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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sun Tzu's Week 9 Previews

Week 9 is here and its the peak of this bye season.  Heavy point contributors from Denver, San Francisco, and Detroit as well as the roster fillers from NYG, Arizona and Jacksonville are all taking the week off.  Such is a week that leaves some otherwise-formidable franchises vulnerable to be upset.  With 12 teams packed in a two game differentials, the playoff picture at this point is as muddy as it gets.  Well probably see some separation of clear and turbid after this crucial week.  Brace yourselves, gents.  The final leg of the regular season starts now.

(1) Polk High Panthers (7-1) vs (12) BldgDW3LL1NGTh1nk1ng (3-5)
This week, it's the Chico Boys' turn to challenge the Panthers. 

Bundy is in good shape for the playoff spot with a healthy two game advantage over the rest of the pack.  The whole picture is still fairly speculative for the bye spot, but the Mighty Panthers are certainly in the driver's seat.  Once-feared Atlanta duo is having trouble being re-heated after their bye (combined for 12.7 pts in week 8), but who needs QB-TE double titration when your receiver records over 300 yards receiving and a TD.  Megatron was at full blast, and AJ did his share again as hes clearly out of slump now, especially with Dalton playing so well.  The rest of the team is pretty average, especially the backfield.  With Megatron on bye this week, Bundy desperately needs AJ to have even a bigger game plus somebody else to step up.  The Mighty Ones seem a bit vulnerable here.

The Chico Boys bit another dust last week from the Mustards and are now in near-desperation mode.  The boys are playing well, but they just can't grub that W.  Romo-Dez are as reliable as ever, and both running backs DeAngelo and Bolden got to the endzone in absence of Rice.  But the Philosophers clearly missed Finley's production out of the tight end spot.  PSAS Expansion 2013 created a thin talent pool that is hurting teams with major injuries mid-season; the Philosophers are no exception.  This week America's Team's QB/WR face Team America of PSAS in PHP.  With Rice back and the Cowboys facing pitiful Vikings defense, the Chico Boys have a good chance of an upset in this must-win game.

Ring Di Alaaaaarm!!!
-BDT -2.5

(2) TakingTigerMountain (5-3) vs (9) AEthernauts (3-5)
This match showcases the battle of NFC south double titration/counter titration, with Brees-Graham squaring off against Cam-Smith-Colston axis. 

The Mountain manhandled the Sand People and chased the Bantha tails off the Kyber Pass in a Toyota Blowout fashion.  The streak is still intact for Brees-Graham connection, and Danielsans Dojo is looking to spend a good Halloween behind shower curtains.  Second place in standing and scoring, the Mountain control their own destiny for the coveted first-round bye of the playoffs.  Terrence Williams playing well beyond expectations is compensation for the rest of the receivers and backfield performing at so-so levels.  Regardless, this is Brees-Grahams team and the duo should be able to handle the Jets defense this week with little difficulty.  They are 10+ pts underdog in prediction, but prediction shmojections, this is their game to lose.

The Big Sky is falling rapidly.  The past week was tough because of the recalculation loss in week 7.  In the Thursday game Cam did his part and scored 28+ pts to try to reverse the course and set the tone.  The rest of the group didnt follow him.  Ever-reliable LynchMob was uncharacteristically quiet in a week that the Travelers could probably use his help.  The dancing guy out of Motown, filling in for TE Bennett during Chi-town bye, was out of town and left a big goose-egg on the score sheet.  Colstons repeated lack of production is a concern here.  This is a good week to have a bounce-back performance by him.  With the Sky facing Brees and co, the Space Travelers need the counter-titration effect to pull off this upset.

-TTM -6

(t-3) ThePelicanBrief (5-3) vs (13) The Goslings (4-4)
Both teams are coming off a win and look to extend the streak in a crucial week 9 matchup.

The Legal Thrillers knocked out the Bloodz in week 8 despite Brady failing to crack double digits yet again.  His stock is falling rapidly and has a sell recommendation by many experts.  Master Sun is a bit more patient than that, but the lack of production is a huge issue in a result-centric world such as fantasy football.  The Grishamites have contemplated benching him in the past, and this may be the week that it finally happens.  Ellington benefitted hugely from Mendenhalls absence and sealed the win for the Brief.  They still dont lack questions and concerns this week with weekly pts generators Welker and Vernon both on bye as well as surging Ellington, whose touches are expected to increase after he returns from bye.  For this week, it looks like the Thrillers are banking on the Titans leading the way with Locker and CJ?K.  The expectation here, I must say, is not that high.

