most of the hard stuff out of the way in one fell swoop.  The Raiders are intact and could put up a challenge to the downgraded g0dbank in Week 8.

Balance sheet week 7

It was a light week of trading bolstered by the QB trade showdown both picking the Brief to upset. 

The Girlz nipped the Dangles costing TTM and the Trichs -5

HSNB clubbed TTM costing TTM -5

The Trichs beat the Raiders paying out +5 to TTM, Trichs and BDT

PB beat GS paying out +15 to PB and GS


GS +15
PB +15
BDT +5
Trichs 0
TTM -5


Trich 6
CD 4
PB 4


GS +15
Trichs +6
BDT +5
CD +4
TTM -3

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stock Market Week 7

The market took a brief downturn last week as several upsets failed to materialize.  We're at 847 liquid, roughly 70% of our starting value.  We're down to three +100 budgets (not surprisingly the teams with the fewest transactions), and six at 60 or below (which includes the four squads running north of 20 moves, two of which are over 40).  This week features another round of in division match ups.  It's the roughest bye week, with six teams off.  Some squads are totally decimated, others at full strength.   Money is getting tighter, games are getting more important. Will the buyers go for sure things or roll the dice for a big payout? 

1-3  - Blue Chip
4-6  - Red Chip
7-9 - Penny Stock
10-12 - Junk Bonds

                    Blue Chip      Red Chip       Penny Stock        Junk Bond

Blue Chip            5                 4                      3                        2

Red Chip            10               5                       4                        3

Penny Stock        15                10                   5                        4

Junk Bond          20                15                   10                        5

 TTM [4] vs. HSNB [10]

PB [15]  vs GS [3]

CD [10]  vs. PG [4]

SFF [15] vs. BDT [3]

PL [15] vs. AE [3]

TR [5] vs. Trich [5]

Get your picks in before the Thursday night game.   Hit me up if you see any errors in the values...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

\/\/33k 7 p0\/\/3r R4/\/k1/\/gz

Week 6 saw three close games all with playoff implications go inside 10 points in the fourth quarter of Monday Night Football.  The excitement didn't produce many upsets, however. At the midseason mark the league striated into an elite (4-2 or above) of six teams and a preterit (1-5) of three teams. In between are three squads, one at 2-4 and two at 3-3 who will try to claw their way into the top half.  Even the preterit is not out of it, although one more loss would probably ice it. Week 7 is another all in-division mash up for pecking order in the respective schools.

1.) TakingTigerMountain (last week 2)  5-1
The Mountain proved too much for the Explorers club in Week 6's Eleatic showdown, and TTM now stands alone atop the division with a 4-0 division record.  They're not the highest scoring team, the deepest or the most well rounded, but they are in a position to control their own destiny.  Stafford continues to find a way to be productive, but scoring a first half TD now and again is always appreciated.  AP failed to find the endzone again, but has been a workhorse on the ground and in the air.  Spiller picked up his best game since his injury out of the timeshare, which doesn't appear to be ending any time soon so his upside is capped at flex.  Maclin returned for a b34stly hedge against Vick in the 4th quarter.

Next week -HomeSpunNeckBloodz - TTM will defend their perfect division record against the Bloodz who have run their streak to three.  Down three wideouts on byes, they'll need a spot starter here. But there are plenty of byes on the other side too.  MJD will be back, we'll see if a bye made the offense any less flimsy.

2.) BldgDW3LL1NGTh1nk1ng   (last week T.3)   4-2
-BDT beat the Raiders like a rag doll, taking out the evident aggressions of a two game losing streak and resulting in the week-high-score.  Romo/Bryant hooked up for the first time in BDT tenure, easing some of the critics of the squad's wheeling and dealing, at least for the moment.  No less than seven double digits contributed in this one, not counting a 20 and a 12 on the bench. Including a combined 37 out of the daring duo of Foster/Rice.  If these two keep up their pace, the Heideggerians will be thinking about securing the playoff bye before long.  Watt has arrived as a fantasy powerhouse, a little commented on necessity of PSAS champions.  He's leading the league in sacks and has picked up more than six points in every contest so far.

Next week  - SanFranciscoFerries - another in-division as BDT seeks to protect their perfect Milesian line.  It's not a gimme by any means.  But there are some plus match ups here.  Britt looked productive for the first time and could be a serious sleeper against Buffalo.

