PSAS Open Forum #occupyPR

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Week12 P0W3R R4NK1NGZ

Blue Chips - sure things for the 2016 playoffs, they've got the inside track to clinch byes

1.       TakingTigerMountain (9-2) (last week 1)

Tiger style streaky
Two four in a rows this year
Forte turkey leg now?

2.       Trichotilomaniacs – (7-4) (last week 6)

Trichs separation
Newton cruising QB1
One win should clinch bye

Win and you're in - These teams are on the cusp

3.       Psychdog (6-5) (last week 7)

Palmer mild schedule 
Hill a dangerous dice roll
Playoffs on AP

4 .       BuildingDwellingThinking (6-5) (last week T.5)

Forsett breaks wish bone
Langford split time now?
B345t mode weeks away?

5.   Polk High Panthers (6-5) (last week 3)

Tough bye week misfire
Breesus Mr. December
Mid range dangerous

6.   Curses. – (6-5) (last week T. 3)

Cursed two in  a row
Williams and Bekham on byes
Whom the gods would curse

Two or a one and help - these teams need things to break just  right.

7.       ThePelicanBrief (5-6) (last week T. 5)

Patsies buffalo'ed 
High score holds points tiebreaker
Charcandrick hobbled.

8.       Aethernauts (5-6) – (last week 8)

Nauts thin air in gun
Turbulent schedule ahead
Playoffs safe harbor

9.   Dijonaise All Stars (5-6) - (last week 12)

Spread thin but not done
One handed RB not working
Double titration?

10.      SanFranciscoFerries (5-6) (last week 10)

Win keeps hopes afloat
Mild schedule could lead to
December win streak

Wait 'till next year - these teams prep to get a consolation draft bonus.

11.   HomespunNeckBloodz (3-8) (last week 11)
Spoiler wins as sweet
Falcons flying crooked this year
Keep on spinning

12.   Phat Girlz – (3-8) (last week 11)

Shadow of 'ship looms
Is Luck a keeper next year
Cold turkey for Girlz

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Week11 P0W3R R4NK1NGZ

1.       TakingTigerMountain (8-2) (last week 1)

Playoffs locked, now bye
Forte's health wild card now
Pregnant wife mojo

2.       Trichotilomaniacs – (6-4) (last week 6)

Sun Tzu statement win
Broncos out to pasture soon?
Camdy man can cause...

3.   Polk High Panthers (6-4) (last week 8)

Bundy clutch close one
Old Chargers QB pick em 
Mid range dangerous

4.   Curses. – (6-4) (last week T. 3)

Finally a loss
Romo waiting in the wings
to Romo things up

T.5 .       BuildingDwellingThinking (5-5) (last week T.3)

Grisham files Brief
Langford wire wonder now
Late trade to tell tale?

T 5.       ThePelicanBrief (5-5) (last week 2)

Patsies trio cut
High score holds points tiebreaker
Charcandrick rests his case

7.       Psychdog (5-5) (last week 4)

One less bachelor 
Thomas and Hill donwgrades hurts
Playoffs on AP

8.       Aethernauts (5-5) – (last week 8)

Trade invests in Bills
But timing keeps them on bench
Explorers earthbound

9.   Dijonaise All Stars (5-5) - (last week 12)

Cheese stopped the bleeding
But hardly encourageing
Rodgers revival?

10.      SanFranciscoFerries (4-6) (last week 10)

Ferries swamped again
Bailing water won't help much
November surprise?

11.   Phat Girlz – (3-7) (last week 11)

Odd year Girlz jinx
Monique in Jamaica now
Vacation plan go!

12.   HomespunNeckBloodz (2-8) (last week 11)

Tragic number none
Seasons beatings come early
Keep on spinning

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Week10 P0W3R R4NK1NGZ

1.       TakingTigerMountain (7-2) (last week 1)

Base camp playoffs near
Next  Bye Ridge, clustered below,
Rare air up here, gents!

2.       Trichotilomaniacs – (5-4) (last week 6)

Newton big step up
Ivory trending vulture?
Lots of spikes this week

T. 3.   Curses. – (6-3) (last week 7)

Fifth straight upset win
Big bid on Williams pays off
Whom the gods would curse…

T.3 .       BuildingDwellingThinking (5-4) (last week 3)

Statement win, empty flex
Tyrod and Dez look healthy
Hardy team mascott

5.       ThePelicanBrief (4-5) (last week 2)

Muffled Patriots 
Smother legal eagles' hopes
West off bye next week

6.       Psychdog (4-5) (last week 4)

Palmer's bye takes bite out
Fallow spots surrender game
Whither the psychdog?

7.       Aethernauts (5-4) – (last week 8)

Big Ben hurt again
Deep bench full of skill players
Who will helm the Nauts?

8.   Polk High Panthers (5-4) (last week 5)

QB pick downs Polk
Spiller not enough on ground
Need air shows of old

9.      SanFranciscoFerries (4-5) (last week 10)

Ferries tread water
Yeldon next man up
Lacy overboard

10.   Phat Girlz – (3-5) (last week 11)

Odd year Girlz jinx
Luck's freak season continues
Kitchen sink plan go!

11.   HomespunNeckBloodz (2-7) (last week 11)

Tragic number one
Blount's silver lining 
Keep on spinning

12.   Dijonaise All Stars (4-5) - (last week 12)

Cheese and mustard fall
Fifth straight Mustard defeat
Least waiver moves

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Week 9 P0W3R R4NK1NGZ

1.       TakingTigerMountain (6-2) (last week 2)

Clinging to the top
Eli in a big shootout
Forte's knee downgrade

2.       ThePelicanBrief (4-4) (last week 6)

Brady keeps blasting
West, Freeman provide ground game
High total in league

3.       BuildingDwellingThinking (4-4) (last week 1)

Yikes QB situ
Tyrod gets another shot
Dez quiet return

4.       Psychdog (4-4) (last week 8)

Dawgz hanging numbers
All the right moves in week 8
Elite Palmer push

5.   Polk High Panthers (5-3) (last week T.10)

Al Bundy for real?
Saints juggernaut finds traction
Rivers high end play

6.       Trichotilomaniacs – (4-4) (last week 3)

Brown active benching
Gurley running like madman
CJ flex worthy?

7.   Curses. – (5-3) (last week T.10)

Fourth straight upset win
Odell's shootout day carries
Whom the gods would curse…

8.       Aethernauts (4-4) – (last week 6)

Burger's return shit
Deep bench full of skill players
Who will helm the Nauts?

10.      SanFranciscoFerries (3-5) (last week 7)

For whom the Bell tolls?
Trio now a power pair
Still plenty here

9.   Phat Girlz – (3-5) (last week 11)

Colts in disarray 
Air power must drive two wins
Hope Blue is worth it.

11.   HomespunNeckBloodz (2-6) (last week 12)

Backs to the wall win
Smith loss kills teams spirit 
Animal. Onward.

12.   Dijonaise All Stars (4-4) - (last week 4)

Cheeseheads get Orange Crushed
Fourth straight Mustard defeat
Least waiver moves