The Goslings cruised passed the stylez with ease.  Geno scored in negatives and Cumberland didnt fare much better either in a bye-fillin stint.  The baby birds are happy to have Luck back.  Nelson is a clear A-Rodg favorite now and will continue to put up numbers, and Bell is a stud that gets yardages, TDs or both.  Shady McCoy has slowed down significantly in the last couple of weeks as no one really talks about Chip Kelleys O any more, which the birds cant afford at this stage of the season.  Luck, McCoy and Nelson need to carry this team on their back for the rest of the season.

-PB -3.5

(t-3) Tusken Raiders (5-3) vs (10) GrossmanSachs (3-5)
Two teams that cant quite get their things going try for a bounce-back win after their respective losses in week 8.

The Sand People were slaughtered by Luke Skywalker while etching the tribe's name on Toyota billboard in TigerMountain.  The problem was multifold in week 8, from RGIII low-balling to bye-week fill-in Sydney Rice getting knocked out of the game early to lay a fat goose egg.  While some other fill-ins played admirably like Monte Ball getting to the endzone, the regular D-Jax and Charles as well as RGIII underperforming is a bigger concern.  They are happy to have Hopkins and Woodhead back in Tatoooine, but unless the aforementioned trinity performs at elite levels, the Raiders are going to have a tough time making the playoff in this muggy PSAS climate. 

The unfortunate season for the g0db4nkz continued with their loss to the Mustard Yellow.  At 3-5, they are officially in desperation mode.  Granted, the loss in week 8 came against the league-leading Panthers, but at some point youve got to stop making excuses and come away with that W.  Good news is AP got to the endzone and got some points.  RunDMC is proving a good option as long as hes healthy, but Gio and his timeshare is still not dependable.  Commish is happy to have Gates and Jeffery back, especially Gates at TE position where last week the bankerz only produced 13 yards reception.  Week 9 is still a tough week for the bankerz with Manning and the Broncos on bye; the bankerz are banking on Tannehills Thursday night showdown against surging Cincy D.  This is a talented group that can beat any team on any given week that will be dangerous in the playoffs, only if they can get there.

-TR even

(5) Dijonnaise All-Stars (5-3) vs (6) SanFranciscoFerries (4-4)
The surging Ferries face the expansion darling Colonel Mustard.

Poupon Grey came away with yet another win in week 8 and is, for now, with the in-crowd at 5-3.  A-Rodg showed no ill-effect from losing his top receivers to injury, and Tolbert got his vulture quota.  Two IDPs plus the team D and the kicker scored in double digits to lift the Yellow passed the Chico Boys.  Problem is, save for Rodgers, none of those are dependable scoring options that Colonel can count on week in and week out.  The ones he should be able to count on (Fitz and Cruz though theyve had their shares of ups and downs this season) are part of the week 9 mass exodus bye crew and are unavailable this week.  Seems that Colonel needs to make some roster moves just to fill up the starting lineup; shedding backup QB and IDP on bye is a good start, unless the time-travelling spy for the Mustards has foreseen an injury to A-Rodg.  Or you can cut loose your stars if you want *wink *wink.  Colonel Mustard maybe learning the hard way this week the fine details of fantasy football that are intrinsic to a successful season, such as not carrying two TEs that have the same bye.  With the playoff picture as muddy as ever, this is not the week for school, though, and the Yellow are in for a tough battle against super-hot Ferries.

The Boatmen of the Bay are the hottest team of the league now with four game winning streak after they beat another sizzler team in Trichs in week 8.  They also had the highest scoring output of week 8 and their confidence must be at sky-high right now.  Of course they lost four in a row to open the season so its no time to celebrate or relax yet; they just got back to .500.  In the win over the Trichs everyone did their part except for Gronk, whos most anticipated return to the field is quickly turning into the most disappointing one, dragging Bradys stock along with his.  Hes probably still shaking off some of the dirt on his shovel from when he dig up the hole to bury the body oh wait thats the wrong dude.  Both Bush and Moreno are on bye, but they have the luxury to bring Alfred Morris in from the bench and there shouldnt be any problem.  Phillip Rivers is probably going to get the starting gig back, and with the Chargers facing the Skins and their bad secondary hes due for a big game.  This is a formidable team that has the talent to go deep into the playoffs, but first they must handle Poupon Grey this week.  Sun Tzu doesnt see much problem in them doing that here.