3.)  GrossmanSachs  (last week T. 3) 4-2
-The Sachs maintained contact with Milesian leading BDT in Week 6 with a key win over the Ferries, it wasn't flashy, but it was over 110.  The Sachs are the second highest scoring team in the league so far, with the fifth highest scores against them.  Aaron Rodgers got some help from his friends in the form of circus catches to work his 6 TDs, but it is a reminder of the style of Packers offense that makes him a dominant fantasy asset even in blowout games.   Still touring Europe in search of adequate RB help, the Sachs need Rodgers to be top-3 dominant in order to hang around in the blue chips.  Game ball has to go to a sweet match-up play of Tampa's DEF vs. the Chiefs.

Next week - ThePelicanBrief - in a Super Trade match-up the Sachs will start down White and McGahee on byes against  a largely intact Legal Thrillers squad.  This one should be fun regardless, since it's chock full of implications for  the Milesian and playoffs.   Arodg has the better play against the Rams while RGIII faces Giants DEF that contained Cam earlier this season.

4.) AEthernauts  (Last week - #1) -  4-2
The Zeppeliners couldn't find their land legs as their running game slowed to a halt against their rivals at the Mountain.  Vick's turnovers continue to be a problem, although he's still producing something.  Missing their Saints running tandem the Nauts were forced to go with Turner and Ridley, who both low-balled.  Baltimore's D suffered a couple of key injuries during the game, and is probably a match up play at best for the remainder of the season. 

Next week - Pr1m0rdi4lLyfestylz® - the Nauts get a mismatch with the Stylez in week 6 a prime opportunity to hold serve and stay in the hunt for the Eleatic banner.  They'll be without Vick and McCoy here, but the Stylez bye gaps are even more extensive.

T.5.) HomeSpunNeckBloodz (last week T. 6)   4-2
-The Spinners drained a third straight victory in dramatic fashion with Manning driving them from behind on MNF.  The Bloodz stay in the hunt in the Eleatic, tied with the Nauts for record. Secret weapon Vincent Jackson contributed a big blow with 18 on a bye week filler.  They left an even more unlikely 17 on the bench in the form of fellow Tampa WR Mike Williams.  An improbably 11 from CJ?K on TNF also contributed welcome surprise points here.  He's got Buffalo next week, a nice chance to go full-b34st.

Next week - TakingTigerMountain- The Homespun crew get a shot at the top in Week 7 playing the Mountain.  They'll get their Chicago players back, but miss Manning at QB.  They'll be the underdogs here, but Chicago could easily walk all over Detroit on MNF, and the Bloodz Monday mojo has been strong lately.

T. 5.) Phat Girlz (last week T. 5)  4-2

-Digging their nails into the Thunderbolt the Girlz rode out the clock on a 1.8 point victory over the Stylez.  Whether the g0dz favor is waning or at its best in a nail-biter is anyone's guess.  There were no real b34st on the Girlz squad in week 6, but everybody got a little something.  Their IDP combined for an impressive 23.  The Girlz may need SJax to find double digits to truly break out.

Next week -Cincinnati Dangles - The Girlz stay in the Eleatic trying to keep ahead of the pack by stepping on the Cincinnati club.  The Girlz will miss Matthews but get their Saints back.  The Girlz should run out two hedges to Brees.  If they both find paydirt, the Girlz streak could stretch to five.

T. 7.)  Cincinnati Dangles (last week 5)   3-3
-Mirroring last year's strange luck the Dangles are the top scoring team so far, and yet have only a .500 record to show for it.  What's more their opponents aren't on average the highest scores against, so there's a point swing factor at work here.  They're 3-1 when they break 110, but 0-2 when they don't. But their lowest so far - 98 vs. the commish in week 1. The Dangles dropped a heartbreaker to the Bloodz, watching their lead leach away in the waning moments of MNF.  The good news is that Breesus' bye is now past, and health permitting, the Dangles can ride his attempt to throw the Saints back into wildcard contention.  Another monster day from WR1 Green and the Atlanta defense hid the lack of production on the ground. The Dangley ones need to keep em crossed that T-Rich and Mendy can get healthy and be a factor in Week 7. 

Next week -Phat Girlz - The Dangles have a chance to upset the league's hottest club and drop back into the wildcard picture.  They'll be missing their Atlantans but if Brees isn't stymied by the Tampa 2, then the Dangles could well drop 'em on the Girlz chins.

T. 7.) ThePelicanBrief  (last week 7)  3-3
-The Brief hung on for dear life are nearly got pulled out by the Trichs on MNF.  What can't be denied is that the Legal Thrillers possess the single most valuable fantasy asset of 2012 in RGIII.  He's a game changer all by himself.  Indeed, his 76 yard TD run more than accounted for the margin of victory here. Welker and Run DMC both turned in nice performances here, as did FJax, who looks no closer to escaping his timeshare.   The Pelicans are two down in division play, they'll get their shot to climb the ladder with 5 more Milesian school games to play, none bigger than the Sachs this weekend. 

