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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Week 13 Playoff Picture

The General has a prime opportunity to skip the dangerous week 14 melee 

The First Bye

TTM - the Tigers have secured the bye and the #1 seed by virtue of two separate four game win streaks. They live and die with their dual WR1 Brown and Hopkins (#1 and #3 by points).  A match up against last year's champ PG is purely exercise.

The Second Bye

Trichs - the hairpullers have the inside track to the bye by virtue of a 40 point total score lead over the other 7 win teams. A win and they are very likely sitting out week 14 in a good way. A loss and one of the other 7 winners will take a free ride to the quarterfinals. Either way the #2 point total means that the General will be in the mix.

Psychdog - with the third highest points total the Old Commish is also likely safe and ready to hit the playoffs for the first time since 2009.   Fighting fellow seven win squad (and Cinderella) Polk the Dawgs don't have a guaranteed win, but if the Trichs are upset they would be the prime suspect to steal the #2 bye.

The 4-5-6 slots

Cursed - Up and down the Cursed ones have had a roller coaster season. With just 8 points separating their points for vs. against, there's more than a little fortune a foot.   Cursed is a aerial team with Beckham and Jeffrey out wide. Wire gamble Williams has paid dividends bringing them back into the race at RB.  With a match up against spoiler HSNB they need a win to assure their spot. A loss and they could be at the mercy of daily points if Nauts or BDT take Ws in week 13.

Polk - I personally counted Polk out when Jamaal Charles went down. But they won 5 of 7 to move into prime position to extend their season. How'd they do it? Some monster games from returnee Bryant and a revival of Jonathan Stewart. Still, as the lowest of the seven win teams (by 12 points behind Cursed) they're the most likely to be knocked out of the playoff picture.  They need a win in a tough game against the Dogs or some help from the insurgent 6 win field.  Currently running at least one doubtful player at a skill position, Bundy has a history of last second course corrections.

Pelican - the league's high scorer's are on the hot seat at 6 wins and 6th place, but not as much as it might seem. They've drive a +80 lead in total points by a big Pats investment. With Gronk week to week, and Amendola still questionable, they are technically vulnerable. Luckily for them they draw the auto-pilot Dijonaise.  Freeman and West's dual return should signal the god's distaste for excluding this top dog from the six.

BDT - BDT is in the best position to steal a spot in the top 6. If they can pull off a win vs. Trichs then either a loss by Cursed or Polk should hand them the six spot. The problem is that the game is a do or die, there's no scenario where they loose and move up into the playoff spot since they're down nigh 100 points the next six win team.

Aethernauts - the Nauts are the dark horse of the playoff race because they need a win and multiple forms of help. All those forms are still eminently possible, but still. They are right with Cursed and Polk in points scored, so if both teams lost and the Nauts won there's a simple scenario to Aether victory. The Nauts have a tough road, playing a lame-duck but hardly toothless Ferries franchise.

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