-SFF -8

(t-7) Trichotillomaniacs (4-4) vs (11) HomeSpunNeckBloodz (4-4)
In this battle of .500, two teams square off to fight for the push for the playoffs.

The Hair Pullers got a tough loss in week 8 despite having the third highest scoring of the week with 130+pts. The 49er trio combined for over 50 pts to lead the way, and both Ridley and Stacey put up respectable numbers in helping the Trichs become the highest scoring team for the season despite the loss.  The Far East Broncos werent lucky enough to be chosen as the endzone targets, which was probably the only beef here.  But that was week 8; this is week 9.  For several months now, General Far East has been counting down to the arrival of this week.  He had known that, of all weeks this is the one to challenge his mental and physical toughness.  With six players (Kap, Gore, Anquan, Decker, Julius, and MJD) on bye occupying the entire length of his bench, the starting lineup for the General is more reminiscent of one from 2012 this week in terms of quality.  The General went out and used much of the cash that he had stashed away from the Casino games to acquire some fill-in pieces.  He decided to part ways with oft-injured Vick and picked up Terrell Pryor.  Hes riding another AFC West borderline player in McCluster for the flex spot and hopes his targets remain high in KC.  The big question mark is Zac Stacy, whos slated to be RB2 behind Ridley and is suffering from ankle sprain.  With no room to spare on the bench, the General is rolling the dice here and hoping the STL rookie will take the field on Sunday. 

The Spinnerz lowballed big-time in week 8; they would have lost to everyone but the stylez, and even the stylez they barely would have beaten by a tiny margin.  When youve got two RBs (and an IDP) that dont take the field, thats the result.  Mr Eighty-Seven continues to dress up as Mr Zero, and the window of opportunity here is closing with the Jints on bye this week and then Andre Brown and possibly David Wilson returning after the bye.  The Green Knight is keeping rather quiet in a week that he needs to make some roster moves; they dont have a QB with Palmer on bye.  At least, hell have Forte and Andre Johnson back to boost the offense.  This is a good week to play the Trichs, but the Spinnerz may be lacking the firepower to take advantage.

-Trichs -4.5
(t-7) Phat Girlz (4-4) vs (14) Pr1m0rdi4lLyfestylz® (0-8)
Moniques turn for a stylz treatment. 

The zig-zag trend for the Girlz continued in week 8 with a convincing win over heartbroken AEthernauts.  Monique is increasingly leaning on Stafford and Sean Lee to lead the way.  Millers resurgence and Denver defense abusing RGIII helped the cause.  As for the rest of skill players, there are some concerns, starting with Sproles, who caught some passes out of the backfield for zero net gain and didnt register a carry.  D-Bowe is a lost cause now, although his matchup against Buffalo looks tasty here.  This week, Stafford is on bye, but Monique isnt really sweating.  She had Dalton stashed away, whos quickly emerging as a legitimate weekly fantasy starting QB and can easily fill the hole here.  Monique has other bye-related holes to fill, with Denver (Prater and team defense), SF (Bowman), NYG (JPP) and Jax (Posluszny and Shorts) all on bye.  Usually this is a decision time for which of them to cut, as the math here doesnt really add up.  Luckily they are facing the Stylez, so they can afford to leave several IDP slots open and keep D-Bowe on the lineup this week.  Huge break for the girlz.

For other teams the Master look at mostly three things for this review; the previous weeks outcome, the coming weeks lineup and individual matchups, and remaining schedules.  Master is no longer giving the Stylez the same respect.  He just salivates over some of the talents that could flourish in other *systems*. 

-PG -21

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Stock Market and CGG Week 9: Short But Sweet

Last week's Casino Gulag Game spent a little time in the cyclotron, and can now only been seen through icelandic spar. The spinning and double refraction has turned it on its head, and now we are left with Short But Sweet. Pick a RB/WR/TE and whoever has the LOWEST YARDS PER CATCH (one minimum) wins the game. Short notice, and who the hell knows who is a good pick for this one, so first come, first serve.