Next week -GrossmanSachs The Brief takes a shot at the Bank in week 7.  The Sachs will be missing two key components.  This could be a prime "prove it" game in the Milesian.  If RGIII can solve the Giants then the Grishamites may well walk away with an upset.  It's a must-win for the Brief, a win keeps their division hopes alive and a loss casts their wildcard chances into purgatory.

9.)  SanFranciscoFerries (last week 10)   2-4
-The Ferries dropped their third straight against the Sachs this week.  This was going to  be a tough one without their Panthers, but the Ferries got production out of their replacements.  Ponder picked up 19 in a spot start.  But, boy did they pick the wrong game to sit Greene who picked up 34 in the Jets romp over the Colts.  It would have made all the difference this week.  Another big game for the Giants defense, who may be coming into their own as a DEF1. 

Next week -BldgDW3LL1NGTh1nk1ng - the road to the playoffs goes through the their in division rivals.  SFF get CamAngelo back and Martin has a plus matchup with the Saints.  If Greene can get going against New England, there's no reason the Ferries couldn't steal one here.

T. 10.) Trichotillomaniacs (last week T. 10) 1-5
-This year's heartbreak kids nearly stole one from the Brief on MNF, coming within four of picking off a win from the heavy favorites.  30 from Jordy Nelson brought them back into the conversation and a late sack by Dumervil gave him 11, but couldn't come any closer to what would have been the most shocking comeback in recent memory.  It usually takes at least seven victories to advance to the playoffs, so obviously the Trichs need to get busy.  But those wins come one at a time.  Nicks at least got back into action, if he can work his way back to the top of the depth chart the Trichs ceiling will rise accordingly. BTW, who's the #3 fantasy RB?  Morris, that's right...

Next week -    Tusken Raiders - the Trichs get a golden opportunity to start a run against the ice cold Raiders.  One of these teams will be 2-5 and one will be 1-6 after the game.  What's more the Raiders are facing a ton byes at once.  After the Tuskens the Trichs will play four straight clubs who currently have winning records.

T. 10.) Pr1m0rdi4lLyfestylz®  (last week T. 10)  1-5
-The Stylez came within a hairsbreadth of a key week 6 victory on MNF.  Just 2.6 points away, with both Floyd and Miller active on a final throwing drive for the game, a final turnover sealed their fate.  Brutal as their season has been, Murray's injury could be the nail in the coffin here.  There's not much depth behind him at RB, unless the g0dz will an injury favoring one of their handcuffs.

Next week -AEthernauts  - the Stylez will try to drop the Nauts down to earth by handing them their second straight loss in the Eleatic. With a brace of big byes, the Stylez would have to hit the wire hard and then catch a whole bunch of breaks to walk out of week 7 a winner.

12.) Tusken Raiders (last week T.10) 1-5
-It's already winter on Tatooine as the Sand People were ice cold for their Milesian showdown with BDT. It was a perfect storm of nothing that brought the Raiders their 5th straight loss. Only Bradshaw picked up double digits. When a team fires their defensive coordinator, it's a pretty safe time to drop their team defense.

Next week -Trichotillomaniacs - the Battle in the Basement will give one team hope and all but eliminate the other. The Raiders have six players on their roster on byes,  including both QBs.

Market Report Week 6

A surprise bear market, took the few investors by storm, creating our first round of significant red ink. Let's go to the numbers...

PG clipped PL costing TTM -5

BDT smushed TR costing BDT and Trichs each -5

Grossman got the Ferries costing the Trichs -5

PB took out the Trichs paying out 4 to PB and costing Trichs and BDT each -5

HSNB upset CD costing TTM -5

TTM capped AE paying out 5 to TTM


Trich 4
TR 4
PL 2
PB 2


PB +4
TTM -5
BDT -10
Trich -15


TR +4
PL +2
SFF +2
TTM -3
BDT -10
Trichs -11

Monday, October 15, 2012

La Acida Vita

GrossmanSachs management is currently overseas opening new markets and reinstating longtime ally Silvio Berlusconi as Italian Prime Minister. The team has been left under the watchful eye of Martin Heidegger. Everything is going smoothly, except Scott Chandler is unsure whether he exists or not, and Ladarius Webb's ACL seems to have rejected an attempt at "openness to being," and has chosen not to be at all. #jointpractices are working well for both teams, and new quarterbacks coach Tony Romo is having success teaching Aaron Rodgers how to be as good as Matt Flynn.

Most importantly, though, the #brooklyncabal seems to be making great waves in promoting its liquidity measures...
If it ain't in #english, it ain't a #hashtag.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stock Market Week 6

We're at 958 PRN liquid.  That's a little less than 80% of our starting (1200).  Three teams have dropped below 50.  Five teams are over 100, largely on the value of investments in underdogs.  The average budget is also right around 80.  Just under half way through the regular season we should start to see some separation in the pack, making the underdogs more risky propositions. Still, as long as the bye weeks are here there should be some profitable picks.

1-3  - Blue Chip
4-6  - Red Chip
7-9 - Penny Stock
10-12 - Junk Bonds

                    Blue Chip      Red Chip       Penny Stock        Junk Bond

Blue Chip            5                 4                      3                        2

Red Chip            10               5                       4                        3

Penny Stock        15                10                   5                        4

Junk Bond          20                15                   10                        5

TTM [5] vs. AE [5]

PB [4] vs. Trich [10]

CD [5] vs. HSNB [5]

SFF [15] vs. GS [3]

PG [3] vs. PL [15]

BDT [2] vs. TR [20]

 Get your picks in before the the Thursday game.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Speculation looms; more liquidity to be put in market??

By Bill Williamson, ESPN Far East Analyst

The Bankerz are for sure in celebratory mode. ¡Salud, friend! 

Maybe the league is also in a partying mood, and PSAS is about to be flooded with green doughs.  Or at least some close to the vault are acting that way. 

The budged of both GrossmanSachs and BldgDW3LL1NGTh1nk1ng have quickly dwindled to under $50, moving fast especially in the last two weeks.  Two teams closest to the PSAS current reserve near the Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn have joined the under-50 club solely occupied by ThePelicanBrief since the Grishamites’ acquisition of now indefinitely-out Danny Amendola.  

Speculation is that some gold bouillon will be melted soon and the market will be pumped with new cash flow, maybe as an extension of the current stock market or in the form of vultures, which more fans in the Far East speculate will be the case.  But these games require capital, which those close to the reserve are quickly drying up, making people wonder if it will be in some form of bonuses. 

The PSAS General of Policies and Finance have ordered an independent investigation into the unfair advantage the knowledge of impending liquidity may create and how it may impact teams such as the Trichotillomaniacs that have managed its assets wisely so far.  Fiscal conservatives such as PhatGirlz and Cincinnati Dangles are also reluctant to sympathize with such stimulus spending, many close to the reserve speculate. 

\/\/33K 6 P0\/\/3r R4/\/k1/\/gZ

Week 6 saw the Eleatic thump the Milesian School 6-0.  A true beating that reshaped the league with 5 of 6 Eleatic teams over .500 and 4of 6 Milesian teams under.  RG3's concussion leads the trade debate headlines with the Brief dropping a shocker to the Stylez as a result. It's back to in-division matches in Week 6.  We've got brawls in every tier as we approach the half way point of the regular season.  But how do we get to the playoffs from here?  How does anybody get anywhere, really?

1.) AEthernauts  (Last week - #1) -  4-1
The Sky Captains took their second straight W from the Trichs in handy style in Week 5, using their "little bit of everything mode."  Six Sunday starters put up double digits, including 15 from Baltimore's DEF and 13 from Lance Briggs in an IDP.  The Michael Vick situation certainly come to a head, a cause for concern. Ridley's bench points show that the Nauts are still yards deeper than any other team at the RB position.  Mix in Johnson & Johnson weekly aerial prescription, titrate a little bit of special waiver-wire sauce, and you've got yourself some genuine flying juice.

Next week - TakingTigerMountain -  For command of the Eleatic and top position in the league itself, it's a clash of titanic proportions.  They'll have Calvin back from the bye, and miss their Nawlin's backfield in this one.  Here's where the depth should really pay off. These two will see each other again in the last week of the season.  If the Eleatic School isn't settled by then, this could be differed to Week 13 Game of the Week.

2.) TakingTigerMountain (last week 4)  4-1
TTM started climbing the playoff Mountain fresh in the second bye week, with a nip & tuck victory over the Ferries.  Luck picked up the game ball with a fantastic 28 in the QB spot (in a strong counter titration with the Packers DEF), no doubt causing some consternation about QB position on Tiger Mountain.  After that Demaryius Thomas was the only other Tiger to find double digits with 16.  AP tweaked his ankle, but still picked up 9.  The Sword of Damocles hanging over the Mountain has to be Jacksonville's incompetence so far.  MJD is himself, but it's hard to run your way out of multiple TD deficits in the first quarter.   The Jags will take a bye and regroup in Week 6

Next week -AEthernauts -The Tigers perfect record in the Eleatic will be tested in Week 6 with a face off against their division rivals for 1st place and bragging rights in the Italian school. Minus MJD the Mountain will have to rely on a time share in RB2 and a WR in flex, unless they can pan some wire gold.  QB choice could set the margin between victory and defeat.