Stock Market:
GrossmanSachs (11) vs Tusken Raiderz (3) - Dubai Banking Bubble Bowl
TakingTigerMountain (2) vs AEthernauts (13) - U2's Elevation Tour brought to you by Haier
Pelican Brief (4) vs The Goslings (9) - The Pantyrainmaker
Polk High Panthers (1) vs BDT (12) - Bundy vs Heidegger IV
Phat Girlz (8) vs Stylez (14) - PriMo'Niqual aka Who Wants to Win 4 Dollars?!
Trichs (6) vs NeckBloodz (10) - Pull and Spin brought to you by Bop It
Ferries (7) vs Dijonnaise (5) - Yellow Submarine Bowl ***** GAME OF THE WEEK *****

Stock Market and CGG Week 8 Recap

 The commish has worked an absurd number of hours in the last few days as a technoslave, and was not able to give the G0dz the attention they deserved. Hopefully, they aren't so displeased that they feel Josh Freeman's sacrifice insufficient to their current needs. If anyone gets struck by lightning this week, they will be compensated 10 bankerbitez.

Bankers (-5), Ferries (+15)
Total: +10

BDT (-5), Girlz (+10), Bankers (-5), TTM (+5), Goslings (+5)
Hakeem Nicks 7.3 ypc (-3)
Total: +7

Bankerz (-5), Ferries (+15), BDT (-5), TTM (+5)
Teddy Ginn 16 ypc (-3)
Investments: +6
Total: +16

Pelican Brief:
BDT (-5)
Mike Wallace 13.7 ypc (-3)
Total: -8

Goslings (+5), TTM (+5), BDT (-5)
Kenny Stills 43 ypc (+22)
Investments: +1
Total: +28

Invesments: +4
Total: +4

Investments: +4
Total: +4

Investments: +8
Total: +8

Phat Girlz:
Investments: +2
Total:  +2

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy 40K!

How will you celebrate?

Week 9 Power Rankings

Stevie, Ziggy says there's an 89.4 % chance your just here to stop a domestic dispute, you can't alter the stock market crash

Week 8 started to look a little bit top heavy as four teams sit at 5-3, five at 4-4 and three at 3-5.  Average score dips a bit for the super bye week to 106.4.  Five teams passed 120 and 9/14 were over 100.  With five weeks left in the regular season, there's still a chance for the 3-5 teams to pull out a wild card and the 5-3 teams to shit the bed.

1. (1)  Polk High Panther(7-1) - America's Family cemented their role as the team to beat moving two games ahead of the nearest competition.  They needed a historic day for Calvin to do it.  Megatron and AJ are #1 and 5 on the receiving points list.   As long as F-Jax can cover for a ground game here, the Panthers will give anyone a battle.  Could Reed be about to unseat Tony Gonzales at TE?

2. (6) TakingTigerMountain (5-3) - Game-time decision Jimmy Graham got in the game and won a big one for the Tigers.  Still undefeated when the Crescent City Connection links up,  the Mountain Men blew up for their 2nd biggest number of the season. With limited snaps for Graham going forward the Mountain will be more boom or bust.  The high score is just as important as a win as the Tigers rock up to 2nd on the points list. Time-traveler Stevie Johnson returned to catch a TD pass on the bench here, could his long journey be over?

T. 3.  (T.4) Pelican Brief - (5-3) - the Legal Eagles rock another best seller and move two over .500.  Welker is (quietly?) #3 on the receiving points list.   Brady continues to struggle to put up big numbers, but we're entering his part of the year.  Game ball to Dre Ellington who put up 22 on the ground.  Winning on CJ?K's bye is huge and the Pelicans will control their own destiny on a rocky upcoming schedule.

T. 3. (2) Tusken Raiders (5-3) The Raiders couldn't climb the Mountain on a tough bye week and take a step backwards for playoff-bye contention.  Charles didn't hit full beast this week and only managed 12 pts, Tusken FC will hope it's not his workload weighing on him. TTM's blowout hides a four turnover, single digit day for RGIII.  He's the key to their top-flight offense, if he can't run it then they're stuck in the sand.