T. 3.) BldgDW3LL1NGTh1nk1ng   (last week 2)   3-2
-BDT dropped a second straight game getting smoked by a hot Dangles club.  Dalton did little with his chance to take over the starting job in Romo's bye absence putting up only his projection at 11.   Ray Rice was Baltimore's offense in the no TD game against the Chiefs.  James Jones filled in admirably for Bryant. He should be a WR2/Flex option if Jennings misses more time.  Hixon was all over the field for the Giants, but not in the endzone, where Cruz/Bradshaw sucked all of the fantasy air out of the blowout.   If the Niners defense keeps handing the offense giant leads, Kendall Hunter could be valuable in a weekly mop-up role.

Next week  - Tusken Raiders - Back to the Milesian for week 6.  No major byes in this one.  BDT needs to protect their perfect Milesian record or risk sinking out of the division race.

T 3.)  GrossmanSachs  (last week 3) 3-2
-The Bankers got a big wedding present from the Spinners in the form of a good old fashion Sach-kicking.  Hitting triple digits again the asset managers couldn't come out on top in Week 5 and fall to 3-2.  A-Rodg put up his second straight 20 point effort.  And Chicago's defense put on a second straight display of turnover badassery.  McGahee didn't do himself any favors fumbling on a potential game-tying drive.  Lots of production here, just not much paydirt - Tyranny of Touchdowns, we know...

Next week - SanFranciscoFerries  - A Milesian match-up with the San Francisco Treats.  The Ferries will be without their Cam-angelo goal line tandem, so the Sachs should be favored here.

5.)  Cincinnati Dangles (last week T.6)   3-2
-Gotta hand it to those Dangles. A second straight week above 110, puts them in a solid 1st for points scored.  This week they couldn't be denied with a powerful all-around attack that downed BDT.  Drew Brees pulled into Fantasy #1 QB status with another great performance. NO's defensive woes at least agree with his fantasy output. Six double digits on the Dangles roster, and none bigger than Mendy's hiccup free return.  With a QB1, WR1 and two borderline RB1, the Dangles now look like true competitors for the playoffs.

Next week - HomeSpunNeckBloodz - Minus the Breesus the Dangles will have to try to find a way to win against a hot Bloodz club, also struggling with several key absences.  It's Bye bowl with midseason playoff implications.

T. 6.) HomeSpunNeckBloodz (last week 8)   3-2
-The Spinners  notched a second straight upset breaking the bank with a 130+ number.  Despite getting a straight 0 from CJ0k, the Bloodz piled up big time numbers with 20+ from Manning, Harvin and Marshall.  Tillman's pick 6 served as a perfect IDP hedge against the Bank's Chicago DEF.  Forte and Gould were also beneficiaries of Chi-town's route of J-ville. So, extra style points for using your opponent's team against him.

Next week - Cincinnati Dangles  - Against a powerful Dangles club the Bloodz will have to get creative with their Bears on byes.  With Forte out and CJ?K manning the other RB slot, ground production could be very anemic here.

T. 6.) Phat Girlz (last week T. 8)  3-2
-Picking up the first sole possession of Zeus' Thunderbolt the Girlz waltzed right back into playoff relevance with a third straight victory in Week 5. Despite Jimmy Graham's ankle injury drawing a 0, the Girlz picked up four double digits, lead by Colston's break out 31.  Ryan Matthews appears headed for a heavier workload, potentially giving Monique's club 3 legit backs.

Next week -Pr1m0rdi4lLyfestylz®  - the Phat Ones get a shot at 4 straight with an Eleatic rumble against the Primordial Ones. Missing their Saints, the Girlz could be vulnerable to an upset here.  They'll have to work it any which way...

7.) ThePelicanBrief  (last week 5)  2-3
-This one's gotta sting for the Legal Thrillers.  Only a week removed from an emotional victory over the Commish, the Brief dropped a shocker to basement dwellers, Stylez.  Headlining the collapse has to be RGIII, knocked out of the game with only 3 points. Hopefully, he's OK because the Brief has bet their entire season on his health.  With F-Jax slow to return to full power and Amendola out indefinitely, it's been a week to forget for the Brief.  Run DMC will be back in Week 6, where they'll try and wash the bitter taste of defeat from their palette.

Next week -Trichotillomaniacs - the Brief gets a chance at redepmtion by squaring off with Milesian underdogs the Trichs in Week 6. Both squads are dinged up, so this could be battle of attrition.

8.)  SanFranciscoFerries (last week T.6)   2-3
-The Ferries took another step backward, along with their QB in Week 5.  Cam laid an egg against Seattle and Williams put up negative points. The good news is that Jamaal Charles seems to be hitting his stride, and Cruz is getting a bunch of endzone looks. Not every match-up will be as tough for Cam, but his Sophmore Slump seems well in progress. RG3's injury effectively took Garcon and Davis out of action as well, making a comeback in week 5 unlikely.

Next week - GrossmanSachs - the Ferries get a chance to break the bank with a key Milesian match in Week 6. With the Camdy man on a bye, the back-up-less Ferries will have to go to the wire for a replacement.  Missing a key piece they'll be heavy underdogs, but they need a win to maintain contact in the division.

T. 10.) Tusken Raiders (last week T.10) 1-4
-Dropping their third straight, the Raiders put up triple digits, but couldn't avoid the L.  Losing streaks can be brutal in the PSAS, and this one has dug the Raiders into a mid season hole. Bradshaw and Wayne both had career days, wasted by a few lowballs and a red-hot Girlz performance. Other than the inflating loss column, there's not too much to worry about here.  Ryan and Rivers are both still holding their own.  If Wayne is emerging as WR1 in the Luck era, that's more good news. Some minor tweaks at DEF and IDP would go a long way to a Tusken run at the playoffs.

Next week -BldgDW3LL1NGTh1nk1ng - No rest for the weary, as the Raiders get a chance to knock off the top Milesian squad and contract the division a bit. They'll be underdogs, but not prohibitively so.  The Raiders can be dangerous down the stretch, whether as playoff competitors or spoilers remains to be seen.

T. 10.) Trichotillomaniacs (last week T. 10) 1-4
-The Hair-Pullers caught the Nauts on a beatable week, but just couldn't squeeze enough production out of their squad. The return of Mendy seems a dark portent for R-burger's fantasy future in traditionally run-first Pittsburgh offense. Still Alfred Morris' march toward RB1 continued.  Nick's hoped-for return could cover some blemishes here.

Next week -ThePelicanBrief - they'll be dogs in this one, but they've been dependent on breaks all season. With the Brief coming off one upset, can the Far East make it two?

T. 10.) Pr1m0rdi4lLyfestylz®  (last week 11)  1-4
-In the shocker of the Week, the Stylez, running a bye week RB, upset the Brief and notched their first victory of the season.   How did they do it?  Brady Jones and Floyd all showed up for double digits.  And Von Miller finally hit B34st mode status with 10 in IDP.   There were 10 on the bench from Brown, so this could have been a triple digit day for the Stylez.  Still, sometimes luck can turn a franchise's season around. Redemption  starts today.

Next week - Phat Girlz - the Stylez will have to cool off the red hot Girlz if they want to pull their way out of the Eleatic cellar. It's actually not a bad match-up with the Girlz suffering from a couple key byes.  Ryan Williams is out, so the Stylez will probably need to set a lineup to come away with a W in week 6.

Stock Market Balance Sheet Week 5

The Bloodz nicked the Bankers paying out +15 to the Trichs and costing TTM -5

The Dangles dropped BDT paying out +10 to the Trichs

The Stylez upset the Brief paying out +15 to SFF and TTM

The Tigers nipped the Ferries paying out +5 to TTM

the Girlz ripped the Raiders costing AE and SFF -5

The Nauts rose over the Trichs costing Trichs, PB, and SFF -5


Trich +6
TR +4
PL +4
CD +2
GS +2
TTM +2


Trichs +20
TTM +20
SFF +5
PB -5
AE -5


Trichs +26
TTM +22
SFF +5
TR +4
PL +4
GS +2
PB -5
AE -5

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Stock Market Week 5

Welcome to the Trading Floor, gentlemen.  Same rules as last week. 5 PRN per investment.  Please check your own orders and my line for errors before finalizing.

Fun facts:

-There is currently exactly  991 PRN liquid in the PSAS acquisition that's  82.5% of the 1200 that we started with this year.  We're right about quarter of the way to the Week 16 championship game.  Since we've been handing out a fair bit in profits and dividends the last two weeks, clearly it has a bump effect on liquidity going down the line.


1-3  - Blue Chip
4-6  - Red Chip
7-9 - Penny Stock
10-12 - Junk Bonds

                    Blue Chip      Red Chip       Penny Stock        Junk Bond

Blue Chip            5                 4                      3                        2

Red Chip            10               5                       4                        3

Penny Stock        15                10                   5                        4

Junk Bond          20                15                   10                        5

TTM [5]  vs SFF [5]

PB [3] vs. PL [15]

CD [10] vs. BDT [4]

PG [4] vs. TR [10]

AE [2] vs. Trich [20]

HSNB [15] vs. GS [3]

\/\/33k 5 P0\/\/3r R4/\/k1/\/gZ

Week 4 took down the last two undefeated teams and shaped the league back into thirds.  4 teams over .500, 4 teams at .500, and 4 teams under .500.  Some of the trades are starting to pan out and some are exploding in fine fashion. PB and PG both take a share of the Bolt at 2 straight wins. Everybody again lines up for inter-division play in Week 5.  Eleatic Staticites and Milesian Fluxists split 3-3 in the first bye week - rematch starts now. 

1.) AEthernauts  (Last week - #2) -  3-1
The Nauts rise back to the top of the pack with a rebound victory over a line-up-deficient FC Tusken.  Still, they earned it, putting up triple digits for the third time this year.  Turner Overdrive returned to the starting position with a leading 22 pts.  Everybody got involved and covered for some low-balling from the usually reliable Johnson & Johnson.  Ridley put up 22 on the bench, you've got to say the Nauts have the deepest run game at this point.

Next week - Trichotillomaniacs - The Explorers will look to pick up a 2nd bye week victory against the Hairpullers in week 5. The Nauts will be missing Calvin in this one, so they'll need another round of full participation to rise to the challenge.

2.) BldgDW3LL1NGTh1nk1ng   (last week 1)   3-1
-BDT dropped a key one against a resurgent Girlz franchise in the first by week. MNF sputterings by Romo and Bryant couldn't make up a 35 point defecit.  Romo was not just bad, he was frighteningly bad under the big lights in Arlington, 1/5 TD/Int.   He now has a combined 11 points in two weeks since being acquired by BDT.  Rice missed double digits for the first time this year.  And fastest finger acquisition Barden got bumped by Hixon for the start at the last minute.  Lafell pulled a zero in the flex, still BDT's weakness in lack of depth.  Dalton had 21 on the bench, one of the best back-ups in the league.  Foster and Rice still fantasy 1/2 - blue at the core at least.

Next week - Cincinnati Dangles  - A Cowboys bye will force BDT to go hot with Dalton, a waiver wire replacement for Bryant could be in the cards too.  Could Dalton be a serious competitor for the starting job?  He's top 10 in FP...

3.)  GrossmanSachs  (last week 6) 3-1

-The Sachs got back in the black with an almost calm (compared to their recent history) victory over the Stylez. Chicago's feast on Romo's lame duck passing attempts made this one a MNF laugher. We saw Rodgers first big number with 27 against a helpless Saints D, and a dominant 28 from Roddy White. McGahee's nice day covered for the absence of a 2nd back.  D-Jax touched the endzone from the bench, he could be a nice bye-week spot filler. Hopefully Chandler's injury is a temporary setback, because he looks like a nice wire fix for the TE slot.

Next week - HomeSpunNeckBloodz  - the Sachs see the Bloodz in Week 5 looking to string together two bye week victories. Minus Austin on bye we could see a D-Jax experiment in the flex here.  If A-Rodg lights up the Colts, it might be all academic.

4.) TakingTigerMountain (last week 3)  3-1
TTM dropped to double digits for the first time this year and it cost them against the Legal Thrillers.  MJD's low-ball stands out, with only 13 rushes in the game against the Bengals.  The balance between the Jags offensive struggles and their ability to get MJD the ball could largely determine TTM's fate week-to-week.  Maclin was a non-factor and BDT clearly needs Spiller's return to full health or the flex will be a grab bag going forward.

Next week -SanFranciscoFerries -TTM will be minus their double titration QB-TE, so Luck will draw his first start here.  A tough bye week is no excuse, the Tigers need to etch a victory  in the worst way.

5.) ThePelicanBrief  (last week 6)  2-2
-A clutch victory over the Commish keeps the Pelicans on the path to the playoffs in Week 4.  The Brief have to be ecstatic to come away with a W here, since sub 110 shouldn't have gotten the job done. RG3 had his smallest day so far at 22.  A pair of TE's drew zeros and lead back Run DMC couldn't get going against Denver.  Game ball goes to the San Francisco D who draw the high score at 29 (!).  They won't draw the Jets every week, but they look well worth their auction price ($8 draft dollars)  if they gave PB a victory in Week 4.

Next week -Pr1m0rdi4lLyfestylz®  FJax wasn't a complete success, but if he came through the week uninjured he should be ready to move into the flex next week. PB should have a good shot to move above .500.

T.6.)  Cincinnati Dangles (last week 5)   2-2
-The Dangly Ones dropped a tough one against a powerful week from the Ferries.  They would have beat more than half the teams in the league, but got dropped by the Ferries solid week.  They'll stick around in the Red Chips because Mendenhall may be back in Week 5. If he's productive off the bat, it's the flex solution they've been looking for. Brees, a loser in RL, is still a top 5 QB in PSAS. 

Next week -BldgDW3LL1NGTh1nk1ng    The Dangles will draw a true test against the top of the Milesian.  This is the kind of midseason game that the year can hang on. BDT will miss his Cowboys, the Dangles and Mendy need to take advantage here.

T.6.)  SanFranciscoFerries (last week 7)   2-2
-The Ferries racked up their season high-score in Week 4 and drew even on the year.  Holdovers Newton and Cruz got back on track combining for 46.  Smith picked up a handy 16 in the flex.  Jamaal Charles turned in his second straight superb effort and that has to be the best news for the Ferries, if he's back, they'll be competitive through the year.

Next week -TakingTigerMountain  -  The Ferries will miss Doug Marti as they go up against the Mountain, but with the Commish missing his Lions double titration, they've got a good chance to pull the upset and themselves above .500.

T. 8.) HomeSpunNeckBloodz (last week 9)   2-2
-The Spinners  picked up a victory over the Trichs in week 4, but didn't pick up any style points along the way. Manning returned to form and a late TD from VJax made the flex productive.  The good news is that CJ?K responded to his benching by having his most productive week yet.  The bad news, he's still taunting his o-line.  The Bloodz need both of their RB's to consistently hit top tier to make a run at the playoffs.

Next week -GrossmanSachs - The Spinners get a shot to take down the Bank in Week 5. CJ?k should be back if only because VJax is on bye.

T. 8.) Phat Girlz (last week T. 10)  2-2
-Gettin' funkay for the 2nd straight week the Girlz may have found their 2012 groove.  Colston finally showed up as a WR1 here, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Lynch and Benson combined for 30 from the RB slots.  Ryan Matthews still hasn't recovered his feature role, but he's got enough love to serve as a passable flex for now.  The devil's in the details, and the Girlz attention here is paying dividends - their IDP picked up 24.8 in Week 4.

Next week - Tusken Raiders   - the Girlz get a tailor made chance to put the Junk Bond rating behind them and pull above .500 with a 3rd straight victory. With Wallace and SJax back in action they should be the favorites.

T. 10.) Tusken Raiders (last week 8) 1-3
-The Raiders didn't fill their line-up and got squashed in week 4.  Week 4 can sneak up on you, and the Sand People paid the price in a big way.  Hopefully that's lesson learned in 2012.  Matt Ryan and Dwayne Bowe continue to lead the air game at the top.  Reggie Bush played, but couldn't find the endzone.  The Raiders need to put the hex on Forte because Bush can be productive in a lead role.  It may be time to cut bait with the disappointing Eagles defense, who low-balled for a 3rd straight week.

Next week - Phat Girlz  The Sand People get a chance to right the ship against a hot-to-trot PG franchise. Matty Ice gets the struggling Skins D, and no byes among the starters means we should see a full complement.

T. 10.) Trichotillomaniacs (last week T. 10) 1-3
-The Hair-Pullers came up short against the Bloodz, in a tough QB bye week.  They rolled the dice with Ponder and got burned. Jackie Battle was productive on the bench, but who had any idea that was coming?  Morris had his second straight productive week, and Jordy Nelson finally connected with Rodgers. Hakeem Nicks' continued health status ? will keep them in the junk bonds for now.

Next week - AEthernauts - The Trichs get a chance to play kingslayer in Week 5 against  the high flying Explorers.  With the R-burger back, the Trichs should be in the mix for another upset.

12.) Pr1m0rdi4lLyfestylz®  (last week 12)  0-4
-Demarco Murray couldn't save the Stylez on MNF and they fell to 0-4.  Brady finally came through in a big way putting up 31.  However, Julio Jones has proved a feast or famine wideout. It was PL's biggest number, and there's still time to right the ship here.  PL just needs a break to put one of their handcuffs in a lead back position - someone to hammer down that flex position. 

Next week - ThePelicanBrief  - No rest for the weary as the Primordial Ones put their backs to the wall.  They'll be there every week until they get a streak going.  Dig in your heels, boys.