5. (7)  Dijonaise All Stars  (5-3)  - Let's hear it for the n00bz.  A rookie with pole position for a playoff spot?  In a 14 team field. Picking up a win on Arian's bye week?  Not exactly expected.  The Mustard Men beat 120 again and checked BDT into playoff purgatory.  Tolbert vultured another TD.  Rodgers is finding improved rhythm with his new receiver corps.  Two double digits in the IDPs really put them over the top here. 

6. (10) SanFranciscoFerries (4-4)  - 0-4 to 4-4  -- the Ferries went from sunken ship to sub commander as the bye weeks hit.  They keep a hold on the Bolt and popped Trichs in a battle of 3 W streaks  to move into playoff position.  Only Gronk was held out of double digits, as SFF hit b345t mode bye week.  Workhorse lacy picked up his third straight week in double digits.  The Ferries can leave Morris on the bench and still have three higher scoring RBs ahead of him.  That's deep.  They get the Stylez to finish the season, which could be a security blanket as the season continues.  
T. 7. (9) Phat Girlz (4-4) - Monique's club is back in the middle of the pack with a win over the Nauts. There were a whole mess of points on the bench here, but luckily the Girlz didn't need them against the sinking Aethers. Sproles has been weeks without a big game and seems to have unofficially fallen on the Saints depth chart. The Girlz take their Stylez points next week and will aim for a plus size to fill out their playoff form here.
T. 7. (3) Trichs  (4-4)  - The Trichs put up one of the high numbers of the week but got beat by the red hot Boatmen.  Kaepernick and Gore did everything they could in London, combining for 45. Julius' early departure at TE kept the Trichs from a 2nd half TD chance that could have made this one close.  The loss ends General Far East's streak, but the Trichs are still looking frightening.  #1 in points and a deep RB stable. Marshall's return should shore up their air attack next week.

8. (T.4) Aethernauts (3-5) - The Nauts perceived fortunes have sunk quite a bit, taking two losses in one week on a recalc and a beating by the Girlz. Fauria didn't get a target at TE and let the air out of the balloon here. The Cam-dy man showed up early for Halloween but didn't need to hit Smith to curb-stomp the Bucs.   They're seventh in points, by no means out of it, but there's a tough schedule ahead.

9. (8) Grossman Sachs (3-5) - The g0dbank is leading the victims race,  holding fifth in points and 11th by record.  We're still hedging on a turn around, but time is running short. Good news is the Stylez are still upcoming as are several other teams without a winning record.  Peyton is still QB1 by a few lengths and will take a much needed bye this week.  Still no Harvin, and S-Jax did not exactly impress in his return.  They're all in to save their season next week in the Desert.

10. (T. 11) Homespun Neckbloodz  (4-4) A nightmare bye week, just best to go back to sleep here.  With Forte and Johnson on bye the Cyclotron spun Mendy and Jacobs just in case they were surprise actives.  The Bloodz are 2nd to last on points and more than 50 behind the next team.  They'll probably need four out of five to go. 

11. (T. 11) BuildingDwellingThinking  (3-5) -  BDT took a clear shot at the Mustard Men and came up a bit short.  Romo and Bryant's positive passion combined for 42, but the Colonel had too much juice in the jar.  A tough bye week minus Rice and Hilton, but the loss hurts as it means the German Philosophers will need a streak to go dancing this year.  The good news is they're in the top half on points and not totally outclassed for a tiebreaker.  Also the Stylez are still ahead, but nobody else is a walkover. 

13. (12)  Goslings (4-4) - Disrespected?  The Yahoo rankings has the Driver 9th. The Goslings got two wins in one week on a recalc and their Stylez points victory.  Unfortunately they couldn't manage to break 100 (thanks Geno Smith at -.84) and will remain on the outside in a tie-breaker scenario.  Jordy continues to shine in the absence of other Packer weapons, and Luck will be back next week, but there's nobody here to make up for Wayne's injury.  Four out of their five remaining opponents are over .500.

14. (14)  PrimordialLifestyles (0-8) A super bye week and the Muscle Hamster's shoulder injury make for another historic low.  If there was anyone at the wheel here there'd surely be some futures trade partners on the